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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Zarek waited for Juliet to chose her seat in her chambers before he forced Cain to sit as well. he moved to find the medical kit and once he did he motioned for them to show their wound. Juliet's feet were scraped, and Cain had various wounds on his body. All of which made Zarek tense more and more. "I should have followed." He hissed finally.

"I'm sorry, this wouldnt have happened if I hadnt run." Juliet winced as Zarek swapped her feet with anticeptic. He paused to instruct her on how to heal and with a violent wince on her face the cuts healed instantly. Zarek turned to Cain who looked indignant about being helped, a growl cut out of Zarek's mouth and Cain hissed.

"Relax." Cain snarled. "I handled it just fine, or did you want to do it all by yourself again?"

"Thats not what I-" Zarek started his temper rising as Cain cocked and eyebrow.

"What did you mean?" Cain demanded. "Are you saying I didnt protect the princess as well as you could. If I seem to remember you stayed behind. As afraid as I am of Isis I still stood up to her, I still went after Juliet, I am not ashamed to admit I am afraid. I handled my first battle in her defense exceedingly well."

"Hey, guys-" Juliet started.

"I'm not saying you didnt, Cain, I'm saying I should have been there to help." Zarek said.

"So I cant handle a few reanimated corpses without the all mighty Zarek to protect me." Cain stood up angry and Zarek followed, damn this prickly idiot for his sensitive attitude. And damn himself for not being able to word how he felt for Cain and his safety, for Juliet's safety. Juliet stood between them and shoved them apart, her hands jolted them into a calm that made them relax instantly.

"What Zarek is trying to say is that he should have followed to make sure you didnt get so injured, because he cares or your well being." Juliet said, her eyes glowing blue in the light. She huffed and pulled Zarek down to her level, "Thank you for the concern, but I was safe, the next time you can run after my dumb ass."

"Juliet-" Cain said she turned to him and kissed him fiercely. Zarek watched with heat in his blood, he wondered what had happened to her.

"Thank you Cain." She smiled and flopped back into her seat. "Now, Zarek, patch him up while we discuss this."

Zarek sat and Cain sat across from him on the table. Zarek moved to clean Cain's wounds, the feline hissed every so often until a tender spot made him jerk. "Dont be such a kitten." Zarek chuckled.

"Shut up." Cain growled.

"So Isis is my mother, she cheated on Osiris and had me." She said and reclined before she frowned."How do I change clothes?" She asked.

"Imagine what they look like on you and the outfit will change." Cain explained as Zarek got the bandages out, he started bandaging the cuts and scrapes. All mostly superficial, about two days and he'd be good as new.

"Your mother went out in the desert on a journey she'd claimed. Cain went with her as protection, but it was a ruse, she went to hide her pregnancy, and when she was close to birth, Osiris felt her weakening, and sent Anubis to find her. So he took me with him and we sought out Isis, when we found her she was giving birth. The moment Anubis saw the baby he knew you were his. He was angry and Isis fought him over you for days. Until finally they struck a deal." Zarek said. "I've said this before but they knew you would only be safe if Anubis claimed you to be his power child. So he took you in and claimed you would need a mothers help in growing. So Isis volunteered."

"Then you were farried between the two kingdoms, mostly through the portals to keep the other gods at bay." Cain said. "The night you dissapeared the caravan that was taking you from me to Zarek was attacked."

"By who?" Juliet asked and Zarek inhaled, he remembered that night clearly, remembered the scents and heat off the sand mingling with the chill of the air.

"By Horus and Osiris." Zarek said. " We cannot rove it but seeing the undead attack tonight means they know who you are."

"That would be my fault." Cain sighed and Zarek looked at him in shock, he lifted a hand and ran it through his hair. "See when Zarek left to hunt for you I was left to take the fall in front of the gods."

"Cain-" Zarek started.

"I've told Juliet the calm version of this but here it it," Cain breathed and Zarek watched the way his throat moved, the way his eyes darkened in rage."When you left Isis blamed me for negligence, and Osiris leapt on it, to cover his ass. Unlike Osiris Anubis still has most of his power, like Ra, Isis, and Horus. To keep Anubis from deciding it was time to take back the role as death deity he ordered my execution."

"Cain!" Zarek was shocked, that news hadnt been shared with him. All this time, he'd been gone, he'd neglected his partner and left him for dead.

"Bast spoke up for me, saying that it wasnt me who had kidnapped the child so I shouldn't be killed to save face. Anubis agreed, but Isis was livid. Her only daughter had been stolen, so she ordered me tortured instead. So I was taken to the lower realms and tortured along side the sinners. By her because she had no one to lash out at, and by Osiris because he couldnt kill me. In the dungeons, they thought themselves safe, and Isis spoke freely of you and her affair with Anubis. I suspect Osiris didnt know about you only that your power could dwarf his if trained properly. So when he learned of the affair through the prisoners he's decided to kill you to hurt Anubis. Since he wont attack outright."

"Shit." Juliet rubbed her jean covered leg and Zarek touched her hand.

"Your power doesnt rely on worshipers. Your power is sentient, much like Kebechet's is, as well as Isis. As long as people in the world desire or achieve peace you are fueled by that. That includes when you help us stop fighting." Zarek said and sat back. "We will protect you, and we will teach you how to keep Horus and Osiris at bay."

"I almost think she should elist a subject from Set." Cain said and frowned at his own thought.

"Osiris and Horus wouldnt be able to attack her then, a Set follower would be able to prove we're correct, or even keep them from acting for fear." Zarek said. Juliet paused.

"Wait Set is the evil god right?" She asked.

"He is the god of Storms, and Chaos." Cain explained."He actually has a lot of animal shifters, Anubis will be demanding that offerings be given to please Juliet, in hopes of her assistance. You must remember that if we do seek Set's assistance he might not accept without a deal in place."

"Because Peace is the opposite of Chaos." Juliet sighed. "Maybe not."

"What?" Zarek looked at her confused.

"I'm going to ask Set for help, maybe not to kill Osiris and Horus but to have him help me fight them. Peac is sometimes found in the center of Chaos, sometimes it must be achieved through violence." Juliet smirked and Zarek was struck by how cunning she really was. Cain laughed and Zarek joined him.

"Princess, sometimes you amuse me, you're vicious." Cain smiled. "Alright, lets go talk this over with Anubis and set up a meeting with Set."

Zarek couldnt agree more, the more help Juliet had the stronger she'd be, and the less danger she'd be in. If they could keep Osiris and Horus away she'd be just fine.


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