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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Nothing could describe the fear that iced Cain's heart, his elation at the band that was now bonded to his flesh. Looking at it he was reminded of the pleasure he'd found in the desert with Zarek and Juliet. But here looking at his former mistress he was unsure of her reaction to his no longer being her servent. His soul, his being now belonged to Juliet, to the goddess of peace Aishe. Juliet looked at Isis in shick, her eyes misted as she twisted away and abruptly vanished in the wink of an eye. Cain reached out for her as she vanished and froze as Isis' vlue gaze fixed on him, noticing his prescence. Zarek stepped between them, "What are you doing?" Cain hissed.

"Something I should have done a long time ago." Zarek growled as he looked back, "Go find her, this time I'm staying."

Cain touched his partners back but Zarek shrugged him off, Cain punched him then took off after Juliet. Any longer in Isis' prescence and he feared she'd undo the gift that was Juliet's band on his skin. He flashed himself towards her, she was in the gardens. She was slumped next to the huge fountain pool, she was clutchign her sides and trembling. Cain moved to her drawn to the woman that had captivated his soul. He touched her and she jerked looking up at him with wet eyes. Unable to bear ehr tears Cain gathered her into his arms. "Juliet..." he whispered.

"I cant see her Cain." Juliet spoke, her gold eyes lifted to him and he inhaled sharply, he wanted her again, gods would he never tire of the scent of her skin. He dipped his head and they kissed. Her hands gripped him violently and he growled, pulling back, he cupped her cheek.

"If you dont want to you dont have to." He spoke.

"My mother is Isis." She looked down at her hands. "She cheated on her husband."

"Isis is the sister to Osiris, they married to rule the gods. Set, their brother is a scheming and jealous god, he killed Osiris and scattered his body around the world. Isis and her sister set out to find and repair Osiris, in doing so they gave him life, he lost his powers over nature and became the god of reincarnation. He usurped Anubis as the primary god of death and funerals. Anput and Kebechet were furious they had lost their rights so easily. Anput and Isis never saw eye to eye, but when the ages took its toll on our kingdom Anput's heaven began to weaken, threatening the sould resting there." Cain sighed as he recapped the time in his own mind, seeing the ages as if they were happening anew, he'd lived them but now Juliet deserved to know the truth. "She sacrificed herself to fuel the heaven realm for eternity, her loss crippled Anubis, Kebechet rarely remains home often, she says she can feel her mother here, as the ages continued to pass Anubis found comfort in Isis, she herself refused to bare children for Osiris, Horus was her only child. Until you."

"She cheated with Anubis." Juliet sighed and Cain tipped her head up to meet his gaze, his beautiful mistress was crying because she felt alone. He hugged her and tried to soothe the truth to her, Isis and Osiris were more a political marrige than anything else. But who was he to speak the truth of that to her, Isis did indeed cheat on her husband. And that knowledge had been gained by prisoners during Cain's torture, the truth had been spread among the gods who silently snickered at Isis and wonderd when Osiris would go after Anubis. But no one would dare, Anubis was the most mysterious of all the gods, history was full of lies and speculation about him and Cain suspected he wanted it that way.

"Yes." Cain answered, "The result of which gave Zarek and I purpose outside our usual stations, the result had been you, and without you Juliet, I find this world to suddenly lack color, lack the luster you taught me to see in the desert. Out there I learned that the blending of the Goddess of Motherhood and the God of Burial gave Zarek and I a princess and goddess of Peace to worship. In you Juliet Zarek and I have found what we most desire."

"What is that?" She looked at him her eyes bright with curiosity.

"Your love." Cain whispered and she leapt in their mouth's clashing. He felt his body light with fire and he wanted nothing more than to take her here, btu he felt a shift in the air, and sure enough when he stood he saw manifestations of reanimated demons. He held out his hand and summoned a short sword, Juliet rose to her feet and he kept her behind him. He didnt have Zarek to back him up, with Juliet behind him he couldnt outright go for them, it was dangerous. Almost immediatly three dove for him, he stabbed one and flung him into the water, then he lopped the head off of another one. As he struggled he heard Juliet scream. Cain's body reacted on instinct, he shifted forms, but when he would usually be small and domesticated size he was monsterously huge. He towered over Juliet's form as he snatched the corpse up and tossed him. He slipped down and helped Juliet climb onto his back.

He ran off, seeking the castle, with one leap he was on the balcony, but the corpse walkers were already following him. He needed to get Juleit to safety, that was his first concern. He leapt up the walls climbing until he could run across the top, he soared out over the town until he landed in the square where Anubis was speaking to Zarek sharply. He turned and saw the corpse's chasing Cain and Juliet. Isis shouted as Anubis roared his fury, the corpses burst into flames and shattered into nothing.

He swept Juliet off of Cain's back and she clutched onto her father. He looked enraged, Cain felt enraged. As he shifted Anubis looked at him, "She has good taste in gaurds." He spoke before he led them back to the palace where more corpses were quickly dispatched. Anubis rounded to Isis the moment they were inside his blazing eyes made her shrink visibly. "How dare you allow them here, this is my domain."

"He goes where he pleases." She spoke looking to Juliet. "I am so sorry."

"It's Osiris isnt it?" Juliet looked up her gold eyes dark with anger. Cain watched Zarek go to her, he was too afraid to move, lest Isis looked at him and demanded him back. "He wants me dead."

"He wont succede." Anubis spat, "I allow you here out of courtesy, this was what we had tried to avoid, and now look, thanks to your indiscretion Juliet is now a target, I am not copmfortable having her at the summit."

"I will not allow my daughter to be killed." Isis hissed her blue eyes glowing in anger. "Do not mistake me for a fool Anubis, I dont control Osiris nor does he control me."

"Some would think otherwise Isis." Anubis turned and waved a hand. "Go back before he sends more minions for me to destroy."

"I came to meet my daughter." Isis insisted.

"Meet her again when it is safe." Cain spoke up, Isis looked at him sharply.

"I dont believe you have the right to adress me slave." She snarled. " I dont desire the counsel of a failure gaurd. Summon us a portal and I will forget this in the wake of your success in bringing Aishe here."

"I cannot." Cain spoke.

"Excuse me?"Isis looked dumbfounded her eyes seemed impossibly bright but Cain held his ground.

"I cannot obey this order."

"I gave you life, and you seek to defy me once again?" She looked supremely pissed off. "I can end you just as I gave you form."

"I do not obey you anymore Isis." He spoke in such a way Anubis chuckled and Zarek smirked. Cain lifted the sleeve of his shirt to show his new slave band. "Princess Juliet holds my soul now."

Isis looked at him in fury then at Anubis, then she vanished. He closed his eyes and sank to the floor, Zarek was there this time, catching him. "Nice job Cain."

"Indeed feline." Anubis chuckled. "Daughter, this was not the meeting with Isis I wanted for you. She is a good woman, but like me she is of another age."

"It's fine, I need to figure all of this out before I meet her again." Juliet sighed and leaned on a wall, Cain found his footing and he stood back up. This time he'd faced his mistress with dignity, without fear. And now he was no longer bound to Isis. He was bound to Zarek, he smiled to himself and helped Juliet up the stairs, Zarek pulled up the rear and this felt right. He felt right helping his princess, he looked at Zarek who was smiling himself, what was the asshole thinking?


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