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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Bain sat in the jeep as Missy scouted the area, her eyes were glued to the single doorway tot he back entrance of the warehouse. It had once been a factory that created sheet metal, by her nose. The upper level appeared to be ofice buildings, and she could smell the metal on the wind, it was below. She wondered where Claire was keeping Ty, where the witch was herself. She narrowed her eyes and watched the shadows of her mercenaries. Bain sat back and looked down at her hands, she could feel her instincts rise, where she'd desired to be normal weeks ago, she strived to know exactly who she was. What being Bain was. She gritted her teeth and looked fiercely back up at the building. She was going to kill tonight, she was going to destroy everything in her path to get to Ty.

The confused woman who'd fought on the streets in her small town to get by, the gorl who hadnt gotten along with anyone, it al made sense now. She was a predetor, a light hearted one normally. But Bain discovered at this moment, she was filled with murderous rage, and something shifted inside her. Something familiar and new at the same. Bain shoved out of the car and felt the wind slice through her silver and black hair. Missy loped over and froze. "Bain?" she asked.

"Let'd start the hunt." Bain spoke and narrowed her gaze on the door with the flickering light bulb in front of it. A gaurd was on the left of the door, she blinked her eyes and rushed the door, she felt her hands shift into the wolf claws she knew were hers to use. She smashed her hand through and it sank deep into the flesh of an enemy. She tore the door clean of the hinges and stared down at the gaurd crumpled bleeding on the ground, his eyes glassed over in death. "Sorry." Bain spoke and looked up, her remorse was gone in the wake of the abscence of her mate.

She followed the scent of the gaurds passage and Missy kept at her heels. They entered the main lobby where the dingy desk of a secretary was. Int he chair, said secretary was dead, dried aged blood covering the surface. "She killed them all." Missy mused. Bain nodded and felt the cold rage fill her at the sight of such carnage. She stepped forward and saw the flickering ghost of the secretary there.

Bain closed her eyes and held out her hand, "I swear to all those lost to Claire's wicked hand, I will avenge your death." Bain vowed. She watched the secretary nodd to her and evaporate, she wasnt gone, the ghosts would watchover the battle. Bain turned to missy and they made quick work of assessing the lobby's entrace to the rest of the warehouse. There was one hallway that led in two directions, one would go up and the other down. Bain turned to Missy and clanched her fists. "Missy." She called.

"Yes." Missy looked up her eyes wide.

"Go left, find Ty." Bain spoke. "I will go right and hunt Claire."

"But Bain-" Missy argued. "We cant do this again."

"We wont." Bain said and turned to the hallway. "This time theres no land to protect, no reason to bargain. This time I will be taking Claires head."

Missy stared at Bain for a long time, and Bain waited for her answer. Suddenly she felt the wolf butt her head against Bain's legs. "I dont want to lose you again." She growled. Bain slid her fingers into Missy's ruff.

"You wont, we'll get Ty and go back to our home." Bain assured. "We'll protect it together."

Missy nodded and raced off down the hall where her path would hopefully lead to Ty. Bain looked ahead of herself and glared in the direction she was moving. "You're mine Claire."


Missy trudged throught he shadows as she moved up the stairs. She wondered where they would lead her they only went up one level. She almost stepped out into a hall full of gaurds. She snorted as she saw the mass of them. She couldnt handle them like this. She sat back and summoned forth her prime fighting form. In a painful shift she stood in human form, completly clothed. It had been a long time since she'd called forth this shape. She touched her bare face, then her long hair. She swept it up and pulled her hood over it. She inhaled and balled her fists, it was time to save Ty. She lunged around the corner and the gaurds suddenly saw her. She growled baring her shifing fangs. She ran into the groups closest to her. Claws surged out and she slashed them open, she rolled to the ground and avoided a spray of bullets. She came up and yanked the gun form the user. She smashed it into his head and flung him into the cluster against the door. That must be where they were keeping him.

Missy snapped her head around and dodged a punch, she flipped over his arm and snatched his jaw in her finger. "Now, now, thats not nice." She snarled and tore the lower jaw clean off his head. He whirled on his buddies and they stared at her in horror. She looked for all purposes human. But she was a wolf through and through. She needed to save Ty and then save Bain. She knashed her teeth and whirled back to the three gairds against the door, they engaged her and she moved swiftly between them. She stood her back facing them when she let loose a piercing howl. The air condensed behind her and she turned watchign as it crushed them each. She stared at the bloody mess and wondered if that was wise in trying to get Ty out of here. His wolf was a rampager.

She shook her head and yanked the door open, entering a room full of boxes, she weaved through them, perhaps he was beyond this room? She paused as she looked through the blinds down into the main work area. She froze as she realized she and Bain had made vital mistakes. Missy closed ehr eyes and collected herself. She opened the work door and walked out onto a massive platform. Her boots made little sound but the woman below still looked up. She wore a cram robe that was stained with blood here and there. Her mouth was covered in it. Missy closed her eyes and looked at Claire. "You're not Bain." She seemed to pout at the notion.

"I'm not, but I'm youre opponent." Missy hissed and lunged for Claire her claws extended.


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