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Demon Trinity

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The Apocalypse ran its course when the world ended. The seven year battle between good and evil raged and ended. Hell was victorious, yet losing it its force. Angels banished from earth, humans remain hidden. Demons rule the plane. Ambrosia is the Lady of the House of Lust. She is part of the Demon council and plans to take the reigns of the planet for herself. Her Husband Zeke is the Lord of the house of Wrath. Together they plan to take over and rule with iron fists.Only they cant be recognized for even Ambrosia cant conceive an heir. Their only hope to rule lies in a human man, an Exorcist at that. One of the only survivors of the great War. Christian, the White Warrior. View table of contents...


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The apocalypse began the year 3000. Earths technology, its army, its allies... they perished under the horsemans might. Half the planet raptured the rest were bystanders as the demons crawled forth and the angels descended. A bloody war waged for seven years. The demons prevailed, and Earth became Hell above. The remaining humans then rose up to battle the demons themselves. Employing those thet were graced with fighting abilities the angels gave them. In a ditch effort to protect whjat was left of their domain. For six years the demons whittled the humans down until barely half were left again. The White knights were killed off, the humans admitted defeat.

The demons returned to Hell, and seven remained. They formed districts over the habitable planes of New Hell, and a clan house stood over the district. While the princes ran Hell below their clan houses ran New Hell above. The humans found protection and new society under the clans, those that wanted to exist there bent to the Demons will and began to live again. But the remaining resistance began to re-form under the lead of two remaining White Knights. Christian Holy and Lebaux Glory, began to rise up readying for the day they would fight again.

The demons formed two councils, the demons below grew weary of their power and laid back allowing the clans to run most everything, for it amused them. The clans themselves derived how the demons above and below would live. They had in warring but kept it easily managed. The clans rose to supreme power but in fighting about who truely ruled became violent. The demons below decided in a rare act of power that if any clan could reproduce they would rule over all. For an Heir would be the ultimate form of power. The demons above were not Fallen angels and as such were not left barren by the fall. First the House of Pride reproduced but their heir perished after birth. Their reign was usurped by the House of Greed, their child perished also at birth; the House of Sloth rose up and had an Heir that lived for five years. The House of Greed killed the Heir. Seeing that none could rule without the other houses interfearing the reproduction stopped and a grudging calm was reached.


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