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Bain is a mystic wolf with no memory of who she is nor how she got to West Minister-field. But when a talking wolf and a sexy stranger appear with knowledge of who she is and a psychotic woman after her it seems they are the better option. But who exactly is Ty and why does he make her heart shudder with regret and love. Who is she that she feels complete and incomplete at the same time? And why is it her job to protect the earth from disaster? View table of contents...

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Autumn air whirled around Bain as she walked. It was cool out but that was to be expected here in the mountains. She'd lived here for two years, first in a foster home, then in a dingy apartment/motel room. But that was relative to her, she didnt know where she;d lived, nor where she came fromo. Just that she woke up in the child care facility at the base of the mountain. She hadnt known a thing about herself, and the workers had nothing on file for her. All she knew was her name was Bain, and that was thanks to the necklace around her neck. A red jewel was set in a gold amulet, keeping it held in place, and on the back was her name engraved in script. Her foster parents had been nice for the year she lived there, seeing as she had people problems and they were patient it was ideal. But Bain knew when she wasnt wanted. She could feel that from them.

So assuming she was really nineteen and she had severe panic attacks near people it was hard to obtain a job here. Sure she tried, and sure she'd do fine in the back work duties. But it would grate on her and she'd destroy something. Or she would lash out at the people around her verbally or physically. Perhaps that was what had led her to the streets, out here the gangs were small but violent, and their followinig was pretty decent. Street fights happened regularly at night, and Bain was a star fighter, a free woman no one wnated to fight. But when they did they learned that they had to strike hard and fast if they wanted to aviod getting taken down by her. Her strikes were like sledgehammers. And there was soemthing about the middle of a fight that made her blood sing. She looked up at the sky and saw the moon, full and bright. She smiled at it, feeling as if she'd looked at it alot in her life... but she didnt remember.

Starting forward again she froze as she saw a huge white dog sitting in her path. She blinked as she saw it tilt its head down and turn. Not a dog, a wolf. Bain scrambled back and fell on her ass. It padded forward and Bain panicked. "Relax Bain, I'm not going to hurt you." It spoke. Bain gaped in shock. That wolf just spoke to her, and with a female voice.

"Holy shit!" Bain exclaimed.

"Must you curse at me." The wolf shook its head and rolled its golden eyes. "Come now, you know me."

"What the fuck, oh I'm so dreaming. I'm still in bed, okay, you got me dream." Bain laughed and sighed as the wolf nudged her harshly.

"I see you forgot more this time." She huffed and looked away. "He's not going to be happy."

"Okay dream wolf, what is it this time? Did I forget to tip the waitress today, so I should turn back and do so." Bain asked amused.

"No, this isnt a dream, its time for you to wake up." The wolf huffed. "Its time to stop playing human and return to the forest. The deal you forged is broken, your life is in danger."

"Ooh." Bain laughed.

"Bain, you need to wake up!" The wolf snarled. Bain blinked as she remembered someone saying that to her. Her head throbed and she cried out as she clutched her skull. Pain exploded with a wash of mental voices.

"Wake up!" It was male that time. "No, Bain you have to wake up!"

"Bain!" This one was the wolf.

"TY!" And that one was her voice. She hit the pavement her senses dulling until she slipped from consiousness.


Ty stepped from the forest edge, he walked through the human park and over to where Missy sat next to Bain. His eyes landed on her and he felt relief and joy rush through him. He crouched next to her and looked at Missy. "Could you have done a better job of not giving her brain damage?" He growled.

"It was that or let you go to her, you remember what happened last time." Missy snapped. He relented that point to her, him going to bain before she woke on her own was a horrible idea. If she got some memory back he could approach, but he should stay away for the safety of the world. They didnt need a repeat of them meeting and her flying into a murderous rampage. Ty slid her slim body into his arms and he lifte her, her long silver hair sliding down his arm, the black bangs blendign with the silver, to the world it would look like a dye job. But to their world, she was moon kissed. But she was in danger, and their long sideline wait was up. Ty wouldnt betray her this time, and he wouldnt lose her again.

Missy trotted ahead, her white fur catchign the moon as she walked. How he would love to join her in wolf shape, but right now he wanted to hold her, it had been too long. Far too long. He looked at Bain and felt all the love and joy she brought him, and all the remorse at the truth that this was all his fault.


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