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Ninja Passion

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The City of Chimes has been ruled by the Empire and enforced by Ninja clans for as long as time has existed. In this city ruled by said clans, two ninjas find love in the most remarkable of places. Lady Io has long since retired, but Jin reminds her of a past, a cause she hasnt fought for in so long. Until his clan is set to fall and his life is placed in jeopardy. One retired Ninja cant help but pick up her sword once more to held the man she loves. View table of contents...


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Jin didnt know what he was doing as he approached the House of Euphoria. First he was clutching the little red ribbon in his hand. The second he was in full Ninja gear. Even if it was his night off. He clapped his hands and sighed. He was at a brothel, for sex. He could do this, he wasnt paying for it. Lady Io was interested in him enough to give him the ribbon. He walked into the brothel and frowned when a younger Mistress walked up. Her name... He was sure was Fuuka. "Master Black Raven, what brings you here this evening."

He held out his ribbon and she gasped with awe. "I'm sorry, but Lady Io is not in tonight." She said. He frowned.

"Not in?" He asked. Where could she be, she had already gone to the market today.

"No sir, we expect her back around dawn." The girl said and turned. "There are many other girls if you wish."

"No, thank you." He bowed to her slightly and turned on his heel. Where had she gone. He frowned as he saw a group of his clansmen on the roof in front of the house. He climbed up as well and stood among them. "What goes on here?" He asked.

"Ko is calling for us over near the palace walls." One informed him. Jin nodded.

"Well then, lets go help our brother."


Io was perched on the roof of the palace as she looked down. Sakura was inside speeking to the Empress. She looked out her hair flying from it's tie at the crown of her head. The two of them were enough for what was coming. The information she had heard earlier was enough to lead them here. If anyone was trying to take out a clan family, to do it would need to be here where the Empress resided.

Io's eyes landed on a wall across the courtyard where three ninja snuck in. Led by a woman. Her eyes narrowed as she slipped down onto the balcony motioning for Sakura to join her. They jumped off of the balcony and jumped from tree to tree in silence as they approached the small group of Ninja. As Io drew close she saw the Black Raven insignia on their arms. She followed Sakura filling the area where her blind spot was. "What do we do?" Sakura asked.

"Stop them from what ever they are trying to do." Io whispered back. The Empress only knew that they had come to protect her from any dangers this night. She was the only person that had allowed them into the city, knew of their truths. The Empress trusted them all implicitly. Io's eyes narrowed as a council man walked out, a man who had decided Ninja were too dangerous and was currently trying to get the rest of the council to petition the Empress for expulsion.

The three Ninja's descended on him and Io cursed shifting and launching herself out of the trees. Her blade in her hand instantly. She lunged into the fray and stabbed the first Ninja hastily. Sakura landed on the other one. Io turned to the woman and frowned when she found her backing up hastily. Just then ten Black Ravens descended around them. Then a huge Ring of Silver Monkeys appeared around the surrounding roof tops. Just as the Empires army rounded the corner Empress in the lead. Io cursed again and yanked Sakura to her side. "What goes on here?" The Empress asked.

"The Black Ravens attacked Councilman Han." A Silver monkey said. He stepped froward and Io's eyes widened as she recognized the voice. It was their leader, Kyosuke. She jerked Sakura to the space behind her and the Empress turned to see the bodies. They were garbed in the Black Raven standard, and bore the insignia. Councilman Han jerked to his feet hands covering a gash inhis arm. She looked at him and he stepped forward.

"These two Konoichi saved me." he said. "These traitorous Black Ravens deserve to be executed."

"I agree, call the gaurd to capture any Black Ravens spotted in the city. Apprehend these Ninja." The Empress said just as she nodded to Io. Two smoke bombs later Io called out to the Black Ravens.

"If you want to escape alive follow me." Io shouted and pointed to a body. "Grab that Sakura."

They fled the ten Black Ravens folloing Io. She led them right out into another group of Ravens and they all desended down into the sewers.


Jin was confused when his entire group had been waylaid by a single ninja. he led them towards the place of safety. He said. That they had been set up and the Black Ninja's were in danger. They were runnign throught he sewers when they exited the walls right into the main forest. He noticed more and more of their forces fleeing with similarly garbed Ninja leading the way. He stopped as they came to an old house. Outside was a coy pond and on the garden bench sat their leader and another Ninja. Dai was garbed for war but he looekd aggrivated. "Father!" Jin rushed over only to have the oddly dressed Ninja jump before him.

"It's okay Jin." He said. "This is Kyoko of the Jade Clan."

"Traitor!" Rin rushed forward his finger pointed. "It's because of you! You did this."

"On the contrary fool, I just saved you all from execution." She tilted her head back mask obscuring the lower half of her face. "The Silver Monkeys have allied with an outside force. And orchestrated the attatck and attempted assassination of Councilman Ho. Mituski and I managed to save him, but at the time your forces were called to the palace. The Silver Monkeys claim it was your clan. But now, I have evidence to clear your name."

"Why would you do that?" Another Ninja asked. She blinked and turned away.

"Why would a traitor want to help us?" Rin sneered. She pointed at him and lunged. Her body dropping into an impressive display as she swept out a leg and caught him in the jaw. He flew back with the force of it.

"I've had enough of you you bastard." She snapped and brandished her blade. She turned and looked at the rest of them. "Does anyone else want to look the gift horse in the mouth?"

"After our last encounter, you have to understand, were a little confused about you helping us." Jin said, He was a little confused abotu alot of his. His father didnt expect him to marry her now did he?

"You young foolish boy." She patted his face and walked back to the bench. Her arm seemed fine for being severed off. They must have healed it. "I can take five of your best Ninja with me Dai, I can hide them in a place no one would dare look. Until it is time to capture the one responsible for the framing."

"Take Jin, Rin, Ko, Rai, and Nae." Dai said and looked at her. "I apologize fro the years of suffering you have endured. Had we been more vigil you may not have lost your whole clan."

"Indeed." She tilted her head. "Suki!"

The other Ninja walked out of the houe carrying a small bag. "Lead them to the House of Euphoria, there they can hide in peace."

"Yes." She turned and walked towards the other ninja. She waved for the ones that would follow her. Dai looekd out at the rest of the group. "Make yourselves useful and create a peremiter. Come Kyoko, lets go inside and discuss things."

They entered the house and Jin looked at his father being followed by the woman who was more notorious than anyone else.


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