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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Juliet was on fire, her power had awoken deep within her, and she had learned that Cain and Zarek had not forgotten her. They were determined to be with her, as evident in the way they held her between them, Cain's lips caressing Juliet's ear. And Zarek's hands slowly lifting her gauzy gown up her legs. As if on que bot men laid hands on her scarred leg, one up near her hip, the other curled above her knee. She wanted to squirm as pleasure came from their gentle massaging hands. She hissed in surprise and Zarek lifted the dress off of her. "Blanket the area in your power." Cain instructed. "Lets make this last."

When was the last time she'd been with a man? She wondered about that and found it had been too long. She moaned as Zare's hands engulfed her breasts, Cain's roved across her stomach, up to join Zarek's hands then up to sink into her hair. Unable to stand it one hand slipped around Zarek's shoulders, the other curved back to draw Cain in for a smouldering kiss. She was lost then, a blur of actions that led to them both sinking fingers deep inside her, she was wet panting as they flicked her walls and drove her body insane. Cain rocked her back as she felt him pressed against her back, Zarek leaned over kissing her as he and Cain exchange a look. Cain nodded and leaned her fully against him as Zarek stripped down. She marveled at the lean hard muscles of his body. Damn he was sex on a stick, she look one look at him and was in awe. This man was sculpted all over. He came to her and damn did she want to be fucked into the sand. He crawled to her his body liquid in movement, she had no doubt this man would wow her universe.

She was aware of Cain's hands sinking to her entrance, she hissed at the contact, archign for more contact, Zarek's erection was there, the blunt tip of him sinking into her as Cain's fingers squeezed them, She cried out as Zarek sank into her completely. Her head was tossed back over Cain's shoulder, Zarek started moving and she was an inferno of desire. Her body was screamiong for more as he sank deep into her, added sensation of Cain massaging her and runnign his other hand over the rest of her made her want to scream in ecstasy. She did when Zarek growled her name to the sky, she was up there with him, it was an explosion of bliss that had her clutchign onto him as Cain milked them for what they were worth. She was reeling when they switched places.

How she could tell the difference between them was stunning, but when Cain slid deep inside her, still quivering and wet from Zarek, she instantly felt a shift in the air. She could tell he was not as wide as Zarek, but damn did he cuve in just the perfect place to cause her to cry out again. Cain lifted her up into his arms, one hand curving below her the other bracing on the ground. His hips pistoned up into her and he lowered to the ground with her on top. Zarek was suddenly there, assisting helping her moved ontop of him. She arched as he sank deep inside her. What was is with these men? She didnt have to speak, but looking down into Cain's face, agonized by the pleasure that was reeling inside him. The same look of pure bliss that Zarek had had. She was in love, she knew it and it sank into her just as she felt her body rising towards another orgasm. Cain panted, "Thats it." He breathed, his hand came up cupping her face, "Give it all to us."

She came hard as his voice resonated deep inside her, her power rushed forth and Cain roared his climax. She felt her power swirling and she cried out as the gold light that had given her power swirled and branded both men. Cain's arm was emblazoned by a bird. She looked back at Zarek and he had a bird of the same type on his chest. She looked down as her hip burned, right above her damaged leg was the swirled shape of a bird, a cat, and a jackal. She smiled and felt with the power of peace there was serenity between them. They were hers and she was theirs, Cain sat up and kissed her, his tongue danced with her, then he pulled back and Zarek took possession of her lips. She was a goddess, and she had ascended; she was rightfully where she knew she was suspossed to be. Gordon would have died to know the truth of her, his desire for knowledge was living on in her and she missed him. But she would look forward now, she had power, she wasnt going to let Zarek and Cain die because they desired her as she did them. She smiled and stood up, her dress rematerialized on her and she held out hands, they shifted into animal form and they moved towards the path to the portal once more.


Cain padded quietly as they entered the Anubis Portal, truth be told he didnt want to die, he wanted to explore everythign there was to know about Juliet, and about Zarek. They were united again and this time she wouldnt shut them out. Anubis was there and joy filled as Juliet walked to him, a triumphant look on her beautiful face. He shifted forms as Zarek did, Juliet looked at Anubis. "Father." She said, hsi eyes widened at the words that struck the funeral god deeply. "I want to keep Zarek and Cain, they are my servents and my gaurdians."

"Anything you wish daughter." he smiled and nodded, the slave band around Cain and Zarek's arms turned ivory and they blinked at one another. She had claimed them, markign them as hers, Anubis looked to them. "Every need my daughter has will be taken care of by the both of you."

"My ladys will is mine." Zarek knelt and Cain followed.

"Your will is mine princess." Cain spoke. A shout rang out as a bolt portal opened and out walked Isis. her long black hair glistened with gold and ornaments, she wore a white gown and she walked through with an air of dignity. She had bright blue eyes that landed on Juliet with disbelief and adoration.

"Daughter, this is your mother, Isis." Anubis announced.


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