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Shadow College

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

There exists a school deep in the Forbidden Mountains, where all creatures of myth and legend convene to teach the young to exist among humans, to survive in a world unforgiving. Deep underneath the school sleeps a werewlf more powerful than any ever seen. The Mother Wolf, and above exists her silent keeper. A man no one has met, or seen. A vampire, a monster that should by right desire to kill the wolf, only that is not the story between these two. This is a story about the school, and how the Mother Wolf will learn to control her nature. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 18, 2012    Reads: 653    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Monsters have always roamed the earth, sticking to the shadows where in the past they were never in the shadows. The anchient Monster Clans realized that keeping their population going was key, and to keep it so their ranks needed to be taught restraint, taught to hide, to survive. They Clans funded the creation of the Shadow College, a place where the born and made creatures convened to learn how to hide. It was in this school that many lived for eternity.

Including the fabled and highly coveted Mother of all Werewolves. It was from her that the race was started, and it was from her that control was gained over their beasts. But in gifting her children with such knowledge, she herself lost control. She took herself to the Shadow College high in the mountains to imprison herself. It is rumored she still sleeps deep underground, where her wolf cannot hurt others, nor expose the race she gave life to.

Many caretakers were charged with controling and keeping her existance hidden. Generations of those keepers have proven that the Mother Wolf is too dangerous to let out. However, her existance and her keepers existance is a secret gaurded by the Headmaster. But the Moon Rise Solstice has begun, and the awakening of Wolf power is upon the Monsters. Perhaps her awakening is just the beginning of the change the Monster world will experiance after such a Solstice.

Juliet Romanov

Adrian Wulfgang


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