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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris stared ahead at the camp of rebels, they were pacing about, nursing wounds, plotting their next pitiful attack on the Demons. Chris scowled as he watched them, they were going to die if they kept this up. He was sure if the humans could integrate with the demons they would see the changes. But there was no need to remain with the District Humans and wipe out the able bodied ones here. They could all live in harmony, Chris and Lebaux were living proof of that. But perhaps that was because they had lived for centuries already. He stood up annoyed in the dust and looked at Lebaux, they materialized armor and walked forward, Chris' coat billowed behind him as he walked. The rebels watched them as they approached wary about allowing them in. The gaurds moved aside as Lebaux pressed forward, he was older, thereforehe out ranked Chris most of the time, but now that Chris was the Paladin Lebaux was rumored to be his body gaurd. Unlikely, Lebaux was Chris' go to guy, he had more battle knowledge, and skill than Chris had in quite a few areas.

"I am Christian Holy, and I have returned." Chris spoke, he looked through his vizor at the troops gathering closer, one group of three stalekd forward, the only commanders left of the rebel forces.

"Returned?" The middle man hissed. "You left us."

"I was called to duty by those more powerful than I." Chris spoke, "It was a matter of vacation at first, until a child became involved."

"I heard you were the slave of the Demon Queen." The one on the left spoke pointing. "That makes you a traitor."

"I am the Slave of the Demon Queen and the Demon King." Chris spoke pulling his helment off. He looked ahead and swept his hair back with a gloved palm, baring his mark. "I was released from my duty because the Angels called me, I have become the Paladin."

"Prove it." A soldier stepped up and punched Chris square in the jaw. Chris' jaw snapped to the side as Lebaux hit the man back, tossing him to the ground.

"Stop." Chris hissed. Lebaux looked at him and removed his helment baring his face for all to see. Lebaux was not Desidiae's pawn anymore, and he looked healthier than he had in a long time. "If a beating will prove I am fit to return I will gladly take it."

"Are you used to punishment now Christian Holy?" One of the Commanders asked.

"I was a member of the first Human Demon war, I fought as a White Knight for centuires, I took my pain then." He looked up his blue eyes lifting; as they saw his demonic eyes, everyone stepped back a few inches. "I became a slave because they gave me new purpose."

"The Humans have moved on, the rebel forces are looking foolish now." Lebaux growled. "The Demon Hunters look more fiersom than you."

"We fight for the angels now." Another soldier spoke so sure of himself.

"Are you?" Chris asked as his armor dissolved as he sank to his knees, he lifted his shirt and exposed his back, exposing the marks of the Demons Kiss, a weapon created from his union with Ambrosia and Zeke. They had whipped truth into him, lashed him until there was nothing left but them. They had given him purpose, used him as a slave should be used, he didnt feel pressured to protect lives with them. Only they existed in their world. "I took these lashes to become Chris, the Demon Slave. And I have left a lot to return here. I may be a slave, but I was human once, I am a White Knight. I do not fight for the Angels, I do not fight for the humans who have moved on. I fight to save you."

"We will take one beating to prove ourselves to you, then you will step back and stop dying." Lebaux spoke as hjis armor disintigrated, he lifted his own shirt and his slave mark looked stark against his neck. "Respect and Honor is earned, whether I am a Slave or a rebel, I earned my place through blood, and sweat, and bone."

"I agree, one beating, lasting from now at dawn to dusk. After that you step back and let us do our job." Chris spoke as the commanders talked it over silently.

"What is your job now Christian Holy?" The middle one asked, he knelt next to Chris as Chris rooted his hands tot he ground, fists fitting into the dirt perfectly.

"My job is to fight the demons that need to be fought, and prove to you that the time for war is over, the time for the Angels games are over. There is nothign left but us and the demons. I lived among them, they are much different than they appeared to be. The time for change is now." Chris spoke and looked at the ground.

"You love them dont you, and they loved you." The main man spoke, he sighed and nodded. "There are bad demons, do not forget that."

"They are all bad, but the ones I have known have showed me their world. We have lost the war, the Angels lost our world for us, abandoned us to our fate. Why struggle for something long lost. We need to adapt as the humans in the Districts have done." Chris said and looked at lebaux, they nodded to eachother and looked to the ground. "The time for talk is done. Lets get this over with."


Chris lifted his head from the dirt, blood dripped from his mouth as he looked through brusied eyes at the humans all walking away from him and Lebaux. he tilted his head and winced at the pain. "L-Lebaux?" he asked.

"I-.... I'm okay." Lebaux said as he moved his hands to help him lift to his knees. "Can we show them now, the sun is setting?"

Chris nodded and let his hidden power unfurl, long wings of light spread from his back, for all the world they felt real, he coudl feel them lika an extension of his body. He watched as the humans looked at him, his coat flowed over him, his ribs protested from the kicks he had gotten, the blood on him was drying, some caked, some freshly spilling. The humans were in shock as he lifted to his feet. He stood still as he used a wing to lift Lebaux. he grunted in pain and stood hunched as Chris watched them. "Out here, you are sitting ducks, Six miles towards the Castle, there is a cave, inside you will find a tunnel edged in gold. Follow me and I will show you the haven where you will hide. I will show you how to really fight demons, and you will call your women from the gorge, Demon Hunters know of its location, they abise their charity. Bring them to this haven and you will know peace."

Chris turned as he walekd towards the cave itself, Lebaux leaned on his shoulder and they left the rebels, without a doubt half followed Chris as they started walking. Some even came to help hold them up. They must have proven their worth, Chris let his form dissolve as his energy drained to dangerous levels. The link to Ambrosia and Zeke ripped open with out him knowing and they were feeding him energy. "Idiot be careful!" That was Zeke, Chris smiled as he felt the harsh brush of his Master.

"Dont do anything foolish like that again!"Ambrosia yelled her anger whipped through him like a hot wind bringing him arousal and relief from the pain.

"The only one allowed to hurt you is us." Zeke roared and the link died down as enery continued to move between them to him. He smiled as they sent him soft images of the twins. They were cute, Chris clutchedhis chest in pain, he wanted to see them... he wanted to see Hope.


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