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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Hours passed as Bain wept in the center of camp. Sure her memories of what had happened to her were back, but now, she was stumped. Ty, her lover was gone, their trail was being tracked by Missy while Bain tried to get her leghs to move. Her clutched her necklace and begged it to give her more, tell her how to help. She wasnt going to lose Ty again, he went with Claire to protect her so very long ago, to keep her safe from that evil she witch. It was her turn to protect him, her turn to show ehr love. She jerked her head up at the sound of Missy's paws scrabbling the rocks. Missy loped out of the brush and shook her fur. "I followed the trail to an abandoned warehouse down by the town. Seem's Claire couldnt wait to get Ty in chains."

"Then we need to go." Bain struggled to her feet, Missy lunged forward making Bain fall back as she barreled into Bain's legs.

"No!" Missy snapped. "You went in prepared last time, and you cant afford to lose a piece of your power or your memories again."

"But Ty-" Bain started.

"Ty, has known this would happen at some point, he's prepared to wait for you, however long it takes." Missy snapped.

"Then what do I do?" Bain slammed her fist into the ground, watching with wonder at how the stone cracked under her fist.

"You have the skills as a wolf Bain." Missy snorted. "Now wake the skills you have as a Mystic wolf, commune with the Moon Goddess."

Bain blinked in shock and looked at Missy as she hustled her into the freezing water of the river. "Your mother's power was in tune with the earth, her predessessors the wind, and so on untilt he first mystic who actually communued with moon bathed items. The water was always your element to commune with. Use it to contact her." Missy snapped and flopped onto the ground to rest. Bain cleared her mind and reached out to the earth, the moon, and now the water. She inhaled and exhaled slowly before lifting her head and letting out a purely wolf howl of pain and desperation.


Ty was fully retreated into himself. His mind was threatening to crack under the pressure of Claire's spell. The beast wolf that shared his mind was front and center. Their commune was startling at first, because Ty kept such a tight leash on his inner wolf. But as always it had a personality of it's own. And rather than desiring flesh and destruction he wanted to protect. "She's coming, dont give in." It told Ty.

"Why do you care?" Ty asked the wolf.

"She's ours pup, hold through this torture, and we will be fine. Claire cannot touch us again, she wont allow it." His wolf breathed before it roared and fought at Claire as their body was hauled into a work room and tied down onto a work table.

"Oh, you will be mine once more Tyrian." Claire laughed around them. "If only because of what you are."

"Sleep!" Ty's wolf roared. "I will handle her."

But Ty wasnt so sure, as he saw their wolf form begin to change, through his wolf's eyes he saw Claire strip down and crawl utop him. Her magic whirrled around him forcing arousal and desire, his wolf took the force of it and they were subjected to Claire's favorite game. "Bain will come." Ty breathed in his mind. Then they would be free, and he could fight through this spell.


Bain stared up in a mixture of relief and pride that she had indeed summoned the Moon Goddess. She floated in the air the color of moon beams and stardust. She was eerily white in all aspects. The only change being her bright black eyes. She floated above the water, her gown moving with unseen winds. "I knew you would return to me." She breathed.

"I need help." Bain breathed. "My mate, he's been captured, and I dont have the strength to fight for him."

"We of the Mystc are forever battling for our loved ones. Your mother her right to leave, to love, and your father his right to keep her. Their right to be one, and I my right to remain in the sky unblemished. I will give you the strength, for despite your foolish actions and young decisions, you have always protected the humans, have always tried to protect the wolves who shunned you. I grant you this wish Bain my child, because you are who you have always been." The goddess leaned forward and her hand caressed the side of Bain's just befor her back arched with change. She gritted her teeth as she reverted to wolf form, then into a bigger shape, her body contorted and lifted taking on the shape of Ty's monster wolf. Bain looked up as her head changed, the goddess was no longer watchign Bain. INstead her eyes were trained on Missy with anchient sadness. She reached out and looked down again. "Fogive me."

With those enigmatc words she vanishd back into the sky, and Bain waded out of the water, her muscles rippling with the new shape and strenght. Missy rubbed against her leg and Bain closed her eyes forcing herself back to normal wolf shape. "Let's go." Missy said.


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