Peace Keeper

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 10,

Zarek had started his day like any other, gotten up from his perch in a chair, to relieve Cain from watch. Had showered and readied for the day, called the camel owner, and prepared for the long treck through the desert to the Anubis Portal. But as he had walked out he had practically swallowed his tongue. Juliet was sleeping alone on ehr bed, but she had gone to bed wearing a tiny white night gown made of silk. It had hitched to the tops of her thighs, delectaby hiding the small crevice between her legs. It was inticing to see, two steps and he could slide that nightgown up, seeing her breasts straining at the top of the gown. He'd groaned and looked at Cain who was likewise tortured by the sight. 

This was their eternal torture, seeing something they wanted, and knowing they could never have it. They were animals in human guise, and they were beneath a princess such as Juliet, Aishe the Peace Keeper. He saw Cain as he stood up to go to the bathroom, Zarek stood next to the door as he closed it, the feline's scent of sand and water in his nose. He lifted a hand to touch the door longingly. Unlike Cain, Zarek went back to their time gaurding infant Juliet with fond memories. It was all Zarek's fault, Cain couldnt bare to be around him if it wasnt out of obligation. Zarek looked to the princess who was watchign him from the bed, her eyes attentive as she watched. Zarek let hsi hand fall away. He wasnt worth her desire, he wasnt worth Cain's skill. Zarek was a mutt jackal. That was all.


Cain had to admit it was funny watching Juliet get skittish around the camel she was going to ride with Zarek. He watched as Zarek helped her up then climbed up himself. Cain mounted his camel and patted it's head as it trembled sensing his power. He started ahead, to leave the smal outpost. Zarek took the lead and Cain followed slightly behind him. He listened as Zarek explained the desert to Juliet, about why it was important Juliet covered her hea dup as well as the rest of her. It may be hot now but it would be freezing as the night came.

Cain watched the horizon deciding it wasnt his time to watch them, the princess who called a lust from him so potent Cain remembered he was painfully male. And Zarek who had been Cain's trust in the past, now with so much hostility between them it was hard to imagine talking to him normally again. Insteasd they fel into an odd banter for most of the day until they made camp in some old ruins. Tonight there would be no rest for Cain or Zarek but Cain decided to take up a perch on an old pillar as Zarek scouted the ruins. "Cain?" Juliet's voice had him scrambling down immediatly. She stood awkwardly and he crossed to her.

"Does your leg hurt?" Cain asked. She nodded but looked at the sky.

"I wanted to ask you something, come sit." He sat next to her but set out a dagger next to him, just in case something needed killing. She sat and he puleld her leg into his lap to massage. She sighed from it but looked at him seriously."Who is my mom really?"

"Zarek didnt tell you?"Cain asked, she shook her head and he then regretted any slip he may have made. "I shouldnt tell you, it isnt our place."

"Zarek said my mother made you." Juliet said looking at him.

"Your mother made me centuries ago to be a ferry for her errands and a gaurd that wasnt corrupted by her brother." Cain said. "I'm an extinct breed of feline, I'm a Mau, she gave me human shape with her magic and has used me for centuries."

"Who is she?" Juliet asked. Cain sighed, she would ask when it wasnt really his place. Sure Isis hadn't ordered him not to tell her but if Zarek wasn't telling he shouldnt either. Cain watched her eyes as she frowned, he sighed and held out his wrist, on it was the brand of his servitude.

"This is your mothers mark, the symbol of her power, Zarek has given you the ankh of Anubis, so you can understand our anchient language. This symbol is her power, I show this to you because she wears this everywhere she goes. It may not be my place to tell you, bt you will know the moment you see her."

"Fair enough." Juliet sighed and leaned back as he rubbed her knee then her leg again. "In exchange you have to tell me exactly whats up with you and Zarek."

He bristled at her question, who was she that she was so astute. He looked around for Zarek and sighed. "When my mistress and your father had their secret affair I was charged with keeping her secret. When she dissapeared saying she wanted space from the politics I was charged to go with her. She was in labor when Anubis was ordered to track her down. I met Zarek halfway and informed him of Isis' pregancy."

"I reall was a secert." Juliet grumbled.

"Your mother didnt want anyone to know that you werent her husbands. She feared his reaction, so she had intended to have you in secret and claim she had found you. But at brith you looked exactly like Anubis' other daughter. He found you and was shocked, she had kept it a secert even from him. He insisted he take you instead, claiming it was his late wife's last gift to him. It hid you perfectly." Cain explained. "So when he returned and announced he had found Anput's last gift your mother offered to lend him a hand raising you. Kebechet was to pure to know how to care for a child, and your mother had experience. Her husband allowed it but he wasn't to see you. He suspected but he could find no proof of her affair."

"They hid it well?" Juliet asked.

"Yes, and in turn they wanted to protect you feircely, because of that I suspect he found out." Cain rubebd his head as the memories of the failure of that night rang in his mind."You were secretly farried between the two portals. I saw you out and Zarek woudl recieve you, sometimes we met in between. When major gatherings happened we watched over you. Zarek and I we formed a sort of friendship that overturned out base instincts to fight. You calmed out instincts, and in secret even we met up, mainly to see our battle skills. And once we kissed, I was hopeful we could be more... but when you dissapeared we began to blame one another for losing you."

"But it wasnt your faults." Juliet sat up outraged, her anger humbled Cain but he calmed her with a soft brush to her leg.

"Princess, we blamed ourselves, had we met up that night as planned we could have prevented the whole thing. But we had fought the weeks before and refused to see one another. After you were lost, Zarek accused me of negligence. I accused him of failure. I was tortured for the loss, Zarek was granted amnesty under the orders of Anubis to find his daughter the prophesized Peace Keeper."Cain said and she looked at him in shock, he smiled and looked at the sky. "Zarek toured the world hunting for you for years, our anger grew until we didnt speak, I was betrayed by him Juliet. That peace we had then will never return, I dotn know what I wanted from him in the first place. It was you who brought us together, but it was him who tore us apart." 

Cain stood up and handed her a canteen of water, he picked up his dagger as he heard Zarek approach, he waved to Juliet as she held out her hand but he was already walking away. He didnt want to see Zarek, and he didnt want to face anymor of his past. Juliet's concern for him was genuine, but she didnt know his heart raced for her just as it did for his enemy Zarek.

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