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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris stared at the meeting spot, he didnt want to go down. He might have been walking to his doom for all he knew. Paladins were rare, a special type of White Knight with wings of light. He wasnt sure he could really become a Paladin, or even if he wanted to. But this was the terms of the agreement, he revved the bike and looked back at Lebaux as he rode down into the canyon the rebels were hiding in, they were below ground since it was so early in the morning, but right now was as good a time as any to get this finished. "Stay back," He ordered Lebaux as he stepped into the small ray of light that was the indicator, almost immediatly his Patron Angel descended, her flowing white gown was held between her breasts and over her shoulders, today she wasnt garbed in armor, but she was carrying a basket. She descended her wings wide as she hovered but a foot above the ground, she handed the basket over and Chris looked onto the pink and white blankets. Inside lay a sleeping baby, her brown mop of hair was thicker than the other babies, but when she opened her eyes he looked into the deepest saphires he'd ever seen. She giggled and reached up, he smiled and touched her little hand. "What is her name?" Chris asked looking up at the woman who had given him his powers, had made him a White Knight.

A long time ago Chris had been in love with her, but that was before he became weary of an endless battle for nothing. She had stolen his essence when he was a slave, and used this child to draw him back to fighting this senseless war. All because the angels were bitter about their loss in the war. If they had eyes unclouded by blck and white they could see most of the human populace had moved on. They had adapted to the times, where humans were nolonger slaves, they lived under strict ule, but they were as free as the demons were. "Her name is Hope." She spoke. Chris could find nothing but contempt for this angel, but for his daughter, he felt nothign but a bloom of love that welled just as strong as his love for Asher and Lucas. He looked down at her and smiled then turned and handed the basket to Lebaux.

Turning back to his patron he held out his arms. "Let's do this." He spoke. She smiled and held out a hand, he took it and she flew back up into the sky, he looked down at the desolate earth. Looking back up he felt more than saw the other angels watching, they began to sing in hymn, and the words resounded in his soul, they massed with power as his body began to hum with the charge. He felt his body hold itself aloft as he felt the pain of a thousand suns rip into his being. He screamed and his body seized, his chest burned where he'd taken the blast for his Master, and Mistress, His neck burned where they had marked him, his back seared where the Demon's Kiss had lashed his back. Finally his eye began to pulse where the mark was emblazoned in his flesh. He shut all the doors to his mind but he clutched Ambrosia and Zeke's link.

He floated as holy power mingled with his and grew until he was sure he;d be ripped apart, he wanted to die, he wanted to end this pain. But he stopped as he felt Ambrosia and Zeke's power filter into him, he wanted to live. He wanted to go to them, he wanted to see his son, his daughter. Chris wanted to live! The power bands on his arms heated and grew until a second set wrapped around each arm, his power engulfed the foreign one and he opened his eyes, he was crackling with the energy that flowed within and around him. He looked up and saw his Patron Angel in shock as another Angel appeared. "You said he was going to be pure, I see darkness!" He roared at her. She whipped around and slapped him.

"Dont you see a fusion of Light and Dark." She looked at him aghast."A Paladin of both origins, this has never happened before."

"Of course not, he's the slave of demons!" Another angel roared.

"Do not forget our agreement Christian Holy, your other child lives as long as out deal continues." His angel spoke. He nodded his head and she looked at him, then she flew away. The holy clouds receded and he was left hovering on his own. He looked down at himself to see his leather pants and shirt still in place. But a long white coat covered his shoulder, covered in wicked armor, he felt more than saw the golden wings made of light as he made his descent back to the earth. Lebaux was looking up in awe as the other humans came out of their hiding places to see him. The Paladin, the first since the last huge par of the war. Chris looked up at the sky then waded through the people to his daughter, she looked up at him brightly for a newborn. He touched her little head and felt his Paladin armor fade like his uaual armor did.

"Come Lebaux, lets find somewhere to sleep and feed Hope." Chris said as Lebaux nodded.


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