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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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It was the day of the summit and Ra was thoroughly irritated. Hu and Sia continued to pester him into listening to news he cared little for. Both of his blood creations followed him, garbed in assassin armor and white cloth. "The lost daughter of Anubis has been found." Hu said suddenly and Ra froze. He looked back and they stopped looks of relief of their faces. "Jackal gaurdian Zarek found her in America. Mau gardian Cain and the assassin Typhon have banded together to protect lady Aishe of Peace."

"Peace you say?" Ra asked. "She has returned home."

"The rumor of the lower places say she was attacked as a shild when she was ferried between Isis's portal to Anubis's. Rumors say she is actually Isis's daughter." Sia said.

"I've heard it was Osiris and Horus who ordered her party attacked to eliminate any child of Isis's to live." Hu said and Ra lifted his brows.

"I've heard no such treachery." Ra stated. "But if they did indeed I would like to hear of it."

"Should I schedual a meeting with Anubis and Aishe?" Sia asked.

"No, inform Bastet I want them watched. I dont trust anyone around a new Goddess. They will try to take advantage of her. Bastet is the best at assisting growth." Ra said. "She's a protector."

"I'll give her your message." Hu said and walked off. Ra nodded and looked to his other follower.

"Well come on, we have a summit meeting to attend. I expect you to manage things fromt he shadows, my attention is going to be on the others and keeping Osiris in his place."


Juliet looked at her father as he paced in the waiting chamber they were in. She stood and settled her hand on his. "It'll be alright." She said smiling.

"I know, you are perfect." He sid cupping her cheek. "I just wish Kebechet was able to attend."

"I thought she was with Bastet." Juliet said her heart seizing at the missed oppourtunity to meet her sister.

"She was called off by her followers. A matter concerning her gaurd. She's much like you tied to her gaurds." Anubis sighed and scratched his neck. "She said she would meet you when you go to Bastet on your peace excursion."

"It's okay, Typhon told me how to act in these meetings and both Zarek and Cain taught me the proper ways to handle this kind of meeting." Juliet said smiling.

"I just worry Juliet." Anubis looked at her and then down. "It is Osiris and Isis I worry for. She's a mother above all else, desperate for you. And Osiris wants power. If Ra wasnt our leader Osiris would gleefully take the mantle."

"Father I think you are far more powerful as a God of Death." Juliet said and smoothed his face. "Now, let's go be gods, as everyone keeps telling me, thats what I am."

She turned and her plain clothes changed into that of a goddess. Flowing black fell from a gold collar around her neck. It covered her breasts and hooked down to her hips. Her back was bare, the belts of gold wrapped around her hips and bared her whole leg to view. She patted her hurt leg and looked up at her father. "Let's go." She slid her fingers into his palm and his head morphed into the one of the jackal.

They walked together the two gaurds of her father mixed with her three. She was safe, and right before they entered she looked back to her gaurds. Typhon nodded and Zarek smiled at her. Cain winked and she felt so much more at ease. That was until they entered the massive room. It had various dais's covered with silk and pillows. Anubis led the way over to one covered in black silk, one attatched was covered in cream silk. Another was set up with silver. He handed her to the silver one and Zarek took the moment to help her sit down on a massive pillow. He then changed shape and draped himself on her side with the wounded leg. Cain followed suit and sat in her lap. Typhon settled in the shadows at her back. Her father lounged his two gaurds becoming jackals at his feet.

Juliet looked arond, seeing Isis above, her dais covered in blue silk. Her husbands black as well as her fathers, Horus's was a pale yellow. They were all dressed in white silk and gold adornments. Only Osiris's skin had a green hue to it and Horus wore the head of a bird. A falcon it would seem. She noticed more people, one goddess laid with a lion behind her. Another wreathed in cats. Bastet it would seem. There were many gods lounging and they were murmering to eachother. Juliet's eyes lifted as light blinded her. Right before her a man stood. He had pale golden hair and bright white blue eyes. He was muscular all over. He wore a long black robe with no sleeves. Ivory and silver bands covered his biceps and wrists. A small golden sun dangled from his ear and black leather coated his legs. Though his feet were bare. He rolled his shoulders and looked around the room. When his eyes landed on her she felt her heart race painfully.

They were frozen and her hands tightened on Cain and Zarek. The god before her looked down to her gaurds and stared in wonder at them. Then his eyes shifted to the shadows and he smiled. "Welcome Aishe Goddess of Peace." He spoke evenly. "I am so glad you were brought back well."

She nodded and smiled, he then turned away and settled in the center of the room, ivory and gold pillows appearing around him from nothing."Welcome to the annual summit. Let's hear the news and set gossip to rest. The first thing on our agend is Princess Aishe returning to Duat. The first Goddess of Peace to grace our lands."

Juliet waved a hand. And smiled her best serious smile. "What are your plans Peace Keeper?" Osiris deamnded from his Dais built into the wall above. Juliet felt her eyes narrow on him and she smiled brightly.

"I plan to visit the gods who wish my prescense and bring peace to them." Juliet said. "As is my duty."

"Peace Keeper, I request you visit my lands first." Bastet said from her place surrounded by cats. "I have longed to meet the child of Anubis and sister of Kebechet. Anput would have been pleased to meet you, her last gift to us."

Juliet saw Isis twitch above and chose to smile to Bastet. Anubis grumbled and nodded his ascent. "Well then Ra, what other business do we have to attend?" Osiris demanded. The god in the center waved a hand and light filled the room.

"Careful Osiris, you do not run the pantheon, nor do you get the right to deminish a new arrivals greeting." Ra said and smiled at Juliet anew. "Welcome on behalf of all the gods here, bring prosperity to us all."


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