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Ninja Passion

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The City of Chimes has been ruled by the Empire and enforced by Ninja clans for as long as time has existed. In this city ruled by said clans, two ninjas find love in the most remarkable of places. Lady Io has long since retired, but Jin reminds her of a past, a cause she hasnt fought for in so long. Until his clan is set to fall and his life is placed in jeopardy. One retired Ninja cant help but pick up her sword once more to held the man she loves. View table of contents...


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It was in the market that Jin saw Lady Io again. She was flanked by two male gaurds from the House of Euphoria. She smiled at them as they held her things. He had to force himself not to approach, even if she wasnt swathed in her Madam kimono. She wore a plain violet kimono that hung down to her ankles. Her hair was knotted simply and she wore elegant makeup. She was beautiful anytime he saw her. So he sat in the tree that overlooked the entire market and watched her. She selected fruits and vegetables with ease. Rice bundles was lifted by the bigger man. The rest carried by the other one. She turned to them and waved a hand. They seemed annoyed by her wave off but complied never the less. Jin was amused, sometimes he wondered who her partner was. It always seemed like Lady Io was in complete control of the entire brothel.

Then she approached his tree, she settled underneath it and looked up at him. "Hello again Jin." She smiled.

"Lady Io." He greeted even as he smiled.

"It's a bit creepy to spy in the market." She mused.

"Spy?" He looked down. "I'm on patrol."

"I see, well have you heard the rumor yet? Seems an strange clan ninja's have been seen protecting the innocents in town." She looked up with delight. "How funny so many clans to protect the area, and now look."

"If they protect the innocent I have no quarrel with them, but they should at least become one of the Clans here. Vigilante work is pointless." Jin looked down and finally dropped beside her. "They could get killed or arrested."

"I see," Lady Io looked at him odly, "So only the Clans can help, is that how the rest of your clan see it?"

"My father respects other Clans, even new ones." But they cannot hope to survive without the help of the others." He settled next to her and looked up. "Once my father looked the other way to a lost letter, and the next thing we knew our long time allies were decimated by our own Emperor."

"Emperor Jing?" Lady Io asked. "Empress Hana's brother?"

"Yes, we lost our allies and they assassinated the Emperor. Had there been trust and better relations we might have prevented their exile. I was supposed to marry one of their princesses." He smiled sadly. "But that was years ago. And the scar is still upon the Black Raven Clan."

"This outside clan, what were they called?" Lady Io asked.

"The Jade Clan." Jin supplied, she looked away with a sad smile.

"Our emperor really did cut off a limb didnt he?" She stood up and ran her fingers down his face. "I think your former bride might have been pleased. However, her loss is my gain."

She winked and walked away from him. He watched her go, and smiled stupidly.


Io stalked the alleyways as she approached the House of Euphoria. But she passed a window just as she heard voices. "Is it time yet?" The voice asked.

She paused as she recognized that female lilt, but from where. "No, but we are close. The clan is ready, we just need to get the Black ravens out of the way."

"They are a people clan, we should go after the Golden Dragons, closer to the Empress." A third voice huffed.

"No, it has to be the Black Ravens." The first ever so familiar voice laughed. "They deserve everything they get."

"So tonight?" The second voice asked.

"Tonight." The third confirmed. "You have my word as a Silver Monkey."

Io's hand flew up to her mouth in shock. As she did she knocked a clay pot right off the sill. She was barely scrambling up the wall adjacent to her and flattening herself on the roof when she heard them spill out into the alleyway from the window. She managed to roll to the other side there she promptly lost her balance as she tried to use her stump to catch the edge and fell off. She landed directly atop another Ninja. Swathed in black she recognized him instantly. It was the Eldest son of the Black Ravens. Rin.

She stood up and immediatly reigned in her rage. She jerked her under mask up over her mouth and glared. "What are you doing here Black Raven?" She snapped.

"Who the hell are you?" He jerked up, depositing her roughly. She jerked up and hissed as she realized she wasnt wearing a prostetic arm. Fuck. He narrowed his eyes on her. "You!"

Io then realized her hair had spilled from it's pins and she now looked completly like her normal self. Her careful guise of an off duty geisha ruined. She looked like the ninja she was hidden inside. She swept one hand up and smashed his jaw shut. Then she kicked him the abdomen. She jerked his jaw towards her, "You didnt see me."

"Traitor." He growled.

"Traitor eh?" She snorted. "Foolish little boy."

"Dai wants to meet with you, but I think you should be beheaded." Rin growled.

"And who would do it?" She smirked under her mask. "You?"

"I cut off your arm didnt I?" He asked. She punched him in the face again.

"You couldtn kill me if you tried." She sneered in his face. "Now run along like a good little dog."

He whipped around ready to hit her, she jerked back andn to the side, thats when he took advantage of her awful blind spot. He gripped her arm above where it had been severed. With a practiced step he moved behind her and wrenched her stumped arm back. She cried out as it spasmed with phantom pains and joint ache. Enraged she struggled. "How hard could it be to catch one little cripple?"

She dropped ot the ground and slid underneath his legs she came up with a knife in her hand and his neck underneath it. She brushed her lips against his ear. "Extremly." She kicked him and as he hit the ground she lunged for him, smashing the knife in hit tunic, leaving him stuch against the ground.

She turned and walked away, last moment she turned to look at his embarassed and upset face. She smirked, anjoying his suffering if only for a bit. Then she decided to takie pity and answer his earlier statement. "Your father doesnt need an audience with me. We've already met. The usual time at the usual place."


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