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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Ireland, Munster Kingdom, Hidden Forest Village, Year: 711

Bain stalked the halls up to the floors where Clair kept house. her temper had demanded she seek the interloper and kill her. A mate was a sacred being to a wolf, regarded with possession and reverence. She loved Ty, she'd turned him. Now he'd slept with Claire. She wasnt enough for him, the train of thought made Bain stop as her heart and insides constricted painfully at the thought. Ty had forsaken her now that he was immortal. With a dark cry she smashed her fist into the stone wall. Her sneses picked up Ty's scent. She climbed higher in the castle like keep. She struggled on and ended up in the hallway where Claire stood speaking to a maid harshly. The maid scuttled off in fear. Bain stared right into the face of a female human who had taken her mate. She bared her teeth as instincs demanded she rip the girls throat out.

"Ah, Bain, do be a dear and dust the corridor." Claire waved a hand and moved to enter her rooms. Bain lunged in a movement too fast for Claire to notice. She caught that waving hand and snatched the girl back. Claire's wide green eyes blinked in surprise. Bain yanked her hair back and glared into those hated eyes.

"I'll kill you for tempting my mate." Bain growled. "It's high time I got rid of you and your father."

Bain felt her body shift with her anger. She hit the ground her paws finding purchase and she shook off the tingles that came with the change. Claire stood in the place she'd been in. But instead of fear in her eyes, hunger was there. A dark hunger that bodded ill for the universe. Claire started to laugh, her head tilting to the side, right before Bain's eyes she watched a russet red pelt of fur grow from Claire's pores. A small wolf about Bain's size slipped from Claire's human shape and Bain's eyes widened in shock. Claire was turned! But how?! TY!

Claire leapt onto Bain, too shocked to notice Bain took a massive blow to her side and rolled to the floor, Claire tore into her and she fought back. But it was in vain as she felt black energy pour over her. It was unnatural, the earth and moon inside her protested the contact. Bain looked up as she saw Bastian there. "Now now Claire, it wouldnt do to kill her before I was able to absorb her powers." Bastian chided as Claire returned to her human shape.

"But father, she so deserves to be ripped apart." Claire grinned the pure insanity in that gaze made bain shudder.

"You got what you wanted, the male is under your control." Bastian laughed. "But she is mine now daughter."

Bain struggled against the black energy and yipped in fear as Bastian ran a finger through the white fur of her ruff. "Put her in with the male, wouldnt do to have any of the gaurds ask questions as to why the maid is in the dungeons." Dark spots dancd over her vision as power surged into her body shutting down her body functions.


Bain woke, her eyes scanning the dark dungeon. Grime and hay littered the floor, she smelled blood, and Ty. She looked over seeing him hanging against a wall, the heavy chains were cutting into his arms. She looked up at her own bonds and tested the strength. She gave a test yank and managed to pull the chain free. It snapped at the first sign of her strength. Human bonds.

She slid down the wall and padded over to Ty, he was as naked as her. He appeared to be wounded all over, but it was his necklace that caught her attention. His amulet, which was normally a clear ruby shade was inky black. It exuded evil and Bain lifted it in her hand. She froze as she saw Ty open his eyes, they were a bright gold color. "Mate?" He growled. She shivered at the sound of his beast. The monster had taken over, the black had turned him into a servent. She growled at him and he gave her a puzzled look. "What is it? Have I wronged you my mate?" He asked. She bared her teeth, at least the wolf hadn't betrayed her even if the man had. She looked at the necklace again and whispered in the anchient language, using her energy to channel the earth, and the moon. It breathed through her, purifying the necklace.

"Bain?" Ty asked as his eyes bled blue. He blinked and she scrunched her face up and solidly punched him in the gut. Tears sprung to her eyes as she glared at him.

"How could you?!" She growled. "I gave you life! I gave you love!"

"What?' He asked. "Bain what happened?"

She watched him strain to yank at his chains, he freed his arms and moved to gather her into his grasp. She jerked back and away from him. "Bain?" He looked hurt, but he forced himself past her defenses and cupped her face in his hands. "Dont cry."

"How can I not?" She demanded. "You've betrayed me!"

"Betrayed you?"He asked.

"Yes!" She yelled and started to assault his ribs, but slowly her punches became just futile bumps as she sobbed with misery. "I loved you and you chose Claire, turned Claire, I saw the evidence in the sheets!"

"Bain I dont remember anything after I left the shop just this morning. I didnt do any of that, if I did it wasnt in my mind." He spoke heavily. "I'm so sorry, I dont remember anything."

She looked up wanting to believe him, he rubbed the tears from her eyes. "Come on, lets get out of here." He walked to the door and looked out, he ripped the door off it's hinges startling the gaurds there. Bain leapt out into the hallway her body shifting into her wolf form. She lunged at one of the human gaurds and tore his throat out. Ty broke the others neck and hunchd down to shift shape. He lunged after her as they manned their escape, up through the metal grate that covered the lower dungeons. The grass was covered in early morning dew. The sky was even lighting just slightly. Bain made her run into the forest Ty right on her heels. She opened her mind and begged the earth to hide their escape. It complied and they ran until they came to a break in the forest. Right where a little road led to a nice cabin in the woods. There Bain lived with her family.

She froze as she sensed nothing, her father's power was non existant. No smells coated the earth. She ran up to the house and barreled into the door, it swung open and she looked around, the scent of humans was all over, and her father never permitted humans near their home. Right outside her parent's bedroom she smelled Bastian. She changed shape and donned a dress. Ty helped himself to the clothes he'd left here. "What happened?" He asked.

"Bastian stole my family." She growled.


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