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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ireland, Munster Kingdom, Hidden Forest Village, Year: 711

Bain paced just inside the forset line as she watched the whole town end up in an uproar. The pretty words spun by Bastian had awakened a terrible thing. A terrible mob was forming, and they were afraid. Now afraid of werewolves. It had been a long time since humans hunted their kind, and they could still be insighted to such devestation given a chance. Bain knew this and that was why secrecy was of upmost improtance. Only right now she watched him lead her mother into a huge cell made of wood and silver. She fought and screamed, then the distinctive sound of an outraged roar made Bain clutch her head at the sound of her fathers roar. She looked at Ty who had gouged his claws into the tree he was hiding behind. She looked down noticing her own claws had dug into the tree she was behind.

"I have to go." Bain breathed as she heard Bastian call out to her, asking her to give herself up for salvation. She snorted and started forward when Ty whipped her back his eyes taking on a golden hue.

"You arent!" he snarled.

"I have to Ty." She whispered. "Thats my family."

"You're mine!" He hissed yanking her into his arms. "I cant lose you."

"I know, btu I have to go Ty, the plan is the same, I go to them, and you get my family out." She said solidly.

"Bain-" Ty objected, but she silenced him with a potent kiss. He was still hers, only controlled by Claire. Had she garnered control over him to give her the bite? She didnt think it possible from a wolf such as Ty but perhaps that was it. She ran her fingers into his hair then down his neck. He slumped against the tree and she used the moment to duck away and out into the crowd next to the Keep. Bastian stopped his rant the moment he saw her, she climbd up onto the crude wooden platform he was on with Claire at his side.

"So the demon has come to us?" Bastian laughed. "Beg forgiveness for your sin."

"I will now." Bain hissed. "I give myself freely in exchange for my family being set free."

Bastian waved to two men at the side, they grabbed her arms and shoved her to her knees on the platform. Claire stepped forward and yanked the headress off her head. "See this demon for what she is!" Claire shouted.

"Now, you will bare yourself to the heavens and pray for forgiveness." Bastian knelt in front of her his back to the crowd. She bared her teeth at him, her eyes glinting in challenge. He smirked all evil and darkness. "And I will reap the benefits."

Bastian barked orders in a language she didnt know, a long silver whip was brought to him, it was jagged and made for violence. Bain's eyes widened at the sight of it but she looked down, this was necessary. A gaurd came up and ripped her dress back open just as the first lash striped her back. She let out a cry of pain and slumped forward. But whip after whip followed her until she was barely holding herself up. She looked over to the cage to see it on fire, she screamed as she saw the pile of wood that had been piled during her whipping. It was blazing in fierce domination. The cage was in ashes and the flames had devoured the cage. Her family dead! She shrieked and struggled to her knees, forcing herself up. Bastian followed her motions with harder strikes but she was struggling to the cage that was nothing. she felt the tears fall dwn her cheeks in unabashed abandon. She collapsed and shrieked her rage and pain to the sky.

Finally she felt a massive pain explode behind her head and she collapsed into darkness.


Bain blinked her eyes open as she felt fierce aches bloom on her back. She was in the forest, the mineral pool she and Ty frequented. Relief coursed through her but did little to assist the pain that had shattered her heart. Dead... all dead... her family! Her blood! Bastian and Claire would pay! She would devour their hearts herself! "Bain?" Ty's voice. She looked up, her eyes blearily focusing on Ty who was bandaging her back. He tied it off and mved to stand infront of the rock she laid on. "You have about two days worth of healing to do." He said coldly.

"Ty theyre dead." She whimpered. "dead..."

"I know." He spoke.

"I have you, atleast I wont be alone." Bain breathed reaching out to him, he flinched away and backed up. "Ty?"

"I'm leaving Bain." Ty looked away and stood his back to her. "I will not do this anymore."

"Ty... you cant leave." Bain hissed. "I love you, you're all I have!"

"I cant be with you anymore Bain." Ty spoke and started to walk away. "This is goodbye."

"TY! Is this the amulet? Let me purify it!" Bain shouted struggling to get up. Ty moved back over and showed her the amulet, it was healthy and whole Tears sprang to her eyes. "Youre leaving me?"

"I am, sorry." He stood and walked away into the trees and out of the forest alltogether. She wept, and looked at the sky, she looked up at the moon as it began to reach it's half shape. She cried out in utter agony, "What have I left to me?! Have you deserted me too mother goddess?!" No answer came from the sky but out of the woods trotted a small white wolf. She was fully grown and for a moment Bain thought it was her mother. But it wasnt, it was a different smell, she padded forth and knelt next to Bain and nuzzled under her arm. A comfort, this must be what it was really like in a pack, unspoken support. Bain wept and hysterically screamed as her heart shatterd its last remnants and her soul darkened to hardness. She looked at the wolf and lifted her one hand to pat it's head. Hard determination filled her as she called upon the moons gifts to give this wolf a gift. The gift of speech, then she bequeathed the female wolf with another gift a name. Her mothers name. "I'm going to call you Missy. Do not abandon me please." Bain ruffled the wolfs ears.

"Bain." The wolf tried the name out and yipped. "Bain!"


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