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Ocean Of Three

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Amaranda has woken, her protector Alasdair has found her, and her mate reborn. Now in the modern world she must find her mate, and reclaim him, before the Wyverns discover his existence. Aiden lives a rather thrilling life, as a snowboard instructor, as a freelance photographer, and as the man of his household. He cares for his family, but when a woman and a man who acts like her husband appear claiming he belongs to them, what is Aiden to do? Especially when everywhere he turns parts of his life are becoming dangerous not only for him but his family too. View table of contents...


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Present Day: Snow Queen Resort & Lodge

Aiden settled at the bar as he looked over his camera, to ensure it was perfect. He was nervous, always was when clebrities came to the lodge. His family owned it. His mother and Father ran the main business. His mother taking over the day to day running. His father in charge of the kitchen. His elder sister was their receptionist. His younger brother was the rental guy, and his younger sister was the spa coordinator. They were all about a year or so apart. But at Twenty five Aiden was putting his art school degree to use in his mountain pictures. He liked to take pictures of landscapes but wasnt opposed to taking pictures of people who came. Some pictures were on their wall of guests, which was more of an atrium now. And the more popular ones were in frames. But the big ones were the celebs who came and wanted him to take pictures of their ski gear, to show they werent opposed to go out and get dirty in the snow.

But today Amaranda Oceanus, she was a... He didnt quite know what to call her. She charted the oceans, discovered trenches no one knew existed, rumor had it she pulled up a fossilized gian squid egg so clear inside you could see the baby squid inside. She was featured in many of the scientific magazines and was rumored to be looking for Atlantis. She was popular in an intellectual sense. And even more so in a beauty sense. She modeled for a company who speciallized in ocean wear, and even sponsores diving expeditions and the protection of ocean, marsh, and fresh water wild life. Amaranda was a goddess in the ocean world. And she was expanding now into the snow, into the tundra. Arctic ventures being her new intrest.

Aiden was excited to meet her, was really a fan of her work. But he was nervous. Rumor had it the last man whi tried to ask Amaranda out, or even talk to her, lost a limb thanks to her body gaurd/lover. Alasdair Dark. Aiden looked up as his father exited the kitchen his white chef coat pristine even if he was wiping chocolate icing from his arms. "Aiden, why arent you out there? Ms. Oceanus just got here." Henry Kennedy, his father smirked knowingly.

"Thank you father, I already know." Aiden said sarcastically.

"Aiden!" He blinked as he saw his sister, Hope Kennedy, the Receptionist rush in. Her skirt fluttered with ehr movement. "Aiden, She's here, and she demands to see you."

"I love the place here Dare, be sure to add it to our vacation list." A sing song voice said, and Aiden's eyes widened as the woman in question entered. Her long black curls were hanging around her neck, she wore a long black cardigan and a soft blue v neck shirt that stretched over her breasts. She wore long black leggings tucked into a pair of knee high boots with thick tread, sensible for the deep snow here. She looked up and his was struck hard in the chest as their eyes met. Wide saphire eyes blinked at him and he swore he'd seen her before, somewhere, somehow he was certain he knew her. Only they had never met.

She grinned then and her beauty lit up her entire face with that smile. His eyes sunk as he knew he was gaping. He looked up just as a man entered behind her. Similarly swept up in shock Aiden looked at the man he knew was Alasdair Dark. His short black hair was covered with a beanie cap. He wore a black sweater that was rolled up to his elbows. His dark blue jeans were still slightly caked with snow but that was to be expected, he also wore boots for the weather. His bright blue eyes met his and Aidens chest hurt with the sight. teh feeling of familiarity hit Aiden with a severity he felt his jaw drop. He saw the small perfectly trimmed goatee on his chin and Aiden flushed. His father bumped his shoulder and Aiden looked back at the man, grateful because Aiden was overwhelmed.

He stood up as Hope hustled over. "She inisted." Hope said grabbing his arm forcefully to push him forward. He looked up and saw Amaranda had walked over and was right there as he came to a halt before her and Alasdair.

"Hello Miss," he greeted.

"Hello, It's good to meet you finally." She said and held out her hand, he took it and she shook it softly. "I am Amarand Oceanus, this is Alasdair Dark, but he prefers Dare. I understand you tkae pictures and teach snowboarding classes."

"Thats my job here." He smiled. She nodded and looked to Dare.

"I'll make sure they understand." Dare said softly and she smiled warmly.

"I requested you be our guide on the slopes I hope you dont mind." She said and tilted her head to the side.

"I uh.. I dont mind I'll be sure to clear my schedual when you want to go up." He said and fidgeted. She tocuhed his hand as it closed over the camera about his neck.

"Would you mind showing us to our cabin, we only just checked in. I couldnt wait to meet you." She said and his father sucked in a breath as Hope looked around frantically.

"I would be happy to," he turned and shot Hope an angry look. She opened her planner and lifted a small black card attatched to two keys.

"They're in the Sixth Cabin." She said, Aiden blinked, that was the big one. There were eight cabins set up for celebs, but they were rarely rented out for the price, it was even secluded on the ridge above the Lodge itself. He nodded and took the key, he waved for them to follow him. In the foyer he picked up his coat from where it was on the desk. He looked abck to see Amaranda sliding on a knee length one and Dare flicking a leather one over his shoulders.

He shouldnt stare, he walked outside and motioned to two sleek black snow mobiles waiting for them. "The bags and gear were all taken up ahead, this is the easiest way up and down the slopes, be sure to bundle up or call for our snow car to come up and get you." He advised as he climbed atop his personal red snow mobile. He started off and they rode up the smooth road that led to the pricy cabins.


Amaranda looked around the Cabin, it was lavish well furnished, warm as soon as they entered. She smiled as she saw the couch set into the floor, the fire place was huge, gas operated. The dining nook faced a wide wall of windows and the kitchen was set with a bar across from it. Above was a lofty sitting area, flanked by three bedrooms. One master two guest. She nodded and looked to Dare as he began to move their bags from the place by the door further in. She took the opportunity to turn to Aiden. She smiled upon seenig him, he looke djust as he did centuries ago. Somewhere in there he remembered. She held out her hand for the key and he passed it over. She removed one and set in in his palm. He looked at her in shock and she smirked. "Dare and I are very pleased to meet you, we've waited a long time to come here. Join us for Dinner." She urged and Dare looked to her.

He walked over and touched her arm. "Amaranda is very forceful with her wants Aiden, you will have o forgive her pushiness." He said with a grin. "If you would join us at the lodge for dinner we would be very pleased."

"Um...yeah, sure." He nodded and looked back outside then nodded again. "What time?"

"Six." Dare said and she gripped his arm happily. He smiled and nodded.

"Six it is, I've got to get back." he waved a hand back and exited the cabin. As soon as the door was shut she leapt at Dare and his arms circled her tightly.

"It's him Dare, it's him!" She cried.

"The dreams will start soon, it's good we got here before hand." Dare breathed into her neck and she nuzzled him. "Were so close."

"I know." She smiled and looked around. "I cant wait to be with him again, new life but inside it's still Aoden, somewhere in there the two are she same man." She smiled whistfully. Her Aoden was reborn and she needed to love this new incarnation of him. She vowed that this time no human or wyvern would steal him away. As she looked up at Dare, she saw her determination reflected. They wouldnt lose Aiden as they had Aoden.


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