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Ocean Of Three

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Amaranda has woken, her protector Alasdair has found her, and her mate reborn. Now in the modern world she must find her mate, and reclaim him, before the Wyverns discover his existence. Aiden lives a rather thrilling life, as a snowboard instructor, as a freelance photographer, and as the man of his household. He cares for his family, but when a woman and a man who acts like her husband appear claiming he belongs to them, what is Aiden to do? Especially when everywhere he turns parts of his life are becoming dangerous not only for him but his family too. View table of contents...


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So we ll know I have no restraint on myself and another idea came to me at work. I realized I havent done a good threesome story since the Demon Series. So here we are, dragons. Enjoy :)

I would put pictures up but you know :( Booksiesilk hsnt got a good picture upload up yet D:<

Amaranda Oceanus (Water Dragon)

Alasdair Dark (Protector Dragon)

Aiden Kennedy (Human)


Europe: Year: 1266

Amaranda crouched over the fallen form of her human mate. Her eyes tight as she looked up at Dare. His eyes tight as he scanned the darkness in dragon form. He tilted his muzzle down and let out a low keening whine. She touched his snout and let out a lout wailing shriek of agony. His rumbling roar followed into the sky. She touched her mate's face, and he lifted his massive head to help her up. She stood over Aoden Kenner. She felt the tears fall down her face as it began to rain. Dare returned to human shape and wrapped his arms around her. She felt on the edge of hysteria. "W-What now?" She asked.

"You sleep, and we wait for him to be reborn again." Dare said angrily.

"He was so strong, who could have done this?" She asked.

"I wish to say Wyverns, so that I could sate my rage, but it appears to be humans." Dare gripped her tighter and she sobbed anew. "To spare him our savegry."

"No!" She cried. He turned her from the fallen body of their lover and held her tight. Then he forced her to her sisters. And she watched as he lifted Aoden into his arms. Only this time it wasnt the smiling hay face of amusement she had come to love. Syria pulled her closer and Amaranda allowed herself to weep anew. Safe int he arms of her sisters she allowed her weakness to show. Rune and Ilyanna hugged her as well.

"Come Amaranda, it's time to get you to your cove." Ilyanna said softly. Amaranda looked up, and surged into their arms.

"While I sleep, make right with the Spire, we need them if this is to be prevented." Amaranda spoke, on what she knew to be deaf ears. Her sisters refused to be leashed and so had she. She refused to join them and now, now she saw the evidence of their stubborness. She only hoped her sisters didnt lose their human mates as Amaranda did. It stunk of wyvern, but it appeared so human. She sobbed anew once more. Her mornful cry echoesd by Dares anguished roar from behind them.


United States: Year:1992

Dare leaned against a hospital wall as he listened to the sounds of a human woman giving birth. His hearing was excellent, so he knew by the sounds the infant boy was healthy. He had been staking out hospitals over the past week all over trying to ensure the possibility of Aoden being reborn. The time was correct, and he had narrowed down the racial possibilities by the stars. His star was aligned here today, so here he was. Listening to the only birth in the entire hospital. He hear the child cry, the sound almost a loud boom. The lungs!

He hid in the shadows as they bustloed for the next hour or so. Before long the nurse wheeled the baby out to the nursery. He followed and as he leaned int he window he appeared to look like a doting father as he looked at the babies. The nurse came out and spotted him. "Hello?" She called. He remembered himself and human customs, he looked at her and smiled.

"My wife is asleep upstairs, I just wanted to see the babies, we'll have one one day." He said with a fond smile that wasnt faked.

"Beautiful arent they?" She asked. He nodded and she smiled patting his arm as she passed back to her rounds. Once she was gone he walked to the locked door and slipped inside. He moved to where the newborn was placed and reached out touching the babes tiny fist. Bleary ewborn eyes opened and they werent the hazy blue of newborns they were the sapphire of dragon eyes, then they faded to baby blue. He knelt then, overwhelmed by joy. He clutched the babies crib and fought for breath.

Happiness sang through him. He stood up and refrained from touchign the baby. Instead he gazed at the infant face that would once day grow into the likeness of Aoden Kenner. He looked at the babies plaque. Aiden Kennedy. "She will love you Little bird, as she did then. One day when you grow well and strong, you will brign us back together, and she will know happiness again. I must leave now, to waken our love, but you will see us again. Until then live well, and happily.


Pacific Ocean: Breeze Fire Island: Year: 1992

She shifted in the warmth of slumber. She felt the waves rock against her shell. Her head tipped up pressing to the hardened cocoon that held her she blinked her eyes open and with a great shove forced her hibernation egg to crack. She felt the ocean rush inside, the chill of the salt water bathed her in life. She tilted her head up and spied the sunlight above. Her tail swished out and slowly began her swim up. She crawled to the surface and lifted her head through the swell. The ocean waves sang to her their serenity. Her birth place was still safe. She rolled in the water her wings stretching out. She looked up at the sun and the sky. She saw a blot of black flying under the clouds. She let out a sing song roar that was answered by one of greeting. Out of the sy a massive black dragon flew low to the surface. He passed her and his wide blue eyes had her turning and surging towards the beach. As he hit the sand he changed shape. There wearing a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans over boots stood Alasdair Dark, her lover, her mate, her protector.

As her feet found purchase she changed shape and ran through the water to him. As she made it up he ran into the waves and swung her into his arms. Her laugh peeled the air and was joined by his own laugh of relief. "Dare!" She cried out and kissed him. Her dreams had been filled with his love, his energy as he invaded them to make her focus on things that didnt bread her heart. She hugged him tightly. And their fangs brushed as their tngues lengthend to a serpentine length. He pulled back and fixed her with a happy look.

"I love you Amaranda." He breathed.

"And I love you, Alasdair." She replied. He cupped her face and they kissed anew, heated, and soft. A welcome home kiss. It turned heated and he turned laying her in the sand, With a fast movement he tore his shirt boots and pants off. He laid above her and his pupils contracted to slits in his ocean blue eyes. She reached upto cup his jaw. She loved this dragon, the man who protected her at all costs.

She felt her inner core loosen with need, the torrent of pent up desire urged her hips up. He reached down clawed fingers scaping lightly along her folds. She cursed in a deep rumble that had him chuckling. Those sleek clws slid inside her and as he stretched her to accomodate him after centuries apart. Then the sharp tips lifted up scraping that plce inside her only he could reach.

She hissed and gripped him in her hand, Her thumb already turned into a claw rubbed the spot just under the blunt tip of his cock and he growled. He grabbed her hand and she smirked. He placed that hand on his chest, and pressed the other to the sand by her head. The waves lifted up around them and she felt the tide reach their legs. As it pulled away he nestled in the pillowed place at the junction of her thighs. And as the water came up around their thighs he surged inside her in a blinding, blistering, blissful thrust. She let out a humming rumble that was all beast and he nipped her jaw affectionatly. He started to move then, drawn by the need to claim, to make her his.

Amaranda lifted her hips and dug her claws into his shoulder. Her one hand still held to his chest felt his heart beat wildly. The water started to lift as her pleasure mounted inside her. She felt their hearts sync up and their eyes met, her deep ocean color to his ligth ocean hue. She watched his eyes fill with his love and adoration. Then with pain, a pain she knew perfectly. But they didnt let it ruin this reunion. She hooked her legs with his and moved with him, deepening his strokes inside her. And as one their bodies met with a brush of nirvanna. He came inside her just as she clenched around him. Dare's teeth found the mark to the left of her necka nd sank deep. Her own found the left of his. She tasted his blood as her orgasm rode her into oblivion. Dare tasted of love, home, and mate.

As she came down from her ecstasy filled high he smiled at her. "This my love is a celebration." He breathed as he licked her wound clean. The waves surged up around them. "Not only have you awoken, but Aoden was reborn." He said and nuzzled her chin. She gripped him tight and felt tears spill down her face.

"Amaranda?" He asked, she smiled even as the tears fell down her cheeks.

"He's alive again Dare, our mate lives again."She said in elationn, he smield and leaned down to kiss her once more.


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