Ninja Passion

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 1, The City of Chimes has been ruled by the Empire and enforced by Ninja clans for as long as time has existed. In this city ruled by said clans, two ninjas find love in the most remarkable of places. Lady Io has long since retired, but Jin reminds her of a past, a cause she hasnt fought for in so long. Until his clan is set to fall and his life is placed in jeopardy. One retired Ninja cant help but pick up her sword once more to held the man she loves.

So Happy Birthday To Me!! I was bored as the 8th turned into the 9th and I'm eagerly awaiting the day  now. So here I am posting something out of boredom again. Bad Amaris! But heres some good smut, theres gonna be lots of plot, but I'm going to amp up the sex factor in this one. So enjoy. :)

I no own pictures. I just think they look awesome. :)


Courtesan Name: Lady Io/ Ninja Name: Kyoko


Black Raven Clan: Kazuma Jin

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