Wolfs Bain

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 17,

Bain ran through the halls leading up the stairs of the factory. She felt Ty at her back their wolf forms in sync. she rounded a corner and forze at the sight before her. A dozen gaurds lay bleeding or dying on the floor. She changed shape and stared down in absolute shock. Ty knelt next to a body, "There's no claw or teeth makrs, maybe Claire slaughtered them first." He said.

Bain nodded and looked at a door covered with a bloody handprint. She stepped forward and walked into a room full of boxes, she began shoving her path to the other side, Ty joined her. His might assisted in getting to the open doorway. Blood met Bain's nose first, so when she walked out she was both surprised and not. There on the factory floor was Claire naked and covered in blood. She was spinning and laughing, dozens of her mercenaries littered the ground. But right at her feet Bain saw Missy, her white fur coated in blood. Bain's temper flared and she vaulted over the rail to the bloody ground below, she rushed Claire and knockeer her clean across the room. Ty knelt next to her and picked up Missy. "B-Bain..." She huffed, her wolf head tipping up.

Bain closed the space leaving Ty to watch her back. She ran her hands through Missy's fur, trying to ease her immense pain. Bain didnt want to look at the blood that was pouring out of Missy's abdomen. "Missy, it's going to be okay." Bain felt tears streak down her cheeks. 

"Find... your family..." Missy growled. "They live..."

She closed her eyes and Bain gasped. "She's asleep." Ty said hastily, and even he looked utterly shaken. "We need to go."

"Yes-" Bain started to hustle him when she felt more than sensed Claire's claws coming her way. She dodged and shoved Ty away. "Go, get Missy outside, I'll hold Claire back."

"Bain, No, I'll fight!" Ty growled his wolf form beginnign to take over, his bulk became his werewolf shape. bain looked at him and held out her hand pointing up to the office.

"You get her out of here, try to fix her up." Bain hissed. She allowed her new monser wolf shape to contort her. Before long she stood a full head taller than Claire. The red wolf looked up in shock. Her mad green eyes sparked with fear. Bain gave Ty a last threatening look, he was simlarly awed but he nodded his huge head and lifted Missy higher in his arms. In one leap he made it back into the office. Bain turned to Claire once more and bared her fangs, letting loose a menacing growl. 

Bain rushed Claire, all the anger. The frustration. The pent up, centuries, of despair. Bain tore it into Claire, they clashed with teeth and claws. Claire fought, and Bain recognized finally that the truth of her turning was Bain's fault. The only time her jaws had laid into human flesh was with Ty, but that wasnt it entirely. In her rage Bain had indeed attacked Claire on her birthday ball. This was Bain's fault, it was her responsibility to clean this up. She roared and shoved Claire across the room. Bain's tail swished and she stalked forward. She glared down at the boxes Claire had crasehd into. When suddenly Claire came up her jaws locking on Bain's side. Stumbling to shake her off Bain lost her momentum. She fell and Claire took advantage, her claws and teeth slashign and biting at eveything. Bain brought her clws up and they began to slash at eachother like wild cats.

Bain rolled away as Claire did, their eyes piercing into one another. The madness in Claire's continued to startle Bain, but it wasnt long before that madness funneled into aggression and Claire came at Bain again. She snapped her jaws, and continued trying to back Bain up into a corner. Bain leapt over the red wolf and crouched on the floor, when Claire turned Bain lunged. She set her teeth in Claire's ruff and shook her. Claws sank into Bain and the added pain was almost enough to make her grip falter. Bain shook her head again and Claire feel to the ground her troat mauled and bleeding. She began to shift back into her human form, panting, spent from her exertion. Bain changed back and glared down with anger. "It's a pity, I didnt tear the throat out." Bain hissed.

"You've gotten so much more powerful." A dark evil voice came from Claire's throat, Bain spied an emerand in Claire's ear, it puled and when Claire looked up her green eyes were pure black. This wasnt Claire anymore, it was someone sinister, evil. It could be no one other than Bastian. "I'll enjoy devouring you."

Bain curled in on herself as all the glass in the room as well as the skylight burst, those shards fillign the room and floating. They began to swirl around Claire, and right before Bain's eyes she vainshed. All that violent glass then turned and launched right at Bain. She tried to shift shape and relieve the brunt of it but that was impossible. It all buried into her. She screamed in agony as she was shredded and torn apart by the glass. She fell her blood falling from everywhere. She looke dup at the broken skylight. "T-TY!" She cried.  

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