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Lennah has fallen, landed in Hell for a betrayal too strong for her to mention. The Blind Angel of faith has fallen, and even the King of Hell is intrigued by the beauty before him. Keir has been alone a long time, his body crying out for release, ease. Grim has also denied himself joy, love, as Death his only job is to ferry souls, and end lives. Companionship with the King is all that keeps him going, until the special and rare Lennah appears. They must protect her in their kingdom or the Hell Demons will do what they will with one as pure as her. View table of contents...


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Lennah realized with blinding clarity that she liked being able to see. She stood in a robe, her torso was still bandaged, but she wasnt in pain anymore. She could smell both Keir and Grim. She shouldnt be calling Keir by his name, she realized. He was the King of Hell, the Dark Lord; she shoudl recognize him as such. She was becoming A demon, she should start acting like one, and that meant bowing down to the king. She looked out at a black courtyard, the castle they were in was like a huge temple, open halls and firelit sconces. She looked beyond, a maze surrounded the castle before it turned into an ice field where the forsaken and betrayers spent eternity frozen alive. "Do you like it?" She twisted as she saw Keir there. He was watching her, his eerie red eyes amused.

"I suppose I should learn to." She remarked. "It is my home now."

"That is a way of looking at it." He stepped up next to her. "I hate this place."

"It is your kingdom." She said.

"Bah." He frowned at her. "The kingdom I wanted was out of my grasp when I wanted it, and now that I have one, it is equally useless."

"The kingdom rules over even Earth now." Lennah remarked.

"Hah, that was not my victory, but the one of my eldest son." Keir laughed. "Perhaps you should meet my sons, it will amuse you to know unlike the rest of the demons I am able to breed."

"How is that possible?" She asked.

"Ah, a secret I like to keep hidden." He smiled darkly, she huffed and looked down. She wasnt used to seeing anything, so seeing all of this, him it was hard to take in.

"Is that why Grim kept his face hidden?" She asked. "A secret?"

"It is best you dont see his face, or anyone seeing it for that matter." Keir looked animated then.

"Why?" She liked this change, it was like a crack in his exterior.

"Because you will lose yourself to him as I have. And I have only glimpsed his face once." Keir admitted. "Speak of that to no one."

"I wouldnt dare," She said. He was in love with Grim? How interesting. The great and mighty King of Hell in love with Death. "What am I to do now?"

"Ah, usually new fallens are taken to the uppermost level, and tested to see what kind of demon you are going to be." Keir said and looked back out the window. "I cant keep track of everything, but you are a different creature. One of six that I have here in my abode, Forsaken Demons are my property, my legion. We share this level of hell with the Horseman. They are not our creatures and are free to roam the levels unhindered. You my dear are restricted to this level of Hell."

"Because I have Forsaken Heaven." She spoke.

"Yes, when you are uninjured you are welcome to meet the other five demons that will become your allies, co workers as the humans used to say eons ago." Keir looked up at the ceiling. "This is your home, and unlike in Heaven I ensure my demons are taken care of, you have but one duty now that you are here."

"That is?" She asked.

"Torturing the humans that fall here. They have earned their Hell and you will punish them." Keir looked at her, seeking for a weakness she knew should be there. She should be opposed to harming humans. But she just didnt feel it.

"You've got it, your majesty." She spoke.

"Keir." He corrected, that evil smirk crossed his face as he leaned into her. "You... my call me Keir."

She found herself in his arms, her lips meshed to hiss as he kissed her breathless, she was weak in the knees as his fangs brushed her lip, his breath mingling with hers. She was helpless to do anything but experience her first kiss. She was lost in it as he pulled back and set her on her feet. She watched him smile and tell her to get some rest then he left.


"Just couldnt help yourself could you?" Grim asked as he watched keir exit the fallens room. Keir looked at him amused.

"We'll it's not like you'll kiss me." Keir teased. But even Grim felt the tension there, he couldnt kiss Keir. The King was off limits... to everyone. "She's beautiful, and she's now mine. I like beautiful things and quite frankly she takes the cake out of all the women I've ever seen."

"I agree." Grim spoke.

"Youre welcome to try for her too if you want Grim." Keir smirked. "I wouldnt mind sharing you with her."

"Behave yourself my lord." Grim growled. This was dangerous ground they were treading, and Keir knew it. This angel unsettled him somehow, Grim was almost afraid to go into her room and investigate her.

"Yes, yes." Keir waved a hand his long black hair trailing down his chest as he started walking. Grim followed if only to find conversation with his friend. Time went by slowly here. And one could only find delight in torture or lust here, seeing as how Grim couldnt torture without killing, and the only things he lusted for was out of his reach. He found himself at the Kings castle everyday, seeking conversation and banter.

"The ball is coming up soon, how do you plan to hide her then?" Grim asked.

"Thats where you come in." Keir smirked in that knowing way that usualy meant they were going to face down something that could potentially hurt them. And that was saying something.

"Gods above, what?" Grim huffed.

"You are going to claim her as Death property." Keir smirked.

"But she's a demon, therefor your property." Grim sighed. What was Keir getting him into now. "Fury, Famine, and War wont like it."

"They dont like anything but women and booze." Keir waved a hand. "I'll supply them with a bribery."

"You know, one of these days, my brothers wont like you bribing them." Grim said waith a wave of his hand, if Keir wanted this to happen, he was more than willing to hide the girl and keep his brothers drunk and happy as he did.

"Nah," Keir looked over. "I'm more worried about my sons and the demoness' finding her. She's the first female to land in my level, they wont like something so tantilizing in my view."

"I dont either." Grim smiled. "It usally means it's in my view too."

"Lust begets us all Grim." Keir entered his office and planted himself at his chessboard. Grim sat opposite as they set up a game.

"So I take her as mine then what?" Grim asked.

"We share?" Keir looked up heat in his eyes.

"Try again." Grim growled. "Fool."

"Cant blame me." Keir touched his lips. "Theres something about her, she was such a good angel, what made her fall?"

"Who knows, it must have been something bad." Grim looked at Keir, he looked like he was turning a puzzle in his head. "I'm mor curious about what gets that bad up there that The Faith falls."

"Was it trechery onthe angels part?" Keir asked. "It's been so long since I've danced angel politics."

"Indeed, you'll have to ask her." Grim suggested.

"Ooh, want me to kiss her again?" Keir smirked. "Want to watch?"

"You're vulgar." Grim bit out, even as his stomach contracted in lust. This girl was dangerous, her affect was already seeping into their blood. Keir was almost as lost as he was when he had a harem. For some reason it was more attractive seeing Keir intrigued by her than a dozen demon females. He could live with visiting without demoness' hissing at him.

"Anyways, let me smooth her way into society here, then we can go from there." Keir moved a peice of his side and Grim growled. He'd lost his knight.

"Fair enough, but what do I get out of this?" Grim took th eopportunity to jump the gun and claim Keir's queen.

"Arrogant." Keir muttered. "You want a go at the woman, your welcome to try."

"Now who's arrogant?" Grim muttered.

"Ah, well Lennah appears to be good company, she should keep you entertained with conversation, as you like." Keir looked up his humor in his eyes. "I'll even include a Make-Keir-Do-Something-He-Doesnt-Want-To card."

"I like those." Grim spoke. "Good enough, so I get Lennah, a bribe for my brothers, and a Keir card."

"When you say it like that I got the short end of the stick."Keir growled. "Yes, keep her safe, an angel like her is a rare thing, I'd rather not see her destroyed so early in her existance in my legion."

"Why didnt you just ask the Forsaken?" Grim asked.

"Too evil." Keir moved his knight and suddenly Grim was done, check mate. Damn.

"You like that dont you?" Grim asked.

"I asked you because you wont be tempted to take her life, I want her capable of defending herself. Angels keep their Faith weak, blind, barely a fighter. I want my demons strong, able to go to war at any second. It's how I like things done." Keir set up another game. "She looks to be a good asset, so lets keep her alive."

"I can do that." Grim spoke as he made his first move, it was Grim's lonely goal in life to give Keir hell, and in turn be his friend. So if keeping Lennah alive was Keirs goal, it was Grims too.


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