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The Goblin Queen's Love

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Jack is your everyday writer, working towards his latest book while raising his three children. His life is normal, blah, as he prefers it to be. Until a fae woman appears in his classroom. She needs his help, as she is the Goblin Queen and her word is law. Unable to refuse the enigmatic beautiful Queen, Jack runs headlong into Fae society remembering what he loved about it so long ago and what he hates about it. Only his own past begins to haunt him, even as he gets closer and closer to the elusive Goblin Queen. View table of contents...


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It was a cloudy day when the world as natural humans saw it changed. Jack had been home with his infant daughter at the time. He was feeding her, listening to his wife as she cooked. The news flash interrupted his movie and his eyes widened as he saw the center of the American Mounds. The Droichead Mound was the closest. Mound and home of the Gobins and their thrall of Fae. Jack was shocked to see it, and the implications that came with it. Out of a cloud of fog came a man, his eyes bright gold, his glamour perfect as he appeared litterally from thin air. ' " Sir! Sir! Who are you?! What is happening here?" ' One ambitious reporter got close shoving a microphone into his face. He batted it away easily.

Slowly more people began to appear from the Seelie Mound Eadrom came a woman swathed in light. Her prim posture accented by her long blonde hair and business attire, her eyes were a crystaline green. From the Unseelie Mound Dorcha came another woman appearing in a bloom of night flowers, her hair was blood red, her skin a soft mocha color. Her eyes however were a piercing white. They werent even trying to hide their features, just dim them down a couple notches. Jack was shocked. Then a last appearance. Another man, he was tall, his skin white and pristine, but his eyes were jet black, the only color on him as his har and his suit was white. He was a fae of the Slaugh, from the Bas Mound. The reporters went wild. Asking dozens of questions left and right until the four gathered in the center of their circle of mounds. Steadily they asked which reporter's station garnered the most news. Channel 10 was chosen and the man from the Goblin Mound stepped up.

' " I hail from Droichead, a Goblin emmissary, Centuries ago we of the fae were pushed from our lands. I am Kinnea right hand of the Goblin Queen, and I stand before you humans to announce our prescence to your world. We are a dying race and ask you humans for aid." ' He had a fierce air about him. Jack's brows lowered in confusion, last he knew King Gennam was still on the Goblin Throne. What in the hell had happened?!


"Are we certain this was the wisest of ideas?" Arnaes asked through the mirror. Elysia leaned into her throne and sighed, they would go over this again would they? Arnaes was the Seelie King, he was unsued to change, he didnt like it. In fact none of them did, but they were losing their populations. He would need to calm his disgust long enough to fix their problems.

"Of course it was." Anwyn said, her dark tresses hanging in poerfectly coiled ringlets down her sharp face. She looked through at them as they conversed. "We cannot survive much longer." The Unseelie Queen said to her light counterpart. They sneered at one another and Elysia shifted her attention to Sythian, King of the Slaugh. He seemed bored, even if his dark hair and tan skin was deceitfully human looking, his eyes were red in a dark black socket. He was evil looking.

"Now that negotiations are being said and done we can mingle with the humans more, dilute our polluted blood." Sythian laughed. "Though keep it up I could keep your filth kept easily."

"Silence," Elysia said with annoyance. "This squabbling is pointless, what is done is done, the humans will prove useful, we cannot keep spiriting humans away, they are getting smart it would be easier to just do things their way for now."

"And if they want to tramp through out perfect lands?" Arnaes asked spitefully.

"Then we deal with them as we always have." Sythian said back. "We need the humans, they can help. It doesnt have to be permenant."

"They are a fleeting existance." Anwyn threw in. "What we need to find is the five clans once more. When they came here we did, our mounds moved with us. The Five Clans are prime candidates to repopulate. Surely you cant complain about that Arnaes."

"Great it is settled." Elysia said and tapped the mirror twice and it eptied until she was looking at herself once more. She sighed and rubbed her temples.

"My Queen, the healer is finished." A servent said from the doorway where she was bowed. Elysia unfolded her legs from their crossed position and stood up. She then walked her gaurds melding from the shadows to follow her. She waved for the young goblin to lead and they walked towards the huge marble room where the healer worked. The castle shuddered under her feet and she dragged her fingers along the walls to soothe its upset rumblings.

"All is well, nothing will harm you I swear it." She promised her home and it soothed. They entered and the smell of herbs and blood met Elysia's nose. She snorted and looked for Carnlyn. She walked from another room with a sad smile on her face. "What news?"

"Lady Hynna is awake and will see you my Queen she cannot last much longer," Carnlyn said. Her hawk gold eyes were sad.

"And the babies?" Elysia asked her fists balling.

"We have lost six already. The other ten are in a healing slumber." Carnlyn looked down shamefaced. "There is only so muc I can do, they were cursed and if they wake up..."

"Only a miracle I'm aware." Elysia sighed, "Very well, continue your work to heal them, I care not how long it takes."

"Yes, my Queen." Carnlyn said. Elysia waved her gaurds back and she entered the room where Lady Hynna her mother laid in white linens. She was panting her once beautiful skin ashen. Her nose was wide almost feline just like Elysia's. Her slanted eyes were a sickly blue where Elysia's were icy silver. Her long dark hair was sweaty and she looked delirious with her fever. It pained Elysia to see her mother like this. She slid her fingers into her mothers clawed grasp.

"Mother." Elysia said and kissed her mothers brow.

"The children?" She asked.

"They are sleeping so they can heal and be born healthy." Elysia said and smiled. "They can live I know it."

"Forgive me, in my desperation, I failed you daughter." Her mother coughed and Elysia pretended she didnt see the blood. She stroked her mothers hair. "I ask, that you not kill him."

"It is by your request that he lives now mother." Elysia breathed. "But if you die from this I cannot promise you anything."

"Please, you cannot... you cannot." Her mother panted and Elysia pressed her palm to her mothers face. "I love you my child, I always have."

"And I you mother." Elysia leaned forward and held her mother, she continued into the bed and held her mother in her arms as she died. The curse pulling the last of her life away. Elysia could only hope that if the curse had claimed its intended it would leave the other children alone. She wept for her mother, rocking her in her arms until the gaurds took her mothers body away. Elysia gripped her arms and walked from the room, she found the children, all infant babies, cocooned in small sacks of healing water. They each glowed differnt colors of power. Pure Goblins. A miracle in their barren land. Sixteen babies had been birthed on the battlefield due to the curse. As Elysia had entered the battle they had been brought here to slumber.

Elysia knelt next to the ring of babies and looked down at her siblings. Now to be her own children by right of succession. She ran her fingers through the soft feathers underneath the baby next to her. "I swear to protect you all now and forever."


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