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Juliet is the daughter of a college professor, a deceased professor now. Buried under the bills and debts she is drowning and seeking an escape. She finds it in the man on her doorstep. Or should she say Jackal shape shifter, Zarek has the answer to her problems, she isnt meant to remain in the human world. She is the missing daughter of Anubis. The Peace Keeper. Unable to fight her desire for escape she returns to Egypt with him. To find it all true. She is Aishe illegitimate daughter of Anubis and Isis. View table of contents...


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Watching his master was comforting. Zarek had watched Anubis deteriorate into the dark side of himself for years since Juliet had gone missing. But seeing the jackal god now, he was calm, he was happy. That was rare since he showed his relaxed side with only Kebechet and Anput. Sicne Anput was dead to them he was now coming back to life. Juliet clung to him her real father, Zarek's heart thumped for them. What whould it be like for a child that was his to hug him? Would he have the same look of rapture that Anubis had? Zarek suspected not, no one would breed with a monster like him.

Anubis pulled back from Juliet and smiled at her, his dark gold eyes were twinkling with life once again, it was worth it. It was so worth it to give up the past twenty years to find her. The look on her face made it all the more worth it. "I assume youre tired, I have a room readied for you, go and rest we will catch up later." Anubis stepped back and stopped as Juliet held onto his hand, she smiled at him with her teary eyes before she nodded and let go. Anubis smiled and waved for a servent to come. "Take them to Anput's quarters. Zarek come and report to me."

With a last look of longing Anubis turned and left the foyer to head down a long hallway to wherever he had taken up space. Zarek nodded to Cain as they moved to get Juliet back into her self. She was crying in silent sobs. "Is this really okay?" She asked. Cain touched her cheek, "He doesnt know, I couldnt move, my leg..."

"Princess, your father wont care about your leg." Cain whispered to her.

"I dont want to fail him." She sobbed and Cain enveloped her in his arms. Zarek stood back, not wanting to encroach but simmering with the desire to do so. "He's everythign I thought he would be... but he's a god... Isn't it a shame to have a cripple like me?"

Zaerk couldnt stand back anymore, he cupped her cheek and stared into her gold eyes, she blinked back the tears and he traced her cheeks, then ehr lips with his thumb. "Princess... Anubis is... I swear to you he is never going to see you as a cripple. You are his daughter, the one he didnt think he could have after Anput died. You are a ray of light in this dark castle. He loves you, he always has and always will." Zarek spoke, his eyes dark he stepped back when all of his being screamed to kiss her. Wipe the insecurity away, who had hurt her this bad? He looked at Cain and his partner nodded, he took Juliet's hand and they began the treck up the long stairs to the floor where Anput had once taken up residence.

Zarek turned and allowed his human guise to vainsh, he stood in a leather pair of pants, his feet bare, his torso covered in gold jewelry, he lifted a hand and thumed the gold hoop embedded in his left nipple, it was the band keeping his magic contained. Anubis had gifted him with more the world had ever known, but that was a secret even among the gods. He started forward and found his master in his oasis room. Kebechet had built it in memory of Anput, the spring in the corner gurgled the purest water in the world. Anubis was sitting on the edge staring into it's depths. "It was like she wanted us to find her." Anubis mused. "Anput would have loved her better than any other had she been hers."

"The Mistress would have loved her either way my lord." Zarek said as he sank to his knees to bow. He pressed his forhead to the marble floor and waited for his master to address him.

"Indeed, Isis will the thrilled Aishe is back. But I do not trust the others." Anubis hissed. "Osiris and Horus left their scent all over that sight. I do not want her any where near Aishe."

"I agree, in the sunlight her eyes are blue like Isis' eyes." Zarek said. "I did not tell her about her mother, I felt it a story for you to tell."

"Very good Zarek, now tell me what you have learned about her." Anubis spoke.

"The night she was presumed stolen and dead a human man found her before I did. The carrier couldnt be breached by god's so she remained untouched. The human took her to Cairo and adopted her within weeks. She was then taken to America to be raised." Zarek spoke, he watched the emotion on Anubis' face. He was eager to kwo but he feared what the knowledge would bring. "She was raised as his daughter Juliet Williams. She goes by Juliet."

"Juliet?" Anubis seemed to turn the name over and over, wondering about it.

"Yes, my lord I shoudl not be telling you this because it is her story to tell but she was severly injured two years ago." Zarek spoke. Anubis' eyes sharpened dangerously, as if determining the best course of action to punish Zarek. Zarek would take the punishment, that night was entirely his fault, he made many mistakes, but not taking the torture was the biggest one of all.


"She was driving with her adoptive father, and a car caused them to swerve, she drove off a cliff and the fall killed her father." Zarek spoke. " I suspect her powers awoke then, they feel new unused. A peice of the door embedded itself into her leg and she had to have it reconstructed."

"Her leg?" Anubis looked horrified, his eyes dark with rage.

"Yes, she cannot walk properly on it, she has a heavy limp but she is well." Zarek sighed at what he was to share next. "My lord, her adopter had died and left her many debts. Because she shared his name his funeral costs as well as her hospital bills took up all of her money. The man was an archeologist and his dig funds were dried up, his loans went to her, his bills went to her. She was drowning in debt when I found her."

"He left her his debts?" Anubis looked thoroughly pissed off, ready to shift from mostly human to his jackal god state. Zarek nodded, and Anubis reigned himslef in. "Pay the debts Zarek, and have what is left of the home brough here for her."

"It will be done." Zarek spoke. Anubis sighed, his eyes looked tired again, calculating.

"Isis said she should have a consort." Anubis said. "I amnot comfortable with the idea."

"Why my lord?" Zarek asked, daring to hope Anubis would offer him to her as a servent.

"The gods are petty, all loyal to Osiris, that serpent doesnt know the first thing of honorable marriage. I believe Ai- Juliet can make the decision herself about these things." Anubis sighed. "Zarek you are sworn to me, and I enjoy your company greatly, but right now I need you to protect Juliet."

"My lord what of you?" Zarek asked, he wanted to be an offering, btu he wanted to care for his master. Time had not been good to his mind, and the modern world was alien to Anubis. The gods were quickly adapting, and Anubis was content to remain as he was, without Zarek there was no money control. Zarek needed to care for his master until he caught up.

"Please, I would dare any god to come at me." Anubis huffed. "It is Isis I worry for, if those fools learn of ehr deception they will come for Juliet. I need you to protect her, that is what you are good at."

"I will do so my lord."

"Do not fail me this time."


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