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It has been twenty long years since the Rebellion seated Nix as King. And now a second Rebellion has burned into the land. Throwing Nix to the wind and the healed lands torn asunder by a new God. A wind god. Enlil has taken the land hostage. Ordering Nix to find his lost goddess and bring her to him, Nix is left angry, already lost to himself. But he will do what he must to save his people. The people Inanna left to him, twenty years ago when she left him. He'd never had the chance to find her, she never gave him the chance to. View table of contents...


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Celestania, Castle Utopian Flare, Year:12673

Cheers rang out as Nix stood on the platform as he was crowned. His plans to let Roland be king were dashed. Roland has suspiciously vanished when the decision was made, then he had reappeared today of all days. Nix stared at the blue sky as pain ripped through him again. She had truely left, his one and only true love. She wanted him to be king... he wanted her. Why had she run from him? Why didnt he immediatly run after her, it was proven his powers negated hers. He looked out at the people and waved, smiled for all he was worth. The council had convened inside, and the conspirators, the leaders of the rebellion had retreated. They would help himlead the people, and hopefully he could get this back right for the people. He wanted to find Innana.


Celestania, City Golden Gord, Year:12674

Nana stared down at the small bundle in her arms, her body was weak but she felt her fire already burning to heal her. She dared use it only now, for this one moment, because she couldnt be weak. She still had the rest of Exodors men to hunt down. She had lain low for the past few months because she had discoverd she had become pregnant. It wasn't surprising considering Nix and she had torn the bed up for a while before she fled. She wanted nothing more than to connect her mind to his and tell him he was a father. But she didnt dare, he'd abandon his station in an instant. She looked at her son, her Phoenix's son. She smiled as she saw bright white fire lick along his skin as he cooed at her. She smiled and patted his little lips. "Hello Adranus." She breathed. "You father would love you."

She looked up sharply as she heard voices outside her room. She forced her legs to move as she wrapped her son in a thick blanket. She then yanked her boots and the rest of her clothes on. She was weak, but she was in enemy territory. She had a job to do and not long to do it. She looked at her son, his mop of black hair and bright blue eyes. The spitting image of her Nix, she gathered him up as well as the large bag she used to keep her weapons in. She needed to make a hasty exit. She leapt formt he window and almost stumbled, but thank the gods above she was regaining strength. She beelined it through the city she inhabited. Exodor had spread his influence wide and far, even on this side of the ocean the people who didnt belong to her had conformed to him. She only hoped Aquana would assist her. Hopefully the dormant water goddess wold watch over Adranus, Nana was preying on the good graces her mothers sister may have for her.


Twenty Years Later

Celestania, Castle Wind Aura, Year:12694

Nix groaned as he shifted his arm, he froze as he didnt feel silk around him. His hand automatically shifted for his dagger, it wasnt there. The scratchy sheets around him had his senses on high alert. He opened his eyes to a room made of thick cement. He shook his head as he sensed for enemies, sadly he couldnt feel anything around him. He frowned as he sat up, realizing he was completly naked. He searched for his clothes, finding a pair of leather pants and a black longsleeve shirt on the table next to him. As he touched them he realized they were indeed his. But where the hell was he?

Yanking on the clothes he found his boots lying next to the cot he'd been laying on. He laced them and was sad to notice even his boot was devoid of weapons. As a king he didnt need to be that armed, but he was also an ex rebel and an ex knight. He didnt know how to not be armed. He looked around and spotted a mirror, he moved to it to check if he was injured. He examined his face, he needed a shave, but other than that he was perfect. Despite twenty years having passed since he'd become king he still looked his young mid twentys self. He suspected that was the sapphires doing. He felt his heart clench painfully at the reminder. He shut his thoughts down, because they were painful and he'd let go a long time ago.

He walked back to the center of the small cell he was in. He summoned the fire inside him, watching his blue eyes in the mirror turn amber. Blue fire licked along his arms, he turned to the huge steel door and flung out a hand, fire licked along it until the steel melted. He moved out of the room into a hall, where he was immediatly surrounded by soldiers. He froze his blue flames burning against him, he quirked a smile. "Well good morning, might I knwo who captured me?" He chuckled. If they had thought he was a helpless king they were wrong. He was a warrior before anything else.

"I did." An airy voice spoke. Nix turned and gazed at a man with bright golden hair, he was garbed in white his eyes a strange shade of white blue. "Hello King Nix."

"Who are you?" Nix demanded.

"We'll I am the Air God Enlil. And you are my prisoner." Enlil spoke. Nix snorted and turned as fire encompassed his soldiers, they crumpled into ash moments after the fire began. Nix didnt appreciate being captutred, especially by a stranger.

"I dont think so." Nix growled.

"Oh, I do little Nix. See that fire doesnt belong to you, and I want the real thing here instead of you." Enlil growled. "Where is she?"

"Who?" Nix growled. Wind fiercer than anything he'd ever felt slammed Nix into the wal infront of him. He grunted and fought but only managed to get slammed back into the wall again.

"You know very well who fool." Enlil spoke as he drew closer to Nix. "Where is Inanna?"

"I dont know." Nix growled. His saphire heated painfully at the proximity of this man, and it told him when Nana was in pain, and when he was in danger. Right now he was in danger. Great.

"The hell you dont, find her, bring her to me, or I will slaughter every last human in your kingdom." Enlil threatened.

"You bluff." Nix growled.

"Have you not seen my messages these past weeks?" Enlil smirked evily. "I have killed your people myself to leave you a message, and now I hold the entire kingdom hostage."

"Bastard." Nix growled his fury mounted as he remembered investigatng thirteen murders in Utopian Flare. None of which he could solve of prevent.

"Bring her to me and we can avoid your people being killed." Enili started walking and Nix was helpless to do anything but float behind him.

"I dont know where she is, I havent seen her in twenty years."Nix stated truthfully. A year after his coronation he'd hunted the globe for her, with nothing to go on. She didnt want him to find her. She didnt want to be with him, and that hurt more than anything else did. His heart had died when she walked form his life, and the rest of him slowly followed until all that was left was a King in charge of people who adored him. He worked for them now, lived for them now. Enlil would pay.

"Then find her, and bring her to me, I occupy the floating castle and we currently rest over your tiny kingdom." Enlil laughed darkly. "Find her or I'll kill them all."

"Okay." Nix growled. "Okay."

"Good, see you when you get back, oh and by the way, you only have a month to find her." Enlil chuckled. The floor opened up underneath them and Enlil floated easily, Nix was suddenly falling, he swept right past Enlil and plummeted towards the castle below. He cursed and drew on all the fire he had, he needed to survive this fall to protect his people. Within moments he was crashing through the roof, through floors as he softened each blow. He landed right in the throne room where the council was arguing about what to do. He growled as his fire sank back inside. Nothing was broken, which was good he looked up at the humans staring at him in shock and disbelief.

"I'm back." He growled.


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