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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris stared ahead at the huge District, it was Greed's district. He glared down at the Clan that was opposing his Master and Mistress, who had sent assasins for the twins and Jin. He glared with an impassive face. They were acting as if they werent really being traitors, but the orders were comming from a source in the scroll that Chris was seeking. A demon who was the Second in Command. Hamstre was orsdreng her underlings to disperse the orders. Chris was going to hunt down the underlings, a list and pictures were enclosed in the scroll and Chris had handed out the pictures to the troops behind him. He turned from the scene leaving Lebaux to watch for any threats or alerts of their prescence. The Greed Demons were in a District set in a deep gorge, it would be hard to get in and out of. But they would manage, Chris was going to clear the way both times. He looked at the humans that were still so wary of him. He watched them and nodded. "You have your pictures, and the demons that are to die. Do not under any circumstances harm the humans or any other demons. I'm not trying to make us look like damn Demon Hunters. We're the rebel forces, we oppose those who are playing dirty. These demons are, and unless you want the Clan Leader on us just kill these demons."

He pointed out and the forces whirred past on air bikes he looked at Lebaux and let his wings unfulr, the light illuminated the entire desolate gorge. He liftd into the air as Lebaux surged down into battle. Chris flew high above the District and held out his hand holy light slashed through the walls leaving a wide gap for the rebels to swarm through. He clutched his chest as he held the power. He slipped in the air and sank to his position at the hole in the wall. He needed to recouperate, he shifted when a large hand came down onto him. He twisted around the huge arm, seeing Roubo, the Slave of the Clan Master.

Chris stared up at him, he was a hulking human, his eyes glared darkness at Chris and he lifted his sword ready to fight. "How dare you!" Roubo yelled his muscles bulging, Chris dodged as Roubo lunged. Chris had never heard the Slaves voice before and it was a shock to hear it at all. He'd figured Cupiditas had ruined his voice or ordered him into silence. As Roubo clashed with Chris, his wicked sword slashing at Chris' holy blade he wondered if he should do what he'd done with Lebaux. Should he free Roubo from Cupiditas' control. As Roubo continued his berserker attacks Chris formed his armor. He dodged and deflected as he noticed the huge man was so angry he was crying. What on earth?

Cupiditas appeared between them as Chris landed a long slash down Roubo's back. He leapt back from Cupiditas, his hair was laced with silver now, his rich robes were covered in armor. He looked at Chris and frowned, the Paladin energy nicely hid his natural energy. Surely he couldnt tell who he was. Cupiditas knelt ext to his slave and pulled the huge man against his side. A violent demon glare met Chris' helment. Chris lifted his sword and Cupiditas returned his attemtion to his slave. "Easy my love." Cupiditas spoke, he eased a hand down the cut before standing and lifting the bloody hand to his face, he smeared the blood across his skin and Chris shivered. A long wicked black balde appeared in his palm and he pointed it. "You will pay for this." Cupiditas spoke. Chris stood ready, even as his Paladin strength weakened him. They clashed in a whirlwind of power, Chris prayed Cupiditas wouldnt weaken him to the point of death. He still had minutes until the escape time.


Zeke stood on the tallest spire of the Envy District, he watched as Kuisata handed off a scroll with the orders to oppose him and Ambrosia. His demons were in the darkness, they were the demons from many Clans that renounced their ties to be part of the Royal Army. He had massed nearly half the population of demons. And it was rising as the Demon populace rose. Kuisata was dangerous, and Zeke knew he was, but he didnt want to confront the bastard now. He wasnt antagonizing Chris nor Lebaux, and he was just running interfearance with Zavist. Zeke took flight as his demons slowly took out all of the demons that had the scroll, Zeke dropped down on the original messenger and hissed in his face. "Do you see me?" Zeke asked.

"Yes." The demon gasped. He was pudgy for a demon, probably comfortable in his place as a lazy collector. Zeke snarled in his face.

"Do you et your orders from Kuisata?" He asked.

"I cant-" The demon objected stumbling back, Zeke smashed him into the wall of the alleyway they were in he growled and smashed the demon again.

"I am your King, you obey me!" Zeke roared. "Do you get your orders from Kuisata?!"

"Yes!" The demon trembled and Zeke wondered if he should just hand the worthless ass over to his demons.

"Where does he get his orders?" Zeke hissed his fangs a hairsbredth away from his captive.

"I d-dont know!" He cried out his fear filled eyes made Zeke want to kill the worthless demon, he should have died before giving this information, as useful as it was a demon never betrayed the one they were sworn to.

"My lord." Zeke turned to see one of his demons melting out of the shadows. Dressed in light armor as black as night he stopped barely five feet away from Zeke. Zeke shoved the captive away and turned to his subordinate. "The rebels have been dealt with."

"Good work." Zeke spoke, and waved his charge off, lifting his hand he linked his energy to his fleeing captive, with a flick of a wrict the demon exploded a few feet down the alleyway, his guts and body splattering all over the cobblestones and houses. "Take care of that." he ordered his subordinate who was stony faced but awed by Zeke's display of strength. Sure they were sworn to his service, but sometimes a show of power would assist the obediance. He walked back to the main plaza and used his energy to smash the ground, Hell Fire licked up in the Crest of a Traitor. Zeke marked the District as it was, the demons would see it and fear for their lives if the Demon King was deeming this place as the home of traitors.

Turning he stumbled as a wave of energy was smashed against his mental barriar. It was Chris, he connected to Ambrosia and she frantically opened their link to feed energy into Chris. He was fighting Cupiditas, the raw fury on Cupiditas' face was astounding. Zeke slipped into Chris' body, his power assisting as it wa siphoned away with the power of the Paladin. Chris welcomed his intrusion as they battled Cupiditas. Zeke roared and was thrown back into his body as Chris shut their link down, determined to keep the weakening to himself. Zeke felt Ambrosia's frantic clawing at the link, she wanted to help, but Chris had retreated to battle alone. Zeke yanked a demon up, "Contact Iram, tell him I order him to contact his slave, Lebaux needs to help Chris!" He roared, the demon nodded and ranto establish contact.


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