Peace Keeper

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 19,

Juliet had to say as she accompanied her father into the temple of Set, that this place was a lot more modern, it was still made of marble and stone, it even had modern technology running through it, but she felt the air. It was dark, it breathed along her like a kindered spirit. They stepped possibly ten feet in before a man appeared, he wore leather pants and a gold silk shirt opened over a golden tanned torso, ripped just as intensly as her fathers. "Ah, Anubis." He spoke,"How are you?"

He had long black hair that was swept form his face leaving his savage looks for the taking, her father greeted him by returning to his mostly human form, his gold eyes shone just as bright as this man. "Set, I am mostly well, and you?" Anubis spoke.

"As well as I can." He smirked then laid eyes on Juliet with darkness. "Daughter of Isis."

"Daughter of Anubis." She snapped. He smirked wider and held out a hand, she took it and he smiled wider.

"She has spunk my friend." Anubis rolled his golden eyes and Set leaned over examining the gaurds, he seemed to inhale and assess them. "Fair enough, lets go and sit, this business intrigues me."

They walked and Juliet waved Zarek and Cain back a few paces with Anubis' gaurds. She followed her father into an opulent room where Set flopped into a chair and they sat in opposite ones. She looked Set over and he appeared dark but not as evil as everyone had said. "So, why have you come here instead of going to my dear sister for assistance?"

"Isis is part of the problem." Juliet spoke, Set looked at her amused.

"I can imagine why, her idiot husband is quite an issue. I am quite surprised you were ballsy enough to sleep with her." Set smiled his dark gaze amused and he rubbed his palms. "I had thought I'd done a favor ensuring she didnt bear incestuous children but I suppose I failed."

"Youre one to talk fool." Anubis ribbed.

"My sisters have problems I understand this, " Set grumbled and looked aside. "So everyone knows now, why are you here?"

"Osiris sent his undead to attack Juliet." Anubis indicated. "I fear for her safety since we cant predict their movements."

"As I can see, your feline is expecially injured." Set waved to Cain, "Good job snatching him away too."

"Lets not beat aound the bush anymore." Juliet said, "I need one of your people."

"Ah, you want to claim one of my breed as your servent too?" He scowled. "Why should I do that?"

"Because we are kindred spirits." She said, he rose a brow."I may be the goddess of peace, but even Chaos breeds peace, in your most dangerous Desert Storms, there is always the one place of peace inside it."

"Indeed, we go hand in hand." He smiled.

"If I swear an alliance with you shall we do this, I offer you peace in all its forms and you give me a servent to help detect when Osiris and Horus attack."

"It would certainly piss them off wouldnt it?" He appeared to think it over. "I want a demonstration."

"What?" Anubis asked his dangerous gaze sharpening.

"I'll have you look at my shifters, if you can find peace to be gained with any of them, its yours to take, after that you work peace for my Chaos." He spoke. She nodded it was a fair trade.

"Come!" Set shouted, three soldiers appeared. All garbed in black, one with bandages around his face, another had a head dress, the last was bare to the gaze. His black hair was long and braided behind him. She stood and Zarek helped her walk over, "Wait, you are crippled?" Set asked. She watched the soldiers look at her, disdain on two faces, the sharpening of the eyes on the bandaged man. She frowned and allowed her power to flow into her, she lifted up her power fueling her, she stepped forward and touched the bare faced man, he arched his eyes glazing in gold. She could sense his anger at the loss of his family due to Osiris' cruelty. She could offer him no peace, but she did mend the broken feel of his soul, he could love again, btuit would take time for him to forget his hatred.

"I'm sorry, I cannot give you peace, I have eased the pain but only you can move on." She breathed and patted his cheek, he nodded, then stepped back. She touched the other one, he was born to be Set's soldier, his power was dangerous, a double edged sword, he lashed out in his time and slaughtered an entire villiage because he was marked by Set. The lower kingdom demanding his death, he'd annihalated everything, and he was afraid to get close to anyone. He always destroyed what he touched. There was a woman, one he'd hurt, but she lived, she'd survived the attack and still yearned for him.

"I cant offer you peace to quiet the voices, but someone can, Dalila can, she yearns for you as you do her." She spoke to him and his stormy eyes seemed to widen in surprise. She smiled and stepped to the last man, his aura berrated her with anger and regret. She touched his shoulder and she cried out, he was once Osiris' soldier, he'd been bron to it. But when he died Set took him in, saving him from the razing of Osiris' people. He'd showed promise, and this man came willingly. Osiris had used him, slaughtered his family personally. She inhaled as she saw Set give him purpose, give him new life, but he was unfullfilled. This was not his place. He did not belong in Chaos. She felt his eyes onher and she felt him sense in her the same difference. He was crippled like she was, he had a horrible scar along his face. She reached up and pulled the bandages down. The scar ran down his jaw, right up to his lips, she touched it and saw that no one wanted him due to the scar.

"I am the same as you." She swept her gown aside and showed him the extent of her leg wound, "No one will come near me either."

"Lady, I dont need pity." He growled.

"I offer you none." She spoke and traced the scar, she leaned up kissing it, he shook in her grasp. "I offer you the chance to help me live, where Osiris would see me dead. I have just learned of this life, I have just found the place I want to be. Join me in it, and held me overcome this short comming." She patted her leg and he looked at her torn, his white eyes dark with want, she smiled. "What is your name?"

"Typhon." He breathed.

"I am Juliet." She smiled. "Set, you and I have a deal."

She touched Typhon and he cupper her hand to his face, she smiled and looked back at Zarek. "He's our new ally." Zarek and Cain nodded and Set stood up, he walked over and touched Typhon's shoulder. He cried out as Set removed his brand from his flesh. 

"You are free of me, so I expect you to take care of my niece and see to it Osiris doesnt get to claim another person to his ego." Set commanded. "As for you dear Juliet, show me peace."

She touched Set's outstretched hand and inhaled, she melded into his mind and felt his stormy personality, then she laughed as she saw everything about him. "You dont need peace, you've had it all along."

"Indeed, you are welcome here anytime niece." He laughed with her and touched her face. "This is the child I would have liked to have seen my sister have. Horus is an idiot and a fool, but you, you understand the universe. I am proud to see you join my bloodline."

She walked to Zarek as he helped her to Anubis, her father took over and they bid their leave, she smiled and looked back at her companions. She now had help in all forms.

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