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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Juliet was sitting alone when she realized something, the lights were out as usual, to preserve the electricity bill. She saw fine in the dark so it was no issue to go without light, even in the dark, she even prefered the light of candles to lamps. But when she looked to the computer to see the time she realized it was completely off. The electricity had been shut off. She hobbled to the light switch to test, it didnt come on, she even riffled for the bill seeing it past due. She cursed and walked to the door, embarasment filled her as she realized she didnt even have food in the fridge to serve her odd guest. She supposed he was a psycho, but he swore he knew her real father. Even if it was burried in a mountain of bullshit she wanted to know about him. She exited to the living room where he was sitting scrolling through a cell phone. "Hey, I'm going for food, want to come?" She asked. He stood and followed her to the door, he held it for her and she walked out, she clutched the railing as she got donw, then she moved to the sidewalk.

"You dont drive?" He asked.

"No." She shivered at even the thought, he stepped next to her and frowned.

"Why do you limp princess?" He asked.

"Man you ask alot of questions." She scowled at him, then shook her head. "I was in a car wreck, it injured my leg."

She ignored anythign else he had to say and hobbled down the street to the pizza shop on the corner, she entered and ordered a large pizza. When it came Zarek bumped her aside and payed for it, she stared at him in astonishment. "A man never allows a lady to pay." He smirked and lifted the huge pizza indicating for her to lead.

They sat and she looked at him, he sat back and waited, what was up with this man? She reached for a piece of pizza and devoured the slice. He watched ehr eat and then took a slice for himself. She watched him and sighed, "So you know my father?" She asked.

"And your sister." He spoke, "She used to entertain you with toys and music when you were a baby."

"What about my mom? Are they married?" She asked.

"No, your fathers wife... she gave herself over to her power, she died a goddess' death." He said and Juliet frowned, so she died was what he was saying. She looked down, "Your mother however is alive and well."

"Are they together?"

"No, your mother... its complicated." Zarek scratched his neck, "But they loved you unconditionally, they were heartbroken over your loss, and when no oone could find evidence of you in egypt... they lost all hope."

"What exactly happened?" She asked.

"Now who askes alot of questions?" He teased then leaned back again. "The gaurdians who were susposed to bring you to me were killed, and you were picked up, presumably by your father."

"How did you find that out?"

"When the search for you in the cities failed I started looking for the travelers of that year, anyone in the city who had come to that area. I spent the last few years tracking each one down, hunting for any informatin on you." He smiled, "Your father will be so pleased."

"Whats his name?" She asked eating another slice.

"I told you already, Anubis." He smirked as she huffed in annoyance. "I know you dont believe me but I speak the truth, why else could I change into a jackal?"

Juliet chose to ignore him and ate in silence, she noticed however that he only ate after her, and kept mostly to himself. When they finished her claiming the last slice they walked out, not wanting to return to the powered out house she walked along the street to the beach. She looked out at the sea and he stood a step behind her. "I was born in egypt?" She asked.

"Just outside it actually, your mother wanted to keep your birth a secret." Zarek spoke.

"I was illigitamate?" Juliet whipped around in shock, he looked away.

"Your mother was unable to claim you, her husband would have had you killed. But your father claimed you, said you were the last gift his wife had left him." Zarek said, "They farried you between each other, saying he wanted you to have a mothers touch, he couldnt nor could Kebechet provide you."

"I was a secret?" She asked.

"You were, but when we return Anubis plans to have you integrated into the fold, you are to become what you were-" He stopped as a fight broke out below them right on the sand, two huge men were fighting over a beach bunny who was pleased by the show of brutality in front of her. Juliet frowned and hobbled down the stepps, she stepped between the huge men as Zarek shouted for her.

"Cool it guys, its not that serious what ever your fighting over." She said.

"Move it lady." One guy that had a beard growing growled at her, she gave him a stern look.

"Fighting wont solve anything." She said again, why did she do this? She knew it always ended badly, but Juliet couldnt help it. The other man grabbed her and she looked at him as Zarek was suddenly there, he decked the man in the face, his muscles bulging as he hauled her up.

"Dont touch her." Zarek hissed. The two men rounded on him, the girl smiling as she saw the fight growing. Juliet watched as the two men lunged for Zarek, he caught them in a solid hold that they couldnt break from, he held them there, his eyes glowing bright gold. Juliet heard sirens, she reached out for Zarek and time stopped around her, she blinked as she saw everything happening, she touched Zarek out of fear and he came alive, he let go of the men who were held in the air by nothing. he turned and looekd at her.

"Whats happening?" She asked he covered her with his arms as she felt her mind rush, she saw the girl provoke the fight, just to se who would win, they were both attracted to her, she wished she still got that attention. She was just a cripple now. She screamed as a feirce headache ripped into existance, Zarek touche her face and she focused on him.

"Look at me, breathe, envision what would be a peaceful reconciliation." He spoke right into her ear. She stepped back, and touched the men, seeing them let the anger and fight slip away, even becoming friends. Time reverted as she returned to Zarek, the two men apologized and decided to go get a drink together. Teh beach girl huffed and stomped off, her fun denied. Juliet however was starign at her hands, she was so intent that Zarek drew her back."You just kept the peace princess, do you believe me now?"

In a weird twisted way, she did.


Zarek entered the dark house with Juliet, as he reached for the light she stopped him with a gentle hand, "Dont bother, they shut the power off."

"You have no electricity?" He asked.

"I have nothing." She looked at him and he saw th embarassed blush on her face. He smiled and waved to the door.

"Then come with me, theres no way anyone can find you at the pyramids." He said, "Anubis will have the bills settled and everything here transferred to a place more sutied to you." He offered, she looked at him in shock.

"I cant just leave." She said.

"What is here that you cant leave?" he asked, she blinked in shock and he knew he had hit the mark. She looked down and tears welled in her eyes. She walekd away to her room, he followed and waited by the door as she sat on her bed. She cried and he stood where he was, it wasnt hs place to bother her, when she wanted him he would go to her. That was his devotion to her, he wouldnt leave her here in this debt that consumed her better than scarabs consumed flesh.


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