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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Zarek was leaning on the balcony when Typhon joined him, back to being covered. He leaned looking out at the mystical air of Duat and the rising sun. "So what now Zarek?" Typhon asked. "I remember her being attacked, the wind told us in Set's kingdom."

"Now we protect her at all costs. After the Summit she may have to go to each kingdom and bring peace to all who request it." Zarek rubbed his temples. "Fuck I would rather take her out to an oasis, create a place there and protect it from anyone floolish enough to approach."

"It would be safer." Typhon admitted. "I suggest we start with Bast, she isnt a fool and isnt tied into Osiris and Isis's bullshit."

"That is a good idea, maybe after another peaceful unattatched god, the less we have to deal with Osiris the better." Zarek rubbed his face and looked back in.

"So did you and Cain reconcile?" Typhon asked. Zarek looked at him in shock."We all knew, especially those of us who are assassins."

"I guess, we fight, differing personalities and species." Zarek waved a hand. Then he turned around as Juliet walked out to join them. "Princess, are you well?"

"I'm fine, just thinking." She settled into a chair and Typhon crossed to her. Zarek watched as his heart warmed. She settled her palm on her knee and Typhon began to knead the flesh of her scarred leg. "I'm going to make sure your fatherisnt drowning in paperwork, Cain is inside, Typhon watch is yours."

He left after Juliet kissed his cheek. He patted Typhon's shoulder and walked back into Juliet's suite. Cain was passed out on the couch and Zarek smiled. He trailed a few fingers over his hair and walked off.


Juliet looked at Typhon, he tugged his black bandages down and she reached out a hand to brush over his scar. He looked up eyes bright. "I'm glad you joined us." She smiled. "I think you can understand me the best."

"I think you dont give Zarek and Cain enough credit princess." Typhon said.

She smiled and leaned back looking up. "They have watched over me since I was a baby." She said and then looked down her gold eyes sinking into him. "They have given me something I never thought I would have. Family, security, and unbiased love."

Typhon settled on one knee as he kneaded the flesh just inside her thigh. She covered his hand with her tiny one. "I think you need the same kind of warmth in your life." She leaned forward and captured his lips with hers. His silent gasp was followed by one of his hands coming up to her neck. She swept her tongue purposfully over his lip where the scar split it. Then her tugged her closer his tongue darting to battle hers. Then the kiss burned hot with need and desperation. Typhon pulled back and she looked into bright stormy eyes. "I like you Typhon, you understand me. I love Cain and Zarek, if you can bear to share I will welcome you to this intimate side of me."

He looked lost and overwhelmed and looked at her neck he still held, her eyes that no doubt glowed with power. "I want you Princess." He breathed.

"Good. I want you too." Juliet smiled. She kissed him again and stood up. "I'm going to sleep, be careful."

"Sleep well Princess." Typhon said and kissed her knuckles before he started o wrap his head once more. He was young, barely into his twenties by his looks. Juliet didnt doubt his age was vastly more than hers but she wanted to see him out of his shell, they were bringing her out of hers. If anyone could be by her side she wanted it to be Typhon as well as Zarek and Cain. That was what she wanted. She was safe around them. She gave a lingering look to Typhon and entered her room.

The Jackal was waiting for her. "Anput." She smiled and hobbled to the bed.

"You brought yourself a Set follower." Anput spoke. "That is good, they protect Ra himself."

"Yes, now I just have to survive the Summit." Juliet sat down and looked up. "I wish life could be simple like in America, but even there I felt different."

"I think it's time you built the trust with your lovers. Peace between all three of them." Anput said. "Have a cohesive unit before you enter into other lands. As much as Anubis and I would come to help we cannot leave the death lands."

"I will have to rely on them and myself to survive." Juliet nodded. "Form alliances."

"Yes," Anput said. She leaned up and nuzzled Juliet's face. "Kebechet is in Bastet's kingdom. She will be a powerful ally. Her allies will joinyour bid for peace. Build from there and be the goddess you are inside."

"And my mother?" Juliet asked as her heart clenched. "I should meet her, try to understand her."

"Yes, but she is embroiled in her husbands hold, her sons corruption. She fouhgt tooth and nail to protect that boy and still his father corrupted him. If you could bring peace to Horus you could bring peace to Isis and rise up against Osiris's tyranny." Anput said. "But before then, you should meet Ra himself."

"Ra, the king of us all?" Juliet asked.

"Yes, he is weakened since Horus stole Hathor from him. She was his daughter and would have been his consort if she'd been able to sway him. So Horus took her and she has been with him ever since." Anput said. "You would have a great ally in Ra, he respects our power and your father."

Juliet pondered that and wondered. She nodded and stood up rubbing her leg absently. "You think he wouldnt see me as a cripple?"

"Ra is a good god, he would look at your leg and see it whole. Youre limp doesnt define you." Anput said and stood up the ghostly sound of her claws made Juliet look down. "It makes you even more beautiful."


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