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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Something loud woke Bain, she shifted against Ty's massive side. Her wolf head lifted fom it's place burried in Ty's ruff. She noticed he was already awake and alert. The sun blazed down on them with minimal heat. It was early fall, and thus warmth was only gained from their wolf forms on a hunt like they had run in earlier. Followed by delicious love making and a nap. That residual bliss was wiping away as Bain looked up and listened to the earth's whisper. She heard something massive moving through the forest. Suddenly, Ty stood and bowed hsi head as his other wolf shape took form. From his four legged wolf shape into the image of a monsterous werewolf. Bain slipped into her own werewolf shape with ease Ty wasnt able to feel.

She stood next to him, her claws ready as they looked to eachother then to the noise across the small grassy clearing they had lounged in. Her senses came alive as she sensed something nostalgic. She looked up searching for the direction the feeling was coming from, she started forward to better look at the clear blue sky. Ty growled a warning to her and she listened. The sound had spread out to all around them, but the nostalgic feeling was different. it was above.

A reptilian screech rent the air and Ty roared, rushing to her, she turned to the sound of danger, and watched Ty get flung into the air by a masive scaled tail that whipped him up then receded like a whip into the forest again. Bain lunged for Ty and assisted his landing so he didnt get any injuries, which was hard to do as three hundred punds of muscle and wolf barreled into her. Once his feet were on the ground he whipped her behind him, their backs together tails whipping violently in unison. She shifted as she sensed movement. Suddenly a massive demonic snake roiled from the woods. Bain surveyed it and felt fear trill through her. Ty growled baring his fangs in warning. The snake swayed as it reared up, sickly yellow eyes watching them. Bain bent then, her claws slamming into the ground. It responded in kind and crumbled and heavd under the snake, toppling it to it's side. She broke from Ty then, her claws extendede as she and Ty tore into it's soft under belly scales.

Bain tried to get in enough damage, but the demon snake woke from it's daze and heaved them off of it. Ty caught her this time and they stared as it whipped it's tail violently knocking over trees. Bain watched it's force, it was too strong. Tehy wouldnt do enough damag before it took either her or Ty out. She looked to her mate, his blue eyes begining to edge gold, he wanted to fight, he wanted to preotect her. He'd do so to ensure she lived, and she would be damned before she allowed harm to come to him. It was time to retreat, she returned to her wolf form and looked up.

Right as Bain twisted to run she saw a massive flash of Black right in front of her. Ty swept her up as a wolf the size of the tallest canopy lumbered from the woods she'd planned to escape to. The wolf looked up, his black fur ruffling, wide red eyes examining the snake. He shook himself and from his crown stood a woman holding a wicked looking pair of blades. She wore red leather, her black hair pulled up in two pigtails. She laughed and pointed one of hr wicked blades at the snake. "Time to die snake!" She giggled. "Now Spike!"

The wolf bared it's huge fangs and fire burst from it's jaws and eyes, it grew from the ground at it's feet and danced. The wolf lunged at the snake, it's jaws sinking into the flesh under it's head. The woman leapt onto it's head laughing as she tore into it. Bain watched in awe of the battled before her. She looked at Ty who was similarly in awe, they were looking at a demon battle, a fierce one. The giant wolf tore the snake's head clean off and began to incenerate the body. The woman rode the head to the ground and massive gold symbols edged in green flared in the air, the snake head burned up in the divine light, and the demon snake was ash on the ground.

Bain blinked in shock as the woman hooted in delight. "Hell Yeah, one more down Spike!" She called up the wolf that lumbered over to her and looked down. She turned and looked at them, walking over. Bain bristled and Ty growled in dark warning, she stopped and stared in shock. "Okay Okay... Werewolves arent on our list. I wont hurt you." She held up her hands and sheathed ehr blades. "It's easier to talk in human form."

Bain looked at Ty and he growled in disapproval at her look. Bain shifted to human shape and felt Ty's furred arms circle her to cover her nudity from strangers. "Who are you?" Bain demanded.

"I'm Kimi." The woman greeted with humor and delight. "This here's my Hell Hound Spike."

"This is my mate Tyrian, Ty for short." Bain introduced waving to Ty above her."I'm Bain."

"Bain?" Kimi blinked, her wide blue green eyes surprised. "As in the Bain?"

"I'm the only Bain I know." Bain said, "Why are you here? This is an isolated mountain."

"This is a demon slayer training mountain." Kimi announced. Bain blinked and looked up at Ty.

He narrowed his gaze and Bain sighed as well. "It would seem out map lied then, this was rumored to be a reservation mountain, uninhabited. We thought it to be a safe place to stay until we moved into the towns for winter."

"Honey, this is Canada, everything is uninhabited." Kimi grinned. "We came here cause, an underworld portal spews demons out every two months. We come fro training and clean up."

"Ah, well then, out town grounding has come early Ty." Bain said with disdain. "Let's go."

"Wait." Kimi held out a hand. "I've heard of you, the mystic wolf of Ireland who ran off a powerful sorcerer to protect the land. Wandering lost away from your home for years to keep them at bay. Ireland's got some serious shit going on there, intense magic."

"It does." Bain announced, at least hoping it appeared she knew what she was talkign about. She didnt remember anythign but her deal and ehr interactions with that evil sorcerer Bastian and his insane daughter Claire. She looekd up at Ty. He leaned down and picked her up into his massive arms. "We must be leaving now."

"Hold it-" Kimi called again and Baion felt her eye twitch in annoyance. "This mountain is dangerous, teeming with slayers. Some who dont consider werewolves off the hunted list. At least let us see you off the mountain, to the town below, that off limits down there for hunting."

As much as Bain wanted to argue, she and Ty were quite adept at their get aways but she decided to allow it if only to hear more of the mountain itself, it would be good to avoid locations such as these. Especially if a slayer caught them asleep. Ty was utterly protective, and had been since the beginning of summer, when they'd departed from the mountain where they's laid Missy their friend to rest. Pain speard Bain then and she touched her chest. She closed ehr eyes and Ty made a silent whimper for her. She nodded and looked at Kimi. "Okay, come on."


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