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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Juliet was safe, she felt that to the marrow of her bones as they exited the city to find a small oasis hotel, the car they drove was okay to get this far, but after that it was all desert and camels. She looked at the small motel and felt content, they were keeping her in her element, in her air the usual. She was poor, she knew that, and she had a feeling going to Duat would shock her meager sense of the norm. Hell she was already out of the usual feelings. Looking at the small hotel she felt at ease, they were with her. And she kept seeing small flashes of their faces, holding her, looking at eachother. "Zarek?" Juliet asked as he came to pick her up, her leg refused to unlock its muscles and she was achin from it. She needed a hot bath, Cain had gone inside to check in was Zarek lifted her up. "Whats your relationship with Cain?" She asked, there was a undercurrent of hostility between them.

"He's a cat, I'm a jackal, we fight litterally like cats and dogs." he picked ehr up and she slung an arm around his shoulders, he looked annoyed, but he wasnt looking away from her.

"When you saw him you looked happy, then angry." Juliet remarked, he frowned and walked her inside, Cain looked back his blue eyes darkened as he dangled the room key.

"I got the one with the hotspring." Cain said, "So she can relax and rest before we head to the Duat Portal."

"How far is it?" Juliet asked as she stood on her feet and clutched her leg, Cain walekd over and looped an arm around her waist to lead them to the room.

"We have to go to the Anubis portal, so we have to travel a long distance to the entrance, I'd say we could go through the Isis portal but I dont trust any of the gods in her household." Cain said.

"Why?" She watched him and Zarek exchange a look before they continued on, perhaps they werent allowed to talk about the gods."So am I in danger?"

"There is significant danger for you, an unclaimed goddess. Had any of the other gods found you they would have tried to corrupt you or kill you." Cain sighed, "Anubis will protect you, you will be under his house, his name."

"It's still our job to ensure her personal safety Cain." Zarek sighed and opened the door to the room, it was spacious, with a large wall of sliding glass, the huge single bed was a monster compared to her bed she'd left behind. "I hope you dont think Duat is filled with all ancient things, there are some palaces with modern things. Kebechet keeps Anubis updated on the times, as do I."

"Isis' palace isnt filled with that, Osiris likes the old ways." Cain grumbled. "The only reprive I get is when I go to Horus' palace and he's a real peice of work."

Juliet smiled and hobbled to the bed where she sat down, she rubbed her leg and frowned at how stiff it was. Zarek ran a hand through his hair and turned, she looked at him as he yanked Cain out the door. She shrugged and procedded to change into a different set of clothes. Not really wanting to show off her horrible scars she changed into a tanktop and a pair of sweats. She forced ehrself to do some excersises to ease the ache.


Zarek paced as he felt his mind whirl a thousand thoughts through his mind, Cain leaned agaisnt the wall next to the door, he was waiting. Why did he have to be so silent, so contemplative. It made Zarek remember times when they had almost been close, almost close enough to be more. The Princess was back, was it because of her that they were reverting to a peaceful coexistance. "I'm going to beg Anubis to make me an offering." Zarek spoke to cain who'se feline blue eyes widened.

"What?" Cain asked.

"I cant trust anyone in her gaurd detail, whoever Anubis choses will bow to Osiris and the other gods. She needs gaurds loyal to her Cain, thats you and me." He raked another hand through his hair before Cain ripped his hand away.

"Stop that you'll lose hair." Cain hissed and glared at Zarek, "Anubis will kill you if you let on youre attracted to her."

"He knows." Zarek said as Cain was suddenly filled with fury, Zark could sense the feline rising inside his partner. He stepped back as Cain lunged, they went down in a tangle of limbs. Cain's fist connected with his jaw.

"Fool, she needs you!"Cain roared as his teeth lengthened, Zarek felt his beast rise for the insult, a feline hissing at him?! He started fighting back, fists flying, blood falling. Suddenly they were seperated by wind, both pinned to the wall, Juliet stood there her eyes golden with anger.

"Seriously, fighting?" She asked. "Jeeze just like cats and dogs."

Her firey eyues lit desire in Zarek's body, he looked to Cain who was liekwise rapt by her. What was it about her that made them angry and relaxed, concerned and comforted? She was really a Peace Keeper, but she had a long way to go if she could find peace between him and Cain.


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