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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Ambrosia watched as Zeke dressed to go to Hell, he pulled most of his demon armor out to wear, Hell was nto very hostile towards the Demon King or Queen, but you never know. She watched as the children crawled to the armor, patting it and making questioning noises. "Are you certain this is all necessary Zeke?" She asked.

"We got lucky, I hate getting lucky." He growled as he looked at her, she nodded. Chances where the children were harmed were too much to take, they couldnt afford to take another chance like the other night. Chris and Lebaux were lucky they had stopped by, and so were the rest of them. She looked at Lucas, his hair lightening intot he golden blond of his father, and Asher was a look alike of Zeke. She couldnt bear for them to be hurt as well. "I wont be taking them yet, too young."

"I understand, say hello for me." Ambrosia said as she gathered the twins up for a changing. Zeke came up behind her, his arms wrapped around her and the children, his clawed gauntlets cupping their heads.

"I cannot bear this Ambrosia, I wont lose them." Zeke growled and his head met ehr neck. "I wont let this happen again, I swear it."

She smiled and turned in his embrace as he looked down at her, his eyes dark with anger. She handed Asher to him and used her free hand to cup his face, "I know, I will control this here, go and see what the Masters have to say."

He nodded and walked to the nursery where he handed Asher over to a nurse, then he nodded to Lilith when she entered with Jin. He left in a whirl of darkenergy and Ambrosia smiled, hopefully the support of the Hell Demons would quell anymore attacks on the children.


Zeke was angry, and the anger filled him like a haze, Iram was next to him as they walked through a portal to the Hell Gate. It loomed a huge black obelisk with two flanking stone ones. Chains wrapped around the pillars and were stretched taut to the obelisk. As they walked forward the Gaurd Demons bowed, acknowledging his staus as King. The massive open gates held a swirling ether of a red color, it was the Wrath Gate, right into Hell. He stealed himself as he walked through, his brother at his side. The oppresive weight of the air in Hell was enough to crush lungs. Zeke felt the weight like a familiar brush of a lover. He looked at Iram as they landed infront of the huge Castle where the Master of the Wrath Level and his legion made their home.

The Demon gaurds there looked at them as if they were out of their minds, and Zeke unraveled his human form, he felt his wings spread and his claws lengthen, he looked up his demon eyes pinning the gaurds on the spot. "I am here to see the master." Zeke spoke in Hell Verse.

The gates swung open and Zeke lifted off the ground, Iram followed, his demon form pulsing with black energy. They stopped outside the doors as they swung in. Lord Bael's castle was huge, but the main walls on the entire first floor had been removed, amking a huge throne and banquet room. Here the demons fought, tortured, feasted, and held court over the Wrath Level of Hell. It was here Zeke and Iram had been bron, they had been gifted with eternal weapons meant for safe keeping. Unlike most demons, they had been created to be Wrath Demons, usually the type of energy they had would dictate whet type of demon they would be, training would be necessary to create a demon completely. But Zeke had been made to fight, made to rule, it was his destiny to be Demon King.

The huge hall was packed with Demons, all parting like the sea for them to pass. Ahead, sat the Wrath Demon who battled his way into a seat as one of the Nine Demon Princes. Zeke walked to him and knelt Iram knelt behind him, even lower because his rank was below Zeke's. "Ah, Demon King Zekerios, I was wondering when you and Iramus would be retruning to pay tidings to the being who ensured your sucess." Bael chuckled. He was a huge demon, his wings were black feathered, a mark of a true Hell Demon. His horns grew down the line of his face, all bending back to frame his white hair. His skin was mottled with black and silver, his red eyes peircing through Zeke. His armor gleamed black against the torch light.

"I come seeking guidance my lord." Zeke spoke his head still bowed.

"Indeed, for your boys eh? Twins such a miracle is beyond even us." Bael laughed and leaned forward on his throne made of skulls and bones. Inside the armrests were glass cases holding souls he kept to torment himself. "I understand Jezebeth has sent his minions to assasinate the children again. This time its my legion being made a fool."

"Forgive us." Zeke sank to his knees.

"All is well I have awaited your arrival. I have even created the necessary level of extra protection for you. Remove the nurses once they are weaned, then sign the blood contract with these." Bael tossed a set of scrolls to Zeke, he sat back on his heels and opened them. Contracts for two demons and a darkness sprit. He looked up, these were identical to the contracts Ambrosia had. These would be the only beings in the universe undyingly loyal to its host. Only freed from the contract when the host deems it so, or they die. Ambrosia's gaurds were passed to each and every Clan Head, they were currently split between Ambrosia and Lilith. These demons would be bound to the children, compelled to protect them against all odds.

"What are their names?" Zeke asked looking up at his Lord. Bael smiled darkly and leaned back into his chair.

"The Blood Contracted Demons are Kale and Sen, the Darkness Spirit is named Buio." Bael spoke. "I will not be made a fool of."

"I swear I will uphold the Wrath name." Zeke vowed.

"See that you do, I will keep my bets to myself but it never hurts to have a fail safe in place for the long run. When the boys are old enough send them and the girl to be trained." Bael said and waved a hand. "Now begone unless you intend to entertain me with killing each other."

Zeke retreated with Iram and they looked at the scrolls, this was perfect, these demons would protect the children at all costs. He strode to the portal amused and proud of the decision to come here. Bael was indeed riding this current rule in Hell as well, it would seem unlike the Sloth Demon Lord, he wasnt going to allow his Legion to be shamed. And as a part of the Legion Zeke and Iram were property, ansd as long as they belonged to the Wrath Level, they would be protected as long as they entertained Bael. He stepped into the protal intent to share the news with Ambrosia.


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