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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ireland, Munster Kingdom, Hidden Forest Village, Year: 711

Bain stared at the clearing where her plan was to be finalized. She sat in a tree, it had been a week before her back had healed. And another week before she hardened her heart enough to pause her greiving to complete her plans. She looked down at Missy, who stood silent and solid below the tree, her prescence had been a comfort these past few days. She'd taught the wolf as much speech as she could and explained her plan to her companion. Missy didnt like it but she would obey. Bain saw movement and paused as she saw Claire walk into the clearing, a long chain in her hands. At the very end walked Ty, in his beast form. The wolf she saw was monsterous, his bulk rippled with movement and he walked on two wolf legs rather than four. She spied his amulet and saw it was dark as pitch again. His golden eyes scanned the forest before they landed and remained with Claire. She bristled in rage as she sank to the ground. "You do not have to go." Missy growled. "Forget the wolf, lets leave together."

"If nothing else Missy, I must contain this." Bain explained. "Come, this is all I can do for now."

"You still love him though he's done all of this to you." Missy snorted.

"Of course I still love him." Bain said sadly. "But that is the past, now this land must be cleansed. And Ty must be placed back in control."

"Bain-" Missy started. Bain reached down and stroked her fingers through Missy's fur.

"It's okay, I trust you can get me away from here and to safety." Bain spoke. Missy ducked her wolf head in agreement and Bain nodded. Bain stood upright and strode into the clearing where Claire waited. Bain looked at Claire with cold hardness even as her blood boiled. "Hello Claire."

"Bain, I thought you'd be long gone by now." Claire smiled and flicked her fingers, Ty began to change into human form right there, and Claire snuggled against his side as he did. Bain narrowed her eyes on the witch.

"It will take more than that to ruin me Claire." Bainm growled. "I want you and your father off this land and away from it forever."

"If you want that I want you out of it forever." Claire grinned.

"As long as you never set foot here again. I wont." Bain explained.

"Fair fair." Claire smirked.

"That includes your father." Bain hissed, she watched Claire's eyes widen in anger.

"Then I need more." Claire hissed darkly.

"I will give you a piece of my power, to eat." Bain offered, the eyes and dark lust in Claire's being rushed to life.

"Deal." Claire started forward when Bain held up her hand.

"I want Ty set free." Bain growled. "You are to never hunt him again."

"What do I get?" Claire asked. "He's such a compliant lover, I wont give him back to you."

"I will give up my memories. All of them." Bain offered. "In exchange for his freedom."

Claire blinked in shock and stepped away from Ty, she examined Bain with wary curiosity. "Why?"

"Isnt that what you want, I give up my memories and a piece of my power, you and your father give up this land and Ty." Bain spoke. "Everybody wins."

"Except you, you wanted him so bad." Claire stepped back.

"He spurned me in full knowledge so I do this as my duty as the creator of his blood." Bain spoke. "And as the Mystic wolf of this land."

"Fine." Claire snapped her fingers and Ty lumbered forward, Bain caught him as he stumbled, he landed in her lap and she looked down at him in a mixture of anger and regret. "We have a deal."

Bain leaned forward and kissed Ty's head, she lifted his amulet and cried over top of it. Her tears slid downa nd purified the necklace. it didnt return to ruby red but it did bring the blue back to his eyes. "B-Bain?' He asked.

Bain looked up at the full moon and held out her arms. "O, Goddess of the Moon, send me power, for I must purge my memories." Bain began to pray. "I beg you to rid my mind of such pain, so that I may continue as a mortal. Every ten years my mind will reset unless my memories come back. Please exhalted goddess answer my prayer." bain begged the sky.

Suddenly her back arched as her mind ripped in two, she shrieked as the comforting fingers of the goddess reached her. "You will remember one day chilc, when you can forgive." The goddess said finally. Bain collapsed her mind wiped, her body exhausted. her eyes closed for much needed sleep.


Present day

"Bain!" A voice rang out, it woke Bain, she sat upright in the tent she'd been camping in with Ty and Missy. She jerked as soon as she realized Ty wasnt next toher. "Bain!" Missy shrieked.

Bain leapt up from the bed and out into the campsite. Missy was struggling with two burly men tryiong to restrain her. Bain leapt at them, her claws forming instantly. She swiped at them and bared her teeth in warning. Her growl followed as she snapped the chain around Missy;s neck. The wolf slid behind bain with a growl of her own. Bain searched for Ty, where was he?

"Oh Bain!" That evil voice, how could Bain ever forget that sing song mad sound. She whipped around to see Claire standing before Ty who struggled in human form. Even human he was impressive he shoved and tossed the men Claire brought to restrain him.

"Run Bain!" He ordered.

"You seem to remember now." Claire grinned. "So I will be collecting my pet now."

"I dont think so." Bain growled.

"Oh I do." Claire growled. "He's mine now, and theirs nothign you can do about it."

Bain ran forward, her hand outstretched for Ty, she wasnt losing him again. he was an idiot. She concluded, and she wasnt going to lose him. She barreled through the men Claire had rallied and tossed them in every direction. She lunged for Ty, his form bound in chains. He reached out too, their fingers brushed just before a red furred arm circled Bain and tossed her back across the campsite. She blinked in shock as she saw Claire also wore a beast wolf shape. She was identical to Ty in shape and form, only Claire was a red wolf. Her jaws opened with mirth, jsut before she changed back laughing. "Goodbye Bain, it's over." Calire leapt up into the bed of a truck and Ty was dragged up too. He morphed into his monster wolf shape and howled his rage. Sure enough he started to fight and Bain moved to help, but the trusk started driving.

"I'll come for you!" Bain yelled and his black ears pricked, gold eyes landing on her. "I swear I'll come!" She yelled.


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