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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Juliet cried her eyes out as she sat on her bed, she was keenly aware of Zarek at her back, he was waiting for her to make the first move. She could sense that about him, what in the hell was happening to her? She looked at her hands, he was right, she wasnt a human at all. No human could stop time, no human sensed the truth in peoples words. She was whatever he said she was, he knew more than she did. What was her father thinking when he picked her up?

"What happened to Gordan, Juliet?" Zarek asked, "Usually dying people take care of their relatives first."

"I wrecked the car," She spoke as she closed ehr eyes gulping with guilt. "We were drivign home from the university, he taught there, I attended. The truck came out of nowhere, I swerved to avoid it and drove off a cliff."

She stood and kicked her shoes off before removing her pants, she looke up to see Zarek looking away, as if to giver her privacy, she liked that. She looked at him and sat on the bed, pulling a small throw blanket over her lap she stretched out her mangled left leg. "The engine came through the dash and crushed my father, the door burried itself into my leg, they needed jaws of life to pry the door off, by then I was bleeding out. When I woke up in the hospital they had to reconstruct the bone in my thigh, graft skin to cover the wound, so many stitches. My father died in the car, I didnt find out until I woke up a week later."

Zrek crossed the room and looked at the scar on her leg, it was huge it covered almost the entire length of her thigh, from hip to knee, but it stretched to the inside but stopped just on the top of her thigh, gangrean had taken most of the skin, the muscle damage was extensive, it ached with her joints. Zarek's hand smoothed over the rough skin, it jumped slightly but didnt do much else. The scars were rough and slices still looked severe even though they had closed months ago. She watched his eyes as they took her in. She wanted to see pity, she wanted to see the horror at seeing her a cripple. She wasnt so much of a princess now.

"I am sorry you were in that wreck." He said, "I am sorry this happened to you, if I had been quicker years ago, you wouldnt have even been in that situation."

She blinked at him and he looked up, she frowned."You dont see me as a cripple?" She asked, he smiled and touched her leg again, this time kneading the muscles so they relaxed, they rippled with ease and she blushed as she realized his hand was dangerously close to her center.

"I think you are beautiful." He said, she didnt know why but she leaned forward and kissed him, desperate to feel alive and whole he didnt pull away. Instead he cupped ehr neck and kissed her right back, their lips moving in unison, her tongue was swept by his as it filled her mouth. She groaned and he jerked back, his eyes wide those gold eyes glowing. He came off the bed as if pulled by strings, then he ended up pinned to the wall, a misty figure of a man appeared, he was huge, hulking in form, about the same bulk as Zarek, only he was ghostly looking. He had the head of a jackal and he was wearing leather pants, an open black shirt and lost of gold jewelry. He whispered to Zarek in a dark tone in that language she didnt know. Zarek spoke back and nodded, he looked down and was released, he bowed and she watched as the man who had to be Anubis looked at her, his shocked eyes were gold as well, they looked like coins, and he held out a hand, touchign her face, she felt cold. He whispered to her and then tilted his head, he smiled a wolfish grin then nodded. He vanished.

"What on earth just happened?" She asked as Zarek got to his feet, he tugged his necklace off, she saw a gold ankh and he tossed it to her.

"This will help you understand him, that was Anubis, he wanted my filthy animal paws off his daughter." He smirked. "I'm just glad were miles away form him at the moment."

"You really were telling the truth." She said looking at him, he smiled weakly.

"He wants to see you." Zarek said, she looked around her room and sighed.

"Lets go." She said and looked up at Zarek. He smiled and reached over, then he thought better and stepped away.

"When do you want to leave?" He asked, "I have to arrange for your welcome."

"In the morining." She said, before the repo men came to collect. He nodded and pulled his phone from his pocket and began to arrange for the flight.


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