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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris stood in the dust of a small forest, he glared from his position at the Demon Hunters that appeared to be performing a ceremony. He gritted his teeth in rage, he stalked forward a few feet his soldiers closing in behind him, ready to fight for their honor. But Chris stopped as his senses came alive, the screams of demons and humans alike rent the air as power burst forth, it snaked through the trees and sank into Chris' pores. It was evil, it was so dark it burned his skin beneath his armor. He cursed and moved to stop the ceremony, then he heard the Hell Verse. "It's a summonign spell!" Lebaux shouted and ran forward, they needed top stop the spell. What ever they were summoning it was darker than demons themselves. Chris was even certain it wasnt a Hell Demon, they didnt feel this tainted.

Chris waved his soldiers back to keep them safe, he ran after Lebaux and they cut into the Demon Hunters, but it didnt stop the spell, it wove around them and Chris continued to slay the Demon Hunters, they continued to chant in Hell Verse and Hymn, Chris froze as they hit the center, a massive black crater was there, and it was glowing with silver and black light. "Lebaux!" Chris yelled. His brother ran to his side and they gaped as a huge portal was opened, black smoke roiled from it as a massive monster rose from the depths. It was bigger than the kingdom was, it had gleaming red eyes, and it looked angelic, but the evil coming from it belied the looks. A huge sword swung at them and Chris lifted his sword, his energy lifiting filled with Paladin strength he held the strike that should have killed him instantly. He yelled and forced the lade back, the huge monster continued to rise, as it did the Demon Hunters rushed forth, it scooped them up and ate them. Chris shoved Lebaux back and they retreated.

Hope met them halfway and they hid in the shadows. "What the fuck is that?" Lebaux hissed.

"I dont know, but I think this is Zeke's crater, the one he comes to survey." Chris spoke. "I understand now why it was so gaurded."

"How do we kill it?" Hope asked.

"I dont think we can." Chris spoke. "Holy shit there are more."

Sure enough various monsters of the same and varying shapes. They all appeared human shaped, they all looked angelic, but they reeked of evil. Chris stared at it long a and hard, then he looked at the summoning portal, a peice of it was weak, the Demon Hunters hadn't been able to strengthen the seal in their haste to summon these things. He looked at it and felt out with his power to the seal, it rebeled his touch, his body shifted to its darker state, the seal ignored him all together. "Fuck." Chris cursed.

"What?" Lebaux asked.

"Read me what you can of the seal." Chris said and began to check what weapons he had left from their earlier battle, his sword was cracked, it wouldnt last with another strike.

"Those who are born of angelic form, and mortal soul, have been inmprisoned inside this tomb, Nephilium arise with strength, and number, Nephilium reside inside, only Divine Strength may seal them inside, and only Demonic Magic can free them from stasis." Lebaux read." Thats all of it."

"Son of a bitch." Chris looked to see where the Nephilium were moving. He gritted his teeth as he saw the clear path to the kingdom. Zeke and Ambrosia were weakened from the battle, unawared of what had transpired at the crater. He had to save them, and Divine Strength was death to their people. He looked back at the kingdom and punched a tree hard. "Retreat, get word to the Kingdom of what is happening, make sure they are ready to fight this."

"What about you?" Lebaux asked.

"Take Hope to the Kingdom." Chris growled and started back to the portal. Lebaux grabbed his arm roughly.

"What are you doing?" Lebaux demanded his green eyes wide and fearful.

"Do as I say." Chris continued as Hope screamed for him, he ignored her, he snuck to the weak part of the seal and gathered his energy, he needed to replicate exactly what he'd done in the ruins, he needed to seal this portal shut, and to do so he just might die. He let his energy expand and crate the biggest crss of light he'd ever seen. It pressed upon the portal power clashing as Chris' energy drained faster than he'd anticipated, his link with Ambrosia and Zeke opened and he leapt onto the cross, his body seared with light as his link with them crumbled and vanished. He felt them leave him and he felt his soul cry out, but he focused on sealing the Portal. A Nephilium ran at him clashing but Chris was already weakened, his energy gone his link with Ambrosia and Zeke completely vanished. He'd exorcised himself from them and they would live as he died. The biggest Nephilium turned its fist lifted as it came crushing through the air, Chris dipped back but he couldnt make it out of the shadow.

A flash of golden white light had him looking up as he saw white wings, Hope in her angelic beauty deflected the massive Nephilium and Lebaux ran to him, Chris glared at his brother, but as Lebaux came for him the Nephilum's monster blade sliced down right into Chris, it missed his spine, and burried right into his left side, he screamed as he tried to remove the blade that was easily six of him across. He groped for his energy but it was sapped. Hope smasehd the blade and shoved the Nephilium with a force greater than it's own. She flew down and he looekd at her, he was dying, he was bleeding too much. "I love you." Chris coughed." Tell them I'm sorry." He couched as he shook, he was freezing.

"Chris!" Lebaux yelled.

"Daddy!" Hope screamed.

Chris closed his eyes, but he knew he wouldnt wake again.


Ambrosia convulsed on the floor as she felt her link to Chris sever, Zeke was hurling on the floor next to her as their sons shouted for doctors. She screamed as she felt through her link to Zeke that somethign was very wrong, her demon form flashed to the surface, then gone. Chris was dead, or he was dying! Her slave, her beloved Chris was gone! Zeke roared as his energy crushed the room, all the marble, the thrones, the beautiful skylight and ceiling, it crumbled under his rage and pain. "Chris-!" Zeke shouted and his Hell Fire licked around them. Ambrosia wailed as her body searched for his soul within hers, it was gone, all traces of him were gone.

Zeke crawled to her his red eyes wide, tears streaking his face, she clutched her husband as he groped for their link, thier souls melded but it was empty, he was gone. Ambrosia wept into Zeke's chest as he slutched her like a rock, but she was lost in her grief. Chris, their Chris... damn the angels. Damn them, she glared at the heavens above. She'd destroy them.


Zeke made quick work of getting Ambrosia restrianed as she went from immobile with grief to fighting in rage. He was already filled with enough rage it was spilling adding to hers. He saw Iram as he ran into the hallway. "The crater was been turned into a summoning portal for the Nephilium." Iram said. "Lebaux and Chris hunted the Demon Hunters there, Chris closed the portal with an exorcism, it must have broken your link."

Zeke was on his brother faster than he knew he could, Iram was above him, throat clutched in Zeke's claws. "What happened?!" Zeke roared.

"Lebaux said, Chris closed the portal and collapsed, but the biggest Nephilium freed stabbed him, cut him nearly in half." Iram spoke, Zeke's body rebeled at the thought, he couldnt fathom life with out Chris. A loud crash sounded in the main living room of his quarters. Zeke dropped Iram and kicked the door in, white feathers dusted the room as an small lithe woman stood, it was Hope, she held in her grasp Chris, bleeding all over her armor. Lebaux climbed in after her his eyes wild with fear.

"The Nephilium are moving towards the kingdom." Lebaux said.

"Iram, go activate the sky protocol." Zeke ordered as he looked at Hope, her blue eyes glowed with her angelic power.

"Help him, please." Hope sobbed. Zeke's heart stopped as he felt more than saw the heart beat in Chris' jugular. He was alive! He flashed forward and began shouting for doctors. Ambrosia was there, her power flaring as she joined the fight to save his life. Zeke burned his mark back onto Chris as Ambrosia did as well. Then to keep her from collapsing from the strain of Chris's pain. Zeke took the pain into himself and allowed her free reign. As he collapsed into Iram's arms. He looked at Ambrosia. "Feed and save us." He said, she nodded and kissed him. Zeke would not allow Chris to die, and if he did Ambrosia and he himself would follow Chris into the grave. They were together, they were one, they were a Demon Trinity.



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