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Ninja Passion

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The City of Chimes has been ruled by the Empire and enforced by Ninja clans for as long as time has existed. In this city ruled by said clans, two ninjas find love in the most remarkable of places. Lady Io has long since retired, but Jin reminds her of a past, a cause she hasnt fought for in so long. Until his clan is set to fall and his life is placed in jeopardy. One retired Ninja cant help but pick up her sword once more to held the man she loves. View table of contents...


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Ten years later

Jin was walking along the rooftops. His arms were chilled by the night air, but he was pleased by the chill. It eased the ache of his earlier sparing. His rounds in the J┼Źnetsu district left him bored, no one messed with the geishas or the working girls. Even the houses were the male protitutes worked were left alone. Their red light district was in an upper rung of the City. The crime was in the lowest rung, Jin wondered if he was getting off easy working here. But then he knew, his father thought he was too uptight, to literal with their work. His brothers and comrades wanted him to abuse his role and pay for soem attention. He sighed as he walked along the roof top. He paused as he always did when walking by the House of Euphoria. It was run by a pair of women, Lady Io and Lady Sakura. Their women were taken in when they ran from their former employers. It was rumored to hold even male workers. They were notorious for their skill and their lack of tolerance.

He frowned beneath his cloth mask as he saw a man come flying out of the open doorways. Soem fo the girls screamed and scrambled inside. Out walked Lady Io, she held a pipe in her hand as she exhaled a bit of clove smoke. "How many times must we tell you." She hissed. "You dont get to beat my girls."

"A whore is still a whore, I paid for my service!" The man bellowed. Lady Io shifted her kimono moving with her and she knocked her pipe empty before she handed it to a girl who rushed to take it. Lady Io was a beautiful woman, her skin wa a pale creamy tan color. Her hair swept up in an elegant design, a small coy comb was set in the mass at the back of her head. She was always made up perfectly, her eyes lined with khol, her lips ruby with paint. But she avoided powder, and it was always appealing to look at.

"Perhaps you did." She stepped forward, her eyes narrowed and she placed he hand on her hip. "Shall I be the one to service you? I dare you to try beating me into submission."

Jin's spine tingled as her sultry tone filtered right up to him. Only the man struggled to his feet and looked at her, a leer really, and Jin scowled in annoyance. Women were meant to be observed, honored, nto treated like filth. This man only wanted to violate Lady Io. "I wouldnt want a cripple like you, damaged goods."

Jin's eyes widened in shock, his suspicions now confirmed. He'd thought her arm was merely weak so she never used it, but as Lady Io turned her head she lunged forward, one shapely leg swept out and threw the man on the ground. "You filthy peice of shit!" Lady Io shouted, "I'll kill you!"

Jin jumped down, just as the man's friends exited the House of Euphoria. They began to move of Lady Io just as Jin dropped to the ground. He stood up and they cursed. "Shit, It's a Black Raven!" One of them yelled. They scrambled off and Lady Io shouted again.

"Come back and I'll tear your testicles off for the offense!" She growled.

"Thats not the way to keep business Lady Io." Jin said, she cast him a sidelong glance and sighed.

"I know, Sakura will be mad." Lady Io smiled. "Unless youre willing to pay for the loss."

"You know where I stand on this." Jin smirked as she leered at him.

"Shame, I can taste you from here." She turned and slid her left hand over his armor. "I may be missing an arm, but I assure you, I'm better than any girl in here."

He had no doubt about that, he'd heard rumors of those men lucky enough to land a session with Lady Io. Her skills were rivaled only by Lady Sakura. he looked down at her, allowing his eyes to graze over the tops of her breasts barely concealed by the cream kimono she wore over a red layer. Her furisode was beautiful. Images of fish swimming and water splashing. She looked him over and when their eyes met she looked amused. "Hmm, perhaps I should give you a discount, maybe even a pass card." She said with a lusty tone.

Damn the woman was hard to say no to. He didnt want to pay for Lady Io, he wanted... A shriek came from above and he looked up seeing the albino raven his father used to call for their ninjas. "Jin!" A voice called. He looked up seeing Rin above.

"Another time Lady Io." Jin said and ran over to the store front he'd dropped from. With a few expert steps he was scaling a pipe and joining his brothers as they started running. "What's happened?"

"The palace gaurds are fighting rival ninjas in the square!" One of the other ninjas said. Jin nodded and moved to join Rin at the head of the group.


Io walked back inside the brothel and spotted Sakura already. Her kimono's always sported cherry blossoms, as if she were living up to her chosen name. "Yes, yes, I'm sorry." Io said. "I just dont like seeing them get hit."

"I know, but you have got to learn to threaten and not assault." Sakura said touching Io's face.

"I dont like it, they think because of my arm I'm worthless." Io hissed. "I'll be damned if some filthy piece of shit is goinmg to call me a cripple."

"Yes yes." Sakura smiled. "You saw that ninja again."

"He always seems to be patrolling right when I lose my temper." Io chuckled. "Keeps refusing to come in though."

"I wonder why queen of vulgarities." Sakura laughed. They turned at the same time as Tu-Li appeared. "What is it?"

"Rouge Ninja's in the Square. The Black Ravens were dispatched to handle it." Tu-Li said. Her eyes were hard as she went from reporting to Sakura to looking at Io for direction.

"Ill go." Io said.

"Io!" Sakura snapped. "You cant."

"Uh, yes I can." Io said, "This way I wont assault any one else."

She was already walking away before Sakura could complain more. She was always such a worry wart. Io walked up the staircase and down the farthest hallway towhere her suite was. She slid her door to the side before she went in and locked it. Immediatly she started to loosen her kimono and remove the whole thing. She undid her hair and carefully placed her comb and pins on her vanity. She walked into the huge closet that held her kimonos, and her other clothes. She dragged a trunk out from under a table. She settled her palm on one of the locks and turned it before she used the key around her neck to unlock the whole thing. It lifted and she sank her hand in and lifted her ninja gear. She dressed easily and froze when she heard her window open. Fuuka climbed in and settled her Kimono back over her legs. "Youre going to need help attatching the armor."

"Thank you." Io smiled and allowed Fuuka to dress her fast. She was armed and protected in a matter of seconds. Her scarf was settled around her head and her cloth mask pulled up. Her hair fell in a messy plait around her and a small false arm was attatched to her elbow, then wrapped around a false sword at one of her hips. The other more useful one was above it. She turned and with a swift movement she was outside the window and scaling the wall with one hand. She was off on the rooftops silently and stealthily. She just wanted to ensure the Black Raven Clan could handle the situation. That way life was safe for every one here.


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