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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Chris moved inside Ambrosia, her soft walls clamping around him and holding him inside, his arms held her up as Zeke drove into her from behind. They were moving in unison and Chris was on fire as they shared eyergy between them. Their souls so intertwined they were on entity, Ambrosia's arms lifted, one holding Zeke's head to her neck, the other pulling Chris closer. She was so close, Chris could feel it as she tightened around him, Zeke grunted and his demon form unraveled from his skin, wings lifting to help him with leverage, Ambrosia's followed as her allure washed over their shared minds. Chris looked up at them, his demons, so rapt with pleasure they didnt know who was who. So caught up none of them could tell if it was Ambrosia being fucked or one of the men. Chris gasped as Ambrosia came, her cry echoing in his ears and ripping through his control, he came in hot bursts inside her. Zeke followed them and his growl echoed in Chris' chest.

Falling back Chris watched as Zeke flopped on the bed and Ambrosia curled between them. Their hands linked and the connection flared anew, "It is almost dawn." Ambrosia spoke, her eyes closed and her head turned. Chris sat up and turned her back his blue eyes searching her green.

"I will come back." He said his mark flared as Zeke reached out his eyes hard as he kissed Chris. Their tongues tangled and he jerked back as Zeke bit his lip, blood seeped from the small gouges.

"I hope you arent comfortable, remember me as you nurse your mouth." Zeke growled. His dark eyes hard as he flopped back down, Chris lened his neck between them, he knew they wanted him to stay. He knew they wanted him more than anything, and he would give them the last thing he could before eighteen years went by. Ambrosia latched on first, her teeth sinking deep and drawing blood, Zeke's followed in his other side, he cursed as they drank his blood and amrked him with teeth and tongue. Pulling back from them he turned to dress.

"The Demons Kiss marks are what has bound me to you both more than my mark." He said as he pulled his pants on. "I will never forget this, I will return and I will be your slave for eternity after."

"I am holding you to that human." Zeke growled.

"Me too." Ambrosia huffed. Chris smiled and pulled his boots on then his shirt, his jacket slid on easily. He walked to the nursery where the babies were, he looked at Lebaux who appeared tortured. His blond hair was a softer shade than Chris' his gotee matched too, his icy green eyes said he wanted to say a proper farwell.

"Go, I want to see them." Chris pointed to the door and Lebaux stood to leave. They would be walking out together in but a few hours, Chris wanted Lebaux to say his goodbyes to Iram and Lilith. Lebaux was mor oposed to seeing Jin than Chris was with the twins. He looked down at them sleeping together in the joint crib. The white haired one, his son Lucas was asleep. But Asher, the black haired one was awake. His eyes watched Chris with more intelligence than he should have at a day old. He figured it was because full demons were born with intelligence and maturity that others sometimes had to gain. He wondered why he had figured Asher would be different. He reached down and touched the baby demon. "Watch over him Asher, he will need you." he told the babay and tried to miss the nod he got in response befor he closed his eyes. Chris picked up Lucas and walked to the window to look out, he cradled the baby close and felt his tears fall, he looked at his son hopelessly.

"I dont want to leave." he crouched to his knees and held Lucas to his chest. "I dont want to leave you."

He cried for the first time in a long time, his tears fell unbidden, he watched the sleeping baby and was glad he wouldnt know him. The pain Chris felt wa as if his heart was wrenched in two. At least Lucas could grow into a powerful demon under Zeke's parental guidance, he didnt need to know his father had left to be in the rebel army again. He cursed and stood putting Lucas back into the crib and walked to the bedroom as Ambrosia came out. She leaned up and kissed him, her eyes hard and red as she did so. He figured it was because of the hormones, but those tears were for him. He gathered her into his arms, she meleded to hm perfectly and he nuzzled her neck. "I love you Ambrosia, you made me into who I am now, how could I be anything other than your slave." He kissed her and their tongues tangled restlessly. She cried as he did so but didnt stop the kiss, his mark heated up and she pulled back, she touched her face and the mark itself mirrored on her face. It ebbed into a red glow and faded to a soft pink on her eye. It was her half of the mark.

"I will raise your son as Zeke's, I will love you from afar, but you are a fool to believe that we will not meet before the eighteen year mark." She said deviously and he was glad to see that dark look on her face. It suited her better than tears.

He left her to tend to the children and he met Zeke as he was smoothing his hair back into its usual spikes, his coat back on though he was shirtless once more. Zeke turned his eyes locking with Chris as Chris struggled for something to say to his Master. Talking to Ambrosia was always easy, she was his Mistress, she was a woman, he was easily attracted to her. But with Zeke things got complicated; to admit he loved the demon as he did sometimes, meant he had to accept what the demon did to him. As uncomfortable as Chris was broadcasting that, he found it hard to talk anythign but battle strategy and Ambrosia with him.

Zeke walked over and took the talking away with a hand to tha back of Chris' neck. Their lips melded harshly and Chris folded into his male counterpart; heat flared under Chris's skin before his mark heated up. Pulling back Chris saw the mark clearly on Zeke's eye, his half of the mark. "Words were never improtant between us Chris, you know that as well as I. Warriors dont need vocal words to communicate, just actions. I will see you on the battlefield, and your son is safe with me."

"Zeke... Thanks." Chris muttered before Zeke walked away, his hand rested on Chris's sholder as he passed.

"You have eighteen years to live away form us, that is the limit, I will come for you after that." Zeke growled before he walked off to the nursery himself. Chris nodded and walked to where he would be packing. Ambrosia and Zeke had given him more space to hellp him get accustomed to being alone again. But Chris figured ti was futile, he would be without them next to him for a while. He looked at the belongings in his part of the dresser, all clothes given to him by the demons, his t-shirts and jeans were also there. He packed his human clothes and left his demon clothes, he would need them here. He took one out fit he knew he loved no matter what. It was the one Ambrosia and Zeke had made for him. It was the white leather pants, the wite jacket, and the merged sash that spoke his alleiance to Ambrosia and Zeke. He took them with him as he left the castler. He perched outside the castle walls on a huge outcropping of rock, he was going to wait for Lebaux until full dawn, then he was going to the meeting place, out in the middle of Area 6. There he would be meeting his Patron Angel, and his daughter.


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