Peace Keeper

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 9,

Juliet watched as the men eased back into a grudging silence. She decided it was time to relax in the hot spring and hope her leg eased up some. She changed into a robe and left them to sort out their differences. She headed out and walked the patio of their closed off room, she heard the spring gurgle as her destination. Seeing it was wonderful. They had taken what was natural and built around it, the heated water was relief as she felt the chill on the wond. She stopped next to the spring and shed ehr robe. Her warning to the men was if they even dared to walk out into the spring without warning they would be limping. She eased into the water legs irst, the water was warm not overly hot but enough to elicit a moan of joy for Juliet. she slid in her bare flesh reveling in the heat, she was naked, and decided that was the righ decision. She slid into the water and dunked her head before relaxing.

She heard noise as Cain called out to her, she was glad for the mist as the two men joined her, clad in towels they climbed in as well. Her face flamed and she jerked her gaze away, gorgeous men were her downfall. They were hot, both of them, and she was crippled. She didnt deserve the right to look at men that gorgeous, they waded over as she leaned her chest against the rock wall, she perchedher head on the towel behind her, they perched similar to her. "How's your leg?" Cain asked.

"Fine, how are your backs?" She asked. She didnt know what happened but hearing them argue had snapped something inside her, she had used a power inside her that startled her. She'd commanded them to stop with an energy foreign to her. Sure she always tried to break up fights but that was because fighting was stupid. Was that because she was the Peace Keeper, Juliet found it hard to believe she was a goddess. It all seemed ridiculous being in egypt, her birth home, and seeking out paretns rumored to be gods.

"Fine." Zarek smirked on her left side, "We heal fast." He looked up at the moon, glowing bright in the sky, she looked as wellas Cain did.

"Is it okay to do this?" Juliet asked, they looked at her in shock, she sighed and moved into the water, forcing her leg to straighten out, it felt better just resistant. "Is it okay to do all of this? I'm just some cripple from L.A."

"You're not a cripple." Zarek growled coming to her side, she felt Cain join them, she hugged her shoulders covering her breasts. "If I could break my orders Juliet I would prove to you I dont see you that way."

"And what can I do here? Meet people I havent ever known?" She sighed. "I dont deserve happiness, I killed my adoptive father."

"A driver killd your father, destroyed your leg." Zarek growled, "You dont deserve to live in debt, you dont deserve to be held back by your leg." 

"I would show you that leg isnt a hinderance." Cain said his blue eyes dark with anger. "When you were a child, we couldnt keep up with you, you disapeared when we fought, making us seek for you. Nothing has changed, only now you've grown, you know just how to make us stop. When I was in the airport I expected to see that baby I held so long ago."

"Instead?" Juliet looked at Cain, his blue eyes spearing into her and she felt Zarek next to her, a reassurance in her turbulant emotions.

"I saw a woman who put that baby to shame, she grew into something more beauiful than my mistress, but an injury has plagued her with thoughts that need to be banished from her mind." Cain raked a hand through his white hair, "Order me to kiss you."

"What?" Juliet asked.

"Order me to kiss you Juliet." Cain looekd at her, Zarek stepped behind her then to the side, his gold eyes flicking to Cain.

"Kiss me." Juliet said as Cain leaned in, their lips brushed, and the same heat that filled her for Zarek filled her for Cain. She leaned in, ignoring how her breasts pressed to a hard muscled stomach. Their tongues tangled and Zarek stepped back into the picture, she pulled back from Cain, the taste of light on her tongue. She looked at Zarek, "You too, Kiss me."

Needing no argument he kissed her as well, they were so different in texture and heat she was lost under the weight of their masculinity. Zarek's tongue took possession of hers just as heatedly as Cain's had. Where Cain was light, Zarek was darkness. She felt at peace, for the first time since she had woken up in the hospital. She cursed and pulled back, Zarek looked at her with a deep smirk. "You too now Cain?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to beg too." Cain growled and waded to the edge to wipe his head off, he was muscular just like Zarek. Juliet felt her mouth water, and she wondered if they would want her without seeing her leg? Was she allowed to have them? Two at once was an astonishing thought... one she'd never had before. Perhaps her short comings didnt matter with them. Juliet was out of her mind.

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