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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Zarek was ready to pull his hair out, mostly because he and Cain couldnt get close to their princess like they had before. She had built a solid fortress around herself that made them immediatly forget what they were going to say to her. It had been a full week since their shut out, she had withdrawn herself form them, and they were relegated to being exactly what Anubis wanted them to be. Gaurds. In exactly three days she was going to meet the rest of the fgods, and she had yet to ascend to her true powers. Anubis had offered a way to try and she had accepted without fail. Zarek wanted to rip his hair out now because as she stood on the edge of the portal Anubis at her side as they spoke in anchient words of a cleansing spell. The drum beats around them was inticing, calling to the goddess within her as it called to the beast in him. He looked at Cain and saw his partner struggling too.

"She is ready, travel until you are content you have awoken the goddess sleeping inside you Juliet," Anubis spoke, she looked at him with all the adoration Zarek craved to see towards him. He was aching for her, but she was adamant that they woudl stay away from her. "Zarek, Cain, you will follow behind her and protect her from the humans passing by, you are to remain in animal form and do not interfear with her attempt."

Zarek shifted and Cain followed, Juliet looked back the filmy white dress that covered her made her look pure, like the goddess she was, she stepped forward and began to limp through the portal, Zarek and Cain waited a moment then they followed her. Zarek trotted after her as Cain bounded to keep up, he snatched the cat up and they followed her. She was limping but her energy was rolling in the sands, it was night time, and the chill breeze was all over, he wanted to warm ehr but as he tried to shift he realized he couldnt. He dipped his head as he stopped. Cain looked at him helplessly, he set him down and they stared after Juliet who continued to take her even stepps that were even for her. She glared ahead and Zarek was helpless, he couldnt speak to her, he couldnt help her, she was going to continue and become the goddess she was meant to be, heal everyone... even him and Cain... she was alone, she was empty. He could do nothing.


Juliet was filled with energy, feeling the elements around her, especially her two gaurds behind her, she was cold. She was so cold she was sure her heart would crack from the cold. She was so empty she was sure the power would give her purpose, maybe she could find a consort that wouldnt look at her leg and think cripple. But this task had a reward, when she became a goddess and returned Anubis swore he would contact her mother and she would come to see her before the meeting of the gods. Juliet desperatly wanted to meet her, she had never known a mothers love. Sure she had her father who had loved her the entirety of his life but Anubis was different, she felt the connection to him spirit deep.

She was so afraid, she felt so unsafe without Cain and Zarek watching her. Sure they were her gaurds but she felt an ocean between them now. She was empty, no one had looked at her the way they did. But it was an escape from the problems between them, she refused to be a distraction. She deserved to be seen, she deserved to be loved for the woman she was not the cripple she was limited to be. She looked up at the moon and slid to the ground her eyes welling with hopeless tears. She crumpled in around herself and wept. Why was she so broken? If she were normal perhaps she could have been more on Zarek and Cains radar.

It was so uncharacteristic of her to like two men at once, to imagine horrible things about them, her mind when blank and her body heated up everytime. She punched the cold snad beneath her, angry with herself and her failings. She wasnt worth the devotion of any man. She had fixed the problems betwen Zarek and Cain, that should be the end of that. But why did her heart scream out for her to turn around right now and tell them how she felt. She screamed in raw emotional agony. She wanted to be free of these stiffling emotions, it was too much.

She heard the wind howl around her and she looked up seeing a dust storm raging towards her, she stared at it in horror, she wasnt able to run from that. She'd get barely three feet before it barreled over her, she shifted to stand in fear as she felt Zarek and Cain run past her, their animal shapes weak against the wind that howled through their fur and through her hair. It was close, they'd get swept away. She threw herself over them and flattened them against the ground, the wind was biting, the sand that flew was like blades. Zarek was snarling and squirming as Cain hissed and tried to get free. She closed her eyes and held them under her, ignoring the pain that wracked her back and arms.

She felt peace overcome her as her power burned deep inside her, waking frm somewhere deep in her soul. She felt the wind dissipate around her as she stood, she floated into the air her arms stretched wide. It was like the sun was on her face, warming her entire being. She breathed out as she was filled with the knowledge of her power, her ablities, who she was. She blined and stared at glowing gold hirogylps that floated around her, all detailing who she was, what her powers were, they sank into her skin one by one, she swirled in the air feeling alive, feeling as if she could control the stars themselves if she wanted to. She sank to the ground and realized she was smaller than she had been originally, she looked around and saw white feathers around her. Zarek and Cain were in human form looking at her inawe, she turned away. "You ascended." Zarek breathed.

"Your animal of spirit is a egret." Cain looked at her in surprise, she looked away and lifted up only to feel one of her legs crumple beneath her. She closed her eyes, still a cripple even if she was an animal. She hissed and looked back at them. "You cant move?"

"Imagine yourself back into human shape." Zarek said, she closed her eyes and willed herself back, she was surprised to see she was. She looked at them and stood with effort btu made her way back to the porta, she could feel its heat now, it was a beacon towards her home. "Wait, princess."

"Stop." Juliet hissed, she jerked away fromhis outstretched arm, "I fixed you both, leave me alone."

"Thats just it, you fixed us." Zarek spoke, "You fixed us but we still fight, we still want to kill each other."

"We need balance Juliet." Cain whispered, she stepped away from him too and swatted his hand away. "You are our balance."

"I intended to stay away as you bid us to, but just now you covered us from the wind storm trapped as we were." Zarek closed the distance and his scent was all she could sense, Cain came up behind her and she was covered in their energy, she tried to escape, but she found her power abandoning her, hiding from her grasp. "You saved me, and ascended, I cant stay away."

"May we be killed for our absurd desires." Cain's lips met her neck as her hair was swept to the side, she shivered as her skin heated. She blushed and tried to step aside, her leg buckled but they caught her sitting in the sand her back against Cain's chest, his legs bracing her sides. She looked at Zarek as he leaned in his breath ghosting over her lips.

"Forgive me princess, forgive me Juliet, but I'm unable to mind my place." He kissed her, she moaned as the kiss was joined by Cain's hot mouth on her neck, her shoulder, her ear. She was blanketed by their safety, their energy, she was here drowning in these two men. "If I have to keep you in the desert and hide from Anubis I will, gods Juliet I wont be able to stay away form you."

"It's okay." She breathed as Cain laughed.

"It's not, when Anubis find out we came on to you he'll have us killed." Cain chuckled, "If I have to die, I want to die for a reason my princess, let me be with you if only for tonight."

"Me too, let us share you, show you what it is to be seen as a woman, not a goddess, not a cripple, but a woman." Zarek smiled as she looked at him then Cain, she didnt want them to die if they really truely lusted for her. She was finally feeling peace withing her even as her body heated up at the prospect of making love to them.

"Okay." She breathed just as they moved in to kiss her one at a time.


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