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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Ambrosia stood on the balcony overlooking the kingdom. She narrowed her sharp gaze on the horizon, the demons were returning from their battle with the rebels. This battle had waged without her slaves knowledge, Demon Hunters had massed and attacked in the name of the rebels. The Paladin, had raged into battle as the King had himself. All Ambrosia recieved was angry snarls from her husband over the actions, and Chris' rage at the failings of his soldiers. The humans needed to reunite, he needed to return. But they were but two days away from the time limit. Ambrosia's demon eyes tracked up to the sky where despite the hostile air and fury ridden people, the sky glowed bright blue and white. The angels were pleased that Zeke and Chris had gone for each others throats this time.

Ambrosia turned away as she saw Zeke's army return through the gates. No doubt bringing her sons and husband with them. She was ready for the seperation to end, it was time her slave returned home. It was time the fighting stopped and refocused on the ones doing the true harm. The angles. She twisted as she heard her sons calling out for her. She looked over seeing Lucas and Asher sitting on the balcony banisters looking worn from battle but unharmed. She smiled as they embraced her. In the past few years they had matured greatly. The worry she'd felt over them being ready to take their roles... now she was confident in their abilities and was proud to se them ready to take the trials.

She felt a volatile air behind her and saw Zeke stalk by his aura reeking of rage. She left her sons with their breathless caretakers and followed Zeke to his war room. She watched as he stalked around the room tearing maps down to the main table. "Zeke?"


Zeke was ready to set fire to the world. His rage had boiled beyond its normal levels, he was ready to tear anything apart. That was until he felt Ambrosia's touch on his arm, he seized her and crashed her lips to his. He savored her soft comfort, her endless power. Gods, how could he ever let her go, she grounded him. He growled and stepped back, his fist slammed into the table and he roared a cry of rage and helpless anguish that shook the entire room. "What happened?" Ambrosia asked.

"The demon hunters caused us to fight." Zeke huffed and sank into his chair, his mind was still whirling, his body aching from battle with Chris. They hadnt fought like that since they first met. "Chris thought I was attacking the humans for sport, but I realized too late that they werent rebels when Chris blazed in and saved the human Demon Hunters."

"Did you speak to him?" Ambrosia asked. He looked at his wife and had to admit his very first folly when it came to Chris.

"I tried and ended up attacking his daughter in an attempt to get to him." Zeke snorted. "He came at me full force and I was at fault."

"Zeke." Ambrosia gasped and hugged his head to her chest, as delighted as he would be in this situation he understood the anger at him. Chris had every right to coem at him like that, every right to have cursed their union as he did. It may have been in anger and easily forgoten in one bout of sex but Zeke was highly unhappy with himself. Hope was Chris' daughter, she meant the world to him just as the twins meant the world to Zeke. He needed to make this right but he didnt know how, Chris hadnt returned to the Kingdom yet, and Zeke felt as if he'd pushed Chris far enough away he wouldnt return in a few days time.

"I dont know what to do." Zeke slammed a fist into the table again, this time it toppled in his lap, he kicked it away and ran a hand through his hair. "I messed up royally my love."


Chris stared ahead at the sky, his coat billowed around him as he listened to the rebels explain to him that the humans they'd defended had been demon hunters. The fight had been completely unnecessary. He'd raged from bed to fight as if he needed to protect humans that hadnt forsaken their kind. He'd gone in with his most trusted warriors at his back. Hope and Lebaux had battled like they were protecting somethign precious. And Zeke had been adamant about fighting, as Hope had cut him off she'd been lit up by hell fire. Lebaux had bandaged her up stating it was minimal injuries and she had screamed she was fine before fightin her way out of the grasps of the medics. Chris had lashed out in fear and rage, he'd attacked his own demon master and spoken in hate.

He regretted it imensely, and he wanted to return to the kingdom, seek Zeke out and apologize. But looking at Hope he was adamant about not doing so. He clenched his fist and shouted in rage, a ball of light engulfed him and smashed the ground around him in a vian attempt to alleivate his rage and hurt. Lebaux waded into his energy and it dissipated. "That fight was pointless." Lebaux growled."Damn Demon Hunters."

"Yeah." Was Chris' only response. He stared at the horizon and clenched his gloved hands again, he'd fought in a lie. He shouted in anger and turned to the soldier who had spoken. Retribution was in need."Where did the Demon Hunters go?"

"There." The soldier pointed and Chris nodded, he stalked to his bike as Lebaux and Hope trotted to stop him.

"Dad, what are you doing?" Hope asked.

"I fought to protect Demon Hunters, I acted in false lies, and I have just risked a balance that is needed in this war. Those Demon Hunters are the reason you got hurt." Chris growled as his armor coated him. "I'm going to beat it into them that they dont act in our name, they run from it."

He slid onto his air bike as he started it and sped towards the retreating Demon Hunters. Hope and Lebaux fell into step behind his bike, and sure enough the rest of his army followed as well.


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