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Ninja Passion

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The City of Chimes has been ruled by the Empire and enforced by Ninja clans for as long as time has existed. In this city ruled by said clans, two ninjas find love in the most remarkable of places. Lady Io has long since retired, but Jin reminds her of a past, a cause she hasnt fought for in so long. Until his clan is set to fall and his life is placed in jeopardy. One retired Ninja cant help but pick up her sword once more to held the man she loves. View table of contents...


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Jin was surprised when they arrived at the scene. None of the other Clans had been sent out, since this was in the Black Ravens jurisdiction. He slid into position on the roof and looked at Rin. His elder brother sighed but edged back and let Jin take the lead. Rin was demoted for the month. So he slipped down into the shadows and motioned for the others to block the possible exits and rush the Rogues. Teh gaurds noticed them and backed off from the fight. Jin motioned and his group descended on the rogues. But just as they did the small group scattered. "Take them down!" Jin shouted. He pinpointed the leader and gave chase. He followed the Rogue into a darkened alleyway. They ran for what felt like minutes, but Jin finally unearthed a throwing knife and launched it at the intruder.

The rogue hit the ground and rolled, he came up and launched a set of throwling shurikens. Jin leapt up and rolled in the air avoiding the weapons. As he came down he flung out one had and a chain flew out. It bashed the ninja in the head and Jin whipped it back. With a rough throw he lopped the chain around the rogues neck. The rogue came up his fist flying to fight. Jin subdued him, and he frowned as he felt a harsh stab to his side. He looked down seeing the rogue spit out a knife. He growled and slugged the ninja hard. Annoyed and possibly poisoned Jin dragged the stupid rogue back to the square where the rest of the Black Ravens were carrying the other wayward intruders. They turned them over and Jin huffed a shaky breath.

"You alright brother?" Rin asked.

"Fine, I'm going back to my post now." He said and rolled his shoulders, blinking away the sudden blearyness. The other Black ravens nodded and made off back to their posts.

"Hey, Jin!" Rin called. "Try and get laid tonight, you need it."

"Shut up!" Jin shouted annoyed. He made his way across the rooftops and with every step he took he felt nauseous, dizzy. Fuck he'd been poisoned. He moved to stop, catch his bearings and try to head for home, only he slipped and right as he did, everythign went black.


Jin the Black Raven, had fought well, Io was inpressed. She'd tailed him through the fight, after assuring the others were fine. But she;d seen him get stabbed. He'd hidden it well, blasted fool. The she'd followed him as he returned to the district he patrolled. She was just below him when he fell and caught him easily. She knelt and propped him up against her right leg, sh checked his pulse and reached behind her into one of her pouches. She pulled out one of six green vials she kept on her at all times. She tipped the vial into his mouth and forced him to swallow. Then shifting him to her shoulder she lifted him up and leapt onto the roof infront of her. She followed the alleyways back to her brothel.

She scrambled into the window and shuffled into her room. She settled him on the bed and leaned back tugging her mask down. "You certainly are a hassle." She smirked. She moved into her dressing room to change into a soft silken kimono, she looped the ties and moved out to where Jin laid. With soft easy movements she laid his weaponry on one side of her bed. She removed his clothes and set them in a basket, she took them to the door and summoned one of the girls to clean them for her. She left his mask on, just so he wasnt upset. But she ranher fingers through the short black hair atop his head. She tugged one of her sheets up and settled a cool cloth on his head.

Io settled in a soft nest by the balcony. She spied her pipe waiting, fresly packed and ready to be lit. She smiled, the girls were quite efficient. She settled the pipe to her lips and lit the herbs. She inhaled a sweet smoke this time, woodsy, seemed Sakura had been shopping again. Io settled her legs up near her and waited. Hours passed as she smoked, relaxed, and allowed her muscles to ease. Another girl returned with Jin's clothing, and Io folded them with his armor and set them next to his weapons. He would wake any time now that the poison was neutralized, but he hadnt yet. Had she not used enough? She peered through the red curtains and smirked when she saw his brows furrowed. He was waking up, he was just trying to orient himself. "Are you awake now?" She asked.

"Lady Io?" He shot up and groaned.

"You alright there Ninja? Found you outside in the alleyway. Were you coming to tell me you'd reconsidered?" She asked smiling.

"Alleyway?" He frowned. "Where am I?"

"My bedroom." Io laughed as he jerked around noticing his things.

"I apologize fro the inconvenience." He said as he stood up to yank on his pants.

"All is well, staring at you naked for a while is hardly an inconvenience." She chuckled.

"Youre a crass woman Lady Io." He chuckled.

"Indeed, off so soon?" She tilted her head. "Sit. it's barely dawn."

"I couldnt." He said as he lifted his shirt and tugged it on, she sighed at the loss of those abs. Perhaps she could seduce him, it had been a while since she was interested in something. She allowed her silken robe to roll off of one shoulder. She walked over to the table where her tea pot sat seeping tea.

"Here, it'll chase that chill away." She said pouring him a cup. As she turned around his eyes shifted up from gazing at her shoulder. She smirked.

He stepped forward and took the cup. But his eyes lingered on hers. He turned and lowered his mask to drink, when he turned back it was in place once more. She sighed at the loss. She sipped her cup and inhaled it's scent. A rough hand covered her shoulder gently. She shivered at how warm his hand was. He set his own cup down under her stump and his dark voice was just behind her. "Thank you, for helping me out." He said. "You didnt have to."

"But who would refuse me if you werent around to do so?" She asked. He stiffened and his hand fell away. She looked back and gazed into his hazel eyes. "I usually have men beg me, or curse me for my lost arm. But you Black Raven Jin, you look at me as if you could ravage me for days. Then you tell me no. How odd."

He looked as if he were going to say something and she smiled, she reached into her small tin she pulled out a small red ribbon. "This is a free pass, exclusive to me. One time and one time only Jin. After that it's up to you if you return." She settled the ribbon in his hands. "You should come visit me, it's been months since I last entertained, I ache for touch. Especially touch so strong."

He shivered visibly, oh he wasnt used to lewd talk. How delightful, she enjoied the power it gave her. She looked down to where his cock would be,she really was dissipointed that she hadnt looked earlier. His gloved fingers curled around the ribbon and he stepped forward, his free hand coming up to cover the end of her stump. She hissed and moved to jerk away, only his eyes froze her. "This doesnt make you a cripple Lady Io, I dont see the loss of your arm. I refuse you because I dont want to pay you for service. I want you to want sex. It has to be more than an act for me."

Her eyes widened, surely he didnt think... Io only took men who appealed to her. It was purely on her desires, it was always real for her. "Perhaps you misunderstand Jin." She leaned up and pressed her face next to his ear. Every hard inch of him pressed against her. "Thats what the ribbon is for."

She leaned back and walked away she unlatched the window and picked up her pipe, she smacked it twice and pinched a bit of herbs to press within the pipe. She lifted it and then lit the center. She looked back at Jin and waved, "Off you go, I have to sleep before I can function later."

He stared at her for a moment longer. Then he came forward and looked down at her, the intensity of his stare drew color to her cheeks. Then he was gone, out the window and up on the opposite roof. She looked after that enigmatic ninja and smirked. She hoped he would return, she could use a distraction.


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