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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty looked up at a house in the center of a mountain forest. It was higher up, and very much mostly a two story cabin. He looked at Bain who was awed by the construction of the house. She smiled at Ty and his heart seized at the sight of her joy. Such glances were few and far between these past months. The loss of Missy had hit Bain hard, and when she was alone he knew she was grieving hard. He resolved to find her family, he believed them dead too. Who could be alive?

Kimi hopped forward and her wolf Spike followed with a fast pace. Bain turned and looked at the sky, suddenly she gasped and reached ou with one hand. Her eyes slid closed and Ty lunged for her, she toppled right then. He caught her just as she growled. "They're happening more frequent." He observed. "Youre remembering something."

"Ty..." She panted. Then her eyes opened wide before they slid shut once more. She fell slack and Spike appeared suddenly, red eyes wide and frantic. He whimpered and looked at Ty.

"She's okay." Ty breathed lifting her into his arms as Kimi lifted Bain's luggage. She moved up to the porch and Ty followed. She unlocked the door and entered it smelled of warmth inside. Ty followed and froze when Kimi stopped by the stairs. A woman stood there, her asian features beautiful, marred only by a set of scars that ran from her ear across her left cheek. Ty noticed three things that had him turning to walk right back out the door. One she held a gun, and two it was pointed at Bain. His obvious weakspot.

"Mother! This is Bain and her mate Ty!" Kimi called hastily. "They are trying to get to the coast to get back over seas. To stop Bastian!"

"That doesnt explain why you've brought werewolves into my home Kimiko." She hissed. "Slayers sleep here."

"Bain is the only wolf that can commune with the Moon Goddess." Kimi said boldly. Ty's eyes widened at her revelation, no one knew that. He growled suddenly, Mystic wolves were a closely gaurded secret. Many knew they existed, but the identities and their abilioties were not known. Bain may be famous among the supernatural but her skills were not known. He bared his teeth. "And Claire is in the woods."

"Bastians daughter?" Kimi's mother asked. "She's in our woods?"

"Yes, we just saw her. Bain is the only wolf who can fight Claire. All our hunting techniques dont work on the bitch." Kimi hissed. "I think if Spike tore her open she'd heal packed as she is with black magic."

"You wanted to get them here to hunt her?" Kimi's mom looked confused.

"No, I was going to get them off the mountain so they could go to Ireland and tear Bastian up." Kimi said hastilly. "Werewolves went off the hunted list eons ago Mom."

"So why did you bring them here?"

"Claire is in the forest and Bain cant fight her like this. She's lost in a memory. When she wakes up she'll remember more to help her fight." Kimi said. "Then once day hits I'll take them out off the mountain, off our land."

"By dawn?" Her mother asked.

"By dawn." Kimi insisted. Her mother lifted her shotgun and nodded.

"Attic room, the Slayers are out tonight and tomorrow, no one will come." She said solidly. "I am Jade, Slayer of the Eastern Dragon Division. I will house you here for one night, and in return you will leave my land and never return."

"Agreed." Ty growled. "Can I go up, to let her rest through her memory?"

Jade stepped aside and Kimi waved him up, Ty eyed the elder Slayer and carried Bain closer to his chest. He ascended the stepps Kimi and Spike at his side. They continued up until they reached a doorway. It led up into a furnished attic. A large bed sat against the wall facing the door. A skylight beamed the fading sunlight into the ceiling. A small dresser took up the space by the stairs and a vanity took up the other side. A bathroom was to the left of the bed and a closet to the right. Ty looked at Kimi with wide eyes.

"Slaying pays sometimes." Kimi waved a hand and smiled. Ty moved to the bed and laid Bain on it. He took her boots off and looked at her beautiful face, rapt by her. She was asleep, serene in the throes of a memory. Spike crawled onto the bed and laid his head on Bain's thigh. He looked up sadly and Ty ruffled his ears.

"Staying up here?" Ty asked. Spike looked at him and whined. "Fair enough." Ty looked at Kimi. "Do you have maps of the state?"

"I do." She nodded.

"I need to see them." Ty said, he needed alternate routes around the town while he managed to snag a car and get them mobile. He needed to get to a bank first, get at the money he and Missy had amassed. They would need some to get across the sea, out of North America. Out of Canada for that matter. He looked at Spike who laid looking at Bain. "Seem's you like her, keep an eye on her. Sometimes, she wakes up in a different place. Try to wake her up from that."

He turned to Kimi and nodded. She led the way back downstairs and he spared one last look at Bain before he walked down the stairs.


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