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Lennah has fallen, landed in Hell for a betrayal too strong for her to mention. The Blind Angel of faith has fallen, and even the King of Hell is intrigued by the beauty before him. Keir has been alone a long time, his body crying out for release, ease. Grim has also denied himself joy, love, as Death his only job is to ferry souls, and end lives. Companionship with the King is all that keeps him going, until the special and rare Lennah appears. They must protect her in their kingdom or the Hell Demons will do what they will with one as pure as her. View table of contents...


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Lennah glared at the space Keir had just vacated. "What is going on?" She snapped at Grim. He sighed and held out a hand.

"Come, lets get you to a bed, you're barely standing." He came forward, his clothing was just as plain, just as normal as before. He looked non threatening but what wasnt she getting about this moment. She jerked her hand free of his grip.

"What is he fighting?" She demanded.

"Lennah there are things only he can face." Grim growled. "I want to help too, but The Sentient is a foe not even a horseman is allowed to face."

"Why?" She demanded.

"Because it hunts him." Grim came forward and scooped her up into his arms. She started to fight but he let out a growl at her actions. He looked normal, and from his snarl she gleaned his teeth were normal, then what had happened in the inbetween world. She frowned, there was so much she didnt know, whould they ever even tell her?

"What is the Sentient?" She asked.

"The Sentient, is a cesspool of evil." Grim walked through the doors nearest them out into an elaborate black marble hallway. As he passed sconces lit with green fire. Then he turned into a room. It was huge, a massive black bed took up most of a wall, its four poster bed covered by tattered black curtains. The posts were of skeletons, carved from the wood, but upon further inspection she could see they were real, and covered in black age. "Sorry, those are the bodies of my greatest enemies. Men who have staved off death before I was appointed. I hunted all of them, and stole their life before their eyes. So I made them decorations on my bed to appease my humor."

"Really?" She looked at him and he grinned.

"I placed them there to scare people who come here, no. These are just skeletons of people I bought in a demon market." He grinned and depostited her on a way too comfy bed. It was soft, covered in silk and satin. She looked at him and he laughed again. "Okay, even I like to feel comfortable when I sleep."

"Do you sleep with the hood on too?" She growled.

"Nope." he turned and stalked to a small bar to the side of this huge bedroom. He poured a glass of wine and watched her.

"So you have to feed on demon blood." She looked at him as he drank, damn that hood was good at hiding his upper face. "And Keir feeds on Angel blood."

"Keir needs the angel blood, he kept alot of his divinity when he fell, it morphed him into the monster he is." Grim waved a hand and pored a second glass, he came forward and handed her a glass of wine. "The angel blood keeps him from succumbing to his usual desires to help humans and angels. He hated that about himself, but there is power when he uses his divinity. To keep it he needs to keep angel blood inside him. If he lets go of the monster he's an angel, if he lets go of the angel he's amonster."

"Keir is the perfect balance." She breathed.

"Exactly." Grim looked at her. "I suspect he told you about why I need souls and demon blood."

"Yes." She tilted her head. "You need it but you didnt eat for eighteen days."

"That wasnt my fault, I try to keep it plain, I feed when I need to but only when demon names appear in my book." He rubbed his chin. "Name's havent appeared in over twenty days. I keep threatening demons so they cant tell the difference, but I do. I havent even been called to reap a human life in that much time. Something is wrong."

"Does it have something to do with the Sentient?" Lennah asked, she hoped Keir was okay.

"It shouldnt." Grim sighed. "That idiot always has to do everything on his own."

"What is he doing?" She asked. "What is it, why does it hunt him?"

"The Sentient is a being made from the collective bodies of evil. Called by a siren and formed to be the being it is, it is stationary, but its stationary form is invincible. It speaks and attacks from black orbs, so big they can destroy everything. Keir routinly fights them, but they continue to comeback. The Sentient is almost all seeing, and it knows where everyone is. Only Keir fights it because anyone else it swallows." Grim explained. Lennah felt a trill of fear ice her heart. Keir was fighting that thing? "It hunts him because he himself is all powerful, Keir is the most powerful being in the universe. If he so chose he could kill God and take his kingdom."

"Why didn't he?" Lennah asked, Keir was that powerful? She was always taught no one overpowerd God.

"Keir hates God, but he hates humans more, his anger is at humanity, so the demons focus on the humans." Grim sighed. "As for why he didnt just kill God, or why he doesnt... you'd have to ask him."

"Shit." She cursed and looked at Grim. "So what, we wait for him to come back?"

"Nope, I was going to drug you and leave you here, then take off to help him." Grim looked at her, his mouth turned up in amusement.

"I cant tell if you're sarcastic or not." She hissed at him. He smirked even wider and Lennah wanted to slap that smug grin.

"I'm always a little of both." Grim sighed. "No, we're goign to stay until I feel him in need."

"You can tell?" Lennah asked,

"We exchanged blood once, I know when he's in trouble." Grim admitted, Lennah watched his mouth change just a bit as he said that to her. She reacehd out to touch his lips.

"You love eachother dont you?" She asked.

"It is irrelevant if we love each other."Grim sighed.

"Irrelevant but true." She smiled.

"We cant be together Lennah, he is King of Hell, his demons despise me fro being friends. If I were his lover... they'd come for me and he wouldnt have much of a kingdom after that."

"But you want to." She smiled at him. "I can see it."

"I want you too princess, but you dont see me pouncing on you first chance I get." Grim growled out at her. She froze her skin tinling at his revelation, he froze as well and looked away.

"You really want me?" She asked, did he really? It wasnt just to get closer to Keir?

"Who wouldnt?" He stood and pulled her to her feet, with a palm coming up to cover her eyes she was enveloped by his arms. "Your blood fills me and all I can smell is you Lennah. As I sleep I envision you and Keir together. You torment me, make me wish for the embrace you could give me. This tiny angel body packed with so much demon, youre more evil than you let on."

"Do you have a thing for evil?" Lennah asked. He laughed as his mouth closed over hers. She agsped as he kissed her, taking full advantage to swallow her gasp and stroke her tongue with his. She leaned in and kissed him back. He fed from her, and she gave him back what he shared. Why was she so attracted? Why was she on fire?

"Gods do I want you woman." Grim pulled back. "I can feel you, so soft and inviting."

"What are you going to do about it?" She asked. He cursed and stepped back, she frowned, was that the wrong words? Sultry was what men liked right? She cursed inwardly for being blind and chaste for so long.

"We're going to get Keir and then we talk about where this goes." Grim sighed. "I cant take you without him."

"Why?" She asked.

"Because he wants you too." Grim looked away. "It wouldnt be fair if we didnt atleast fight for the right to show you what desire is first."

"You want to fight over me?" Lennah asked, she frowned, was that bad? Didnt women usualy hate that about men. Grim walked closer and stole another more powerful kiss that left her almost legless.

"Gods do I want to." Grim growled against her. "I'll take you now and he'd be pissed. If I'm first I want to earn the right to teach you. Keir will want to earn the right to teach you first too."

She laughed. "You two are so weird." She smiled. "Okay macho death, we'll go find Keir and bring him here, then the two of you can duke it out and see who gets to fuck me first."

"Believe me Lennah." He tugged her against his side as they exited the room and walked back down the long ornate marble hallway. "I will be first, and I'll make you scream in pleasure. A normal fuck will never amount to what I will do to you." She felt heat pool low in her core at the threat. Damn that sounded sexy and good, she stepepd forward. They needed to find Keir!


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