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Lennah has fallen, landed in Hell for a betrayal too strong for her to mention. The Blind Angel of faith has fallen, and even the King of Hell is intrigued by the beauty before him. Keir has been alone a long time, his body crying out for release, ease. Grim has also denied himself joy, love, as Death his only job is to ferry souls, and end lives. Companionship with the King is all that keeps him going, until the special and rare Lennah appears. They must protect her in their kingdom or the Hell Demons will do what they will with one as pure as her. View table of contents...


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Grim slung a chair against a wall as he vented his frustration. He listened to his brothers talk outside the joint throne room they shared. He looked at the crumbled remains of his throne. "Why is he acting liek this?" Famine asked.

"Something must have happened." Fury added in.

"So were finally destroying that palace?" War asked, his voice sounded just a little too pleased.

"Do so and Die." Grim hissed.

"Brother what has you upset?" Fury snarled. "I can feel the anger inside you, tell us and we will deal with it."

"No." Grim picked up a broken peice of marble and slung it after the throne of his. It crumbled upon impact. He gave a roar of anger and blasted the rubble with green fire. He looked to his brothers who were standing far enough away to not bother him but close enough to inspect him. He growled and ripped his hood off. "I bled the king."

"Ooh?" Famine grinned his amber eyes glowing in a face as skinny and gaunt as any emaciated man. Only he was muscular, wearing a yellow sleeveless coat over his bare chest, his leather pants fit into his armored boots. "How did it taste?"

"Too good I presume?" Fury smirked. He wore silver today, his black leather coat tight over his borad shoulders and silver shirt. Upon closer inspection, the shirt was made of silver links making a fine mail. His ripped jeans were over black biker boots. War however was wearing sweat pants with tennis shoes on. He must have been working out.

"Far too good." Grim hissed.

"Shall we get you more?" War asked. "When you get angry we wonder if were going to ride again, let us calm you brother as you do us."

Grim nodded at them but ignored the offer. "If I get the Kings blood it will be by my own means." Grim huffed. "His puny little demons get too presumputous when I am near. Good conversation flies out the door, I havent eaten in days, the souls aren't coming in as frequent, and I cant remember the last time I got to seriously kill something."

"This isnt healthy brother." Famine touched his arm, Grim flinched but looked into Famines face, his lanky black hair pulled back today. Infact they all had black hair, Fury's was feathered and long, War's was short... almost military cut. His gotee matching his hair. Grim wondered when they actually stumbled out of their drunken binge to look this decent. Usually Grim had to snap at them to even dress, it was a wonder he wasnt blind yet. "Go up to some of the higher levels, go kill something, watch the demons try to bother you. Infact lets all go, a bit of horseman retribution is in order."

"Indeed, perhaps they need to be put in their places." Fury grinned his evil smirk. "No one faces off with a horseman and lives to tell the tale without meeting the other brothers."

"I vote it so." War touched Grim's head. "You need to feed brother, and unless you are willing to go open a vein from Keir this is our only option."

"Lets go then." Grim nodded his death cloak flowed over him, he looked at his book still suspiciously absent of names. He huffed and his brothers followd in the rise of Horseman strength. He flashed out into the ice plains, his brothers at his side as they stood in full armor and cloaks. Grim held out a hand as his steed fose from the ice, the zombie horse had green fire glowing in his eyes, around his hooves. Patches of skin were missing, ribs and bone showing here and there. Grim cooed to his steed. HIs head looked over and Grim smirked. he slid up onto his saddle and looked at his brothers. "Lets have some fun."


Lennah froze as a portal opened up infront of her and the other five. She blinked as Keir stepped out, they knelt as one and Keir snorted. "Dont bow to me." he hissed. "And get back to the castle. It's not safe out here."

"Why not my lord?" Ans asked.

"The Horseman have ridden out into Hell." Keir hissed. "Go into the portal now."

Lennah was lifted by Quinn and they hustled it inside. "What happened?" Lennah asked.

"Grim got into a fight with Quik and lost control of his urges, I dont know why they are riding out. Surely not for retribution, it's just not worth it." Keri growled and opened a huge sphere of silver mercury. "To all Level Lords, pull your legions in, the Horseman ride any fool left out is fodder, any stragler is worthless to us."

He looked at Lennah and the rest of them, "Lets hope they arent pissed."


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