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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ty thought of the time he'd awoken from the spell the last time it had taken him to this degree. Trapped in his body as his wolf once before took the reigns. He remembered that moment, in the clearing. Claire had been gone and he'd found Bain had made a terrible sacrifice, because of him.


Ty shifted his body returning back to itself, he reigned in his wolf and remained on all fours in the grass panting with exertion. What had happened, the deal was he remained Claires slave and Bain went free. He looked up and his vision fogged momentarily and he froze as a cold nose bumpd his cheek. "Here drink this." He stared at the vial in front of him, a pale green fluid was inside. He looked up and froze thinking it was Bain in front of him. She'd saved him? Where was Claire? A trap, he should have known! "Easy wolf man, just drink the stuff she told me to give you." The wolf spoke, Ty blinked as he watched the female wolf's jaws move, the voice that came from her.

"Wh- Who are you?" Ty growled, he jereked as the wolf nudged his arm roughly and growled. Ty complied and uncorked the vial then drank it. The taste was awful minty. But it soothed his throat, and sent the nausea and pain to the back of his mind. He sat up completly naked. The wolf then deposited a small satchel infront of him.

"I'm Missy." She said, "Now get dressed we have to go."

"Go?" He asked. "Wheres Bain?"

She looked behind him and he twisted, there in the grass she lay. Her hair was fanned out over the grass, a cloak covering her from the morning chill. Her eyes were closed and her breathign even. "Bain..." He breathed, he rummaged in the bag and yanked on his pants and tunic, then he struggled into his boots as he ran to her. She didnt stir, no matter how many times he tried to wake her. "Bain, my love... wake up!" He felt the tears rise in desperation, she'd always been so vibrant, so alive. He'd crushed the last of her life to protect her, and looking now, he knew it was the biggest mistake he'd ever made.

"She wont wake for another three days." Missy spoke, "She gave a piece of her mystic magic to Claire in exchange for Claire and Bastian to vacate the land."

"What?" Ty stared at Missy in shock, "She did that?"

"Yes, so she will sleep for another tree days to gather her energy back." Missy informed. "Get moving we have to get her off this land and into another town."

"She has to leave too?" Ty asked.

"It was the deal, I need to find a monastary to leave her at." Missy said and Ty growled. Why a monastary? She was safe now.

"No, I'll take care of her." Ty spoke, Missy in trun bared her fangs at him.

"That is not what she wanted." Missy growled. He blinked in shock he looked down at Bain, she was still mad at him, he'd wait until she woke and beg her forgiveness. He'd be here forever more. Then a cold wind swept over him as he looked up at Missy.

"Why was I freed?" He demanded. Missy looked away in anger and swished her tail in annoyance.

"She gave up all of her memories to free you." She said hastily. The ground fell out from beneath Ty, he looked down at his mate. She'd given up her memories to save him. He brushed his fingers over her face and the tears fell. All the memories of her life, her family, their love... all gone. He wept for his mate, wept for the choice she'd made. "It was too painful for her, to lose them and then you, so she resolved herself to freeing you and vacating elsewhere, no matter the cost. She will not regain them until something triggers them. And when she remembers Claire will come again for you."

"My love," He growled as he brushed her hair away from her cheeks. "Goddess I love you so much, I should never have left you."

"You shouldnt have, now get up, we need to get her somewhere safe." MIssy said. He lifted his beautiful mate and cradled her close, inhaling her scent, taking in her beauty.

"What of her wolf?" he asked, she was a mystic wolf it was an integral part of her life.

"She wont even remember that and wont feel the moons sway." Missy said, she started through the woods. "We're going to watch over her just in case."


Ty gritted his fangs and growled as a gaurd came in, he spared a disgusted look on Ty's beast form, he was all muscle and fur. His muzzle was shut with a leather harness it was edged with steel. His arms were manacled to the wall, his deadly claws capped by gloves lined with silver. In his most dangerous fom he was well and truley held. The gaurd examined him with curiosity and interest. "Could you turn me?" he asked. "You're just so deadly looking."

Ty's inner wolf growled and lunged with intent. Ty almost laughed in amusement. He was the equivilant of a werewolf mule. He'd been made by a special wolf, and thus he had no ability to bite and share his beast. That at least was the good thing about Claire, she was also a werewolf mule, sterile in terms of werewolf curse sharing. He froze as his ears picked up footfalls, delicious ones. He knew exactly who that was, his wolf reared up in triumph and the gaurd scurried to the door in fear as Ty started to struggle, to help, to fight. It was time to get out of here.


Bain stared down the hallway where the guards had seen her. She stared at the whole lot of them, her body transformed into it's wolf shape. She was small enough to get away nd small enough to take them out. She rushed in duking under a leg that swung out to clip her. She latched her jaws on the claf and whipped her head around. She flunug the man into his companions and used his body as a spring board. Flung into the air she took stock of the six guards left. She dove in once on the groudn again. She started bitting and clawing at every body she came into contact with. Her instincts driving her body to respond to the threats. She paused her chest heaving as the last gaurd fell, her pelt was covered in blood, and when she returned to human form she used one gaurds jacked to wipe most of it off.

Just as she was wiping her leg she felt the door next to her open. She ducked as a safety baton was swung at her. She came up her hand shifting, she shoved her claws up under his chin, sliding up into his head crushing and tearing as it went. She tore her hand back and the dead body of the last and final gaurd hit the ground. She bared her teeth and kicked the door open. She stared shocked to realize she'd gone the wrong way. She'd come to the place they were holding Ty.

Her heart thudded at the sight of him, he was wounded, in his massive wolf form. He struggled at the sight of her and his gold eyes widened. She rushed to him, her hands threading into the heavy fur pelt covering his broad chest and wolf's head. "Ty!" She cried, "I'm so glad I found you!"

He shook his head violently and she inhaled, she stipped off her necklace and felt around his fur to find his, she looked down at the black stone. She inhaled and closed her eyes, "This is the last time, now I will free you completly, no one will take you away from me again."

His necklace glowed, and right before her eyes the jewel glowed red, healty and whole once more. She smiled and looked up as blue began to thread into his gold eyes. He changed shape and she ripped his arms from the wall, freeing his face from the muzzle as he returned to human shape. He collapsed andshe caught him ont he way down, their flesh connected and she inhaled his scent. "Bain..." He panted looking up. "You came..."

"I swore I would." She felt the tears falling down her cheeks. "I have things to yell at you later about."

"I'll listen whenever." He lifted his hand and cupped her cheek. Heat rushed from his palm, it covered her face with soft delicacy. She closed her eyes and leaned down. He inhaled sharply, and energy seemed to pour into him. "Bain, I need you now."

"I know," Bain breathed. "I've been so afraid, you were torn from me again."

He surged up and she toppled to the floor, his hand cupped the back of her head before it hit the concrete floor. "I need to erase her." he growled.

"I'm yours Ty." she breathed, and she smiled as her eyes blurred with the pain of the past, the releif that it was all really a lie. That he had always been hers, even the past centuries while she'd been asleep. She reached up and brought his face down to her. He kissed her and their teeth knashed as she frantically drank him in "You're mine."

"Bain-" He growled. "Now, it has to be now."

She shifted her bare hips and connected their mouths again, he ran his hands teetering on claws drown her back, across her side, down to where she was already wet and ready for him. She lifted her legs and circled his hips, forcing him forward with a jerk, he sank deep inside her with just that movement. He growled, eyes threading gold. She smiled, he was really hers. Free from Claire's hold. Ty's hands were indeed wolf claws and they clutched her hard. He reared back his hips snapping with ferocious thrusts. His animalistic urge to claim her, reassure himself he was indeed himself. She reveled in it as he stroked deep inside her, pleasure spread across her, sending her into an endless wave of pleasure that built and built until finally she reared her head back and let loose a keening howl of her claim on him. Ty gripped harder, and thrust twice more before he roared, his teeth enlongating, he came down, his teeth latchign onto her shoulder as he spilled himself inside her. In an answering urge she struck, her own fangs sinking deep into his shoulder.

Finally she let herself fall back with contented pleasure. Ty looked at her and kissed her softly. So tender and delicate she wanted to weep. "I love you." he growled. "So very much."

"I know," She smiled." I love you too."

She allowed her self a few more moments to bask before she shoved him over and stood she waved him up and out of the room. "We need to find Missy, where is she?" Ty asked.

"If I found you that can only mean we went the wrong ways." Bain felt her fury rise again, also filled with worry. "Which means Missy found Claire."


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