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Lennah has fallen, landed in Hell for a betrayal too strong for her to mention. The Blind Angel of faith has fallen, and even the King of Hell is intrigued by the beauty before him. Keir has been alone a long time, his body crying out for release, ease. Grim has also denied himself joy, love, as Death his only job is to ferry souls, and end lives. Companionship with the King is all that keeps him going, until the special and rare Lennah appears. They must protect her in their kingdom or the Hell Demons will do what they will with one as pure as her. View table of contents...


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Keir walked along the plains of the ice level of Hell. At his side walked his most trusted companion, Grim. Grim was the exact nature of his name; the Grim Reaper, death personified. Grim was Keir's companion because Keir liked talking to people outside his control. As the Dark Lord, and King of Hell he relished anything that made his life less dull. Sure killing, mutilation, and torture did it for him, but talking to Grim always seemed to make Keir feel less like a worthless excuse for a being. Perhaps because they were the same on most levels. "Keir, you need to chose another lover soon, the women are starting to plot, and the more they do the more deaths appear in my book." Grim continued their argument. Of course Keir should choose a lover soon, the more women the merrier, but Keir was too tired for that. Navigating the womens petty machinations was hard enough. What he needed was a Queen, but that was out of the question, Keir didnt share power.

"I get it Grim, ease your work load." Keir waved a hand. "How about you elevate some of mine and just obliterate the demons here. I like my solitude, yet here we are, a kingdom of demons all vying for my throne, my life."

"I could just kill you my lord." Grim tilted his hooded heard over, there was no missing the smirk on his friends lips, Keir licked his own watching him take joy from the idea of his death. Perhaps age had weakened Keir, the idea of his own death at Gims hands turned him on. He smirked and looked ahead again. In his heart he felt the Hell Realm open up, not one of the gates that was always opened in all the other leavels of Hell but one to this level. His personal sancutary, the ninth level of hell, the level of the betrayers. He smiled as he wondered what would come here now, he looked at Grim who was also surprised looked at him. Though his hood obscured most of his face they were intrigued. Keir waved off the gaurds behind him and they sprinted to where a burning mass was falling into the ice world. He slid onto the ice and sprinted his boots smashing as he went. He knew how cold this place could be, it was his punishment, but he relished anything that pissed off God.

The ground shook as impact his and he stared past the trees of frozen people. He shouted as Grim leapt ahead, his feathered wings taking him up. Keir slid into the huge crater the fallen angel made. He stopped as Grim landed next to the robed form, the cream robe burned to black, long white hair was already staining black. Keir leaned down pulling the robed hood back, he gasped. It was a woman, her long hair burned but mostly intact, she was blindfolded and garbed in gauze, her silver armor light, she wasnt a warrior angel but she could fight. "Grim?" He asked. It had been a long time since Keir had walked amongst the angels. Who was this one that landed in his realm, the first to do so?

"That is the Faith." Grim leaned close and touched her face. "She'd the being who is completly unblinded by emotion in her faith to God."

"Damn." Keir smirked, already seeing the worth this woman held. "The Faith has fallen from grace, a betrayer at that."

"It would seem Hell is suddenly much more interesting." Grim chuckled. "You should tend to her, I'll come too."


Grim watched as the doctors made quick work of the Faith's wounds, she had her wings still, which was odd, they were usually cut off and cauterized. Keir was thrilled, and it pleased Grim to see his lord and master amused. Grim was also amused, how did she fall, who was this angel that rose to the rank of Faith? He wanted to know, and watching Keir this enthused made Grim want to do things he knew he shouldnt. He'd done damn well keeping their friendship light, impersonal. Even if it burned in his balls to touch the King. The woman stirred, she lashed out, fierce power flung the demons away, it burned Grim's skin even Keir winced.

"Easy." Keir's booming voice snatched the room and the blindfolded fallen looked over, she frowned.

"Where am I?" She demanded.

"Hell." Keir spoke.

She laughed, "So it's finally happened." She smiled and lifted her hands, she pulled the blindfold off and they were looking into the bluest eyes they had ever seen. Grim's eyes widened, he was enthralled. Keir's red blazed in intrest. "I can presume you are Lu-" She started. Keir leapt forward hand over her mouth.

"No reason to be calling useless things now." He growled. "I am Keir, King of Hell. This is Grim, the Reaper and Rider of the Apocalypse Death. You are?"

"Lennah." She looked down, the blindfold was a lie, Grim felt it, she wasnt blind at all. "Am I a demon now?"

"You are on the road to becoming one, seeing as you have landed here in the ninth layer, you are now my property, my demon to command." Keir smiled. "I hope you enjoy the life here, its all you'll be seeing from now on."

"Is that so?" She looked at him darkly. "What if I dont?"

"I kill you." Grim spoke darkly.


Lennah blinked as she looked at the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen, garbed in armor and royal clothing he was deadly looking. He had black hair streaked with white, and red eyes that pierced her. This was the first time in centuries she'd laid eyes on a man, and he was absolutely stunning. She looked at the other man, he was alsmost identical in height and build. Only he wore a long coat augumented into his armor and clothing. The hood was pulled low only exposing his clean shaven chin, his eyes hidden among shadows. As well as his nose. But she could feel in her bones he was attractive. She was pleased to note she'd landed in the least populated part of Hell. At least here she didnt run the risk of becoming fodder or a slave.

"What do I do now?"She asked. She hadnt thought this far ahead, merely getting away from the golden lie that was Heaven.

"Well you rest, and I come back to teach you what demon powers you are going to gain, who you will be now that you have become evil."Keir smirked. "Be thankfult he king himself will teach you."

"I'll keep him inline princess." Grim grinned. "He needs more people here to bust his balls."

"Gah, thats what I need." Keir frowned. Lennah found herself amused by their banter, they were friends, who'd have though the two most heartless men in the entire universe were this easy to exist about. Keir shook his head and waved Grim ahead of him. "Sleep well Lennah, after this day, you are a demon, plain and simple, the cushy life is gone. Welcome to Hell."


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