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Ninja Passion

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The City of Chimes has been ruled by the Empire and enforced by Ninja clans for as long as time has existed. In this city ruled by said clans, two ninjas find love in the most remarkable of places. Lady Io has long since retired, but Jin reminds her of a past, a cause she hasnt fought for in so long. Until his clan is set to fall and his life is placed in jeopardy. One retired Ninja cant help but pick up her sword once more to held the man she loves. View table of contents...


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It was a hot July night when it happened. One moment the palace was quite, relaxed. The next chaos erupted as a small band of ninjas infiltrated the Empires impregnable castle. Their leader, a woman, her hair wild in the wind as she held her blade to the Emperors neck. His eyes wide in panic, her band of Ninjas stood their ground as the five Clans descended in the palace with malicious force. But Kyoko the Crimson was not to be trifled with, her intent was known. The Emperor had delt behind he city's back and handed over land to opposing kingdoms in exchange for riches. Due to the nature of the crime, it was quiet, the lands were razed in "wild fires" or "bandit attacks" What he had not known was that a small village of ninja's had existed in their lands. Under the secrecy of the Clans protection.

When the Emperor allowed such attacks, he broke what trust and treaties he held with the Jade Clan. And their last members were here to enact justice for their fallen comrades. Their families, and the innocents who were slain for their land. Kyoko slashed the Emperors neck in revenge and her band fought to escape. The all managed, but in a last fight with the Eldest son of the Black Raven Clan, her right arm was severly wounded.

In an attempt to track Kyoko and her Jade Ninjas down, they failed to find the trail. Kyoko and her people had vanished almost instantly.


"Ah!" Kyoko screamed as Ho carried her through the woods, away from the City as fast as possible.

Mitsuki came up as they stopped, jerking down her silver mask and touching Kyoko's face. "Leave me, I'll leave a trail." Kyoko hissed.

"No!" Mitsuki hissed. "You avenged our people today, and you fought to get us all away, we wont shame you by leaving you behind."

"This arm is holding on by skin!" Kyoko jerked off of Ho's back and the small band of Ninjas all jerked back in shock. The arm was dangling from the elbow, "I wont make it far, Hell I'll bleed out! Leave me!"

Li came up behind her and struck her on the neck, she toppled instantly, where Fuu caught her. "What do we do now?" Fuu looked up. Li looked at the arm as she bleed on the grass.

"She's losing too much blood, we need to remove the arm the rest of the way off and cauterize the wound." Li said as she jerked her gloves off and tied a sash toghtly around Kyoko's arm to stanch the bleeding. They all looked to Mitsuki and she rubbed her face looking at Ho and Gin who stood back, shaken but Kyoko's injury. Mitsuki sighed, they were young all of them, five years younger then Kyoko and herself. As her best friend Mitsuki would bear the responsibility. She would take Kyoko's anger and her shame.

"Theres no way to save the arm?" Mitsuki asked.

"No." Li said as she rubbed her forehead. "This is a ragged wound, the arm is completly severed its pure luck it hasnt fallen off."

"Then do it." Mistuki said. "Weve lost enought comrades, I wont lose any more."


Jin rubbed his face as he stumbled into the compound. His brother patted his back behind him and moved past tugging his mask down and removing his hood. Jin followed suit and they stripped of their weapons. "Was it necessary to cut her arm like that?" Jin asked.

"She was a traitor Jin." Rin said.

"Only because the Emperor betrayed us, and in his actions we betrayed the Jade Clan." Jin said.

"It is a terrible thing." Their father was sitting on the roof above them, holding a small cup of sake. "The loss of the Jade Clan, they were powerful, and strong. I'm sorry Kuso."

"A loss father? They killed the emperor!"Rin snapped.

"The plan had been to marry Kyoko and her elder sister to you two." Dai said. "Kyoko and Kyota would have made fine warriors, fine brides. But we failed to hear from them a month ago, we thought it was due to the bandits intercepting a messenger. But now I know, we were all betrayed."

"I was going to marry that traitor?" Rin demanded.

"That traitor was the most powerful kunoichi to grace these lands, boy. Revenge is a bitter thing, but regret and pain last a life time. Kyoko assassinated the Emperor tonight to prove she feels no regret. This was for her Clan. I would burn this whole City down if one of my clan died. It's only logical she sought to collapse the corruption a it's source to avenge her lost Clan." Dai stood up and walked along the tile roof. Jin watched his father, taking in what the lesson was here. "We must respect those that took their actions and bear that weight. Kyoko will never return here, but if she were to return, you bring her to me. Understood."

"Yes, Father!" Jin and Rin said at the same time.


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