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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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"You will remain in armor at all times Hope." Chris explained as he sat in his secert room with Lebaux as they began to equip new weapons and armor. "Leave the main demons to Lebaux and I, you will help the rebels hold their own. This time help them and protect them, don't make them fel inadequate."

"Yes." Hope said as she touched armor laid out for her, ones made by Chris and Lebaux for her. Chris watched her as he flashed into his armor then out of it.

"Only use the wings if you need to." Chris said as he returned to his normal state. Hope nodded and Chris walked to her cupping her face. "Talking about going into battle and doing so are very different things. You dont have to go."

"I do." She looked at him her eyes glowing with intent.

Chris nodded and suited himself in armor as his Paladin coat flowed over the smooth silver armor. Lebaux suited up as well and moved to rev the air bikes. Hope materialized the armor on her skin and her hemlent engulfed her head, she was lithe in her armor. Chris smiled as he looked at her, she was fit to battle, as much as he wanted her to remain here with Julia. He held out a read cloak with a hood attatched. Hope touched it and looked at him, he looked down. "It's to protect you from the wind in the armor. Lebaux prefers it but if you're anything like me you wont like the heat."

He climbed onto his bike and Hope slid on behind him, Lebaux punched the release button on the wall and they surged into the hidden tunnels. Out into the blistering winds they surged out to the predetermined battle place. "Something you must know Hope is that I will fight the Demon King, do not interfear. In his battle rage he'll kill even his own troops." Chris informed through the mic.

"And dont get involved with that Wrath demon Iram." Another soldier quipped. "He's Lebaux's prey."

"Shut up." Lebaux growled. "Not even Chris can fight Iram and leave unscathed."

"You know what jerk, want to trade this time?" Chris laughed.

"How many times have you fought them?" Hope asked.

"Longer than you have been alive." Lebaux chuckled.

"I bet, among other things." Another soldier hissed.

"What other things." Hope leaned over Chris' shoulder as Chris shut the link to their helments down.

"Thats for another time." Chris said as they continued to ride into battle, the rebels closed rank around them until they were a huge force. Chris stopped as they found the place to battle, it was a half day away from the Castle, far enough out to not do damage, and far enough away to do what they needed to. Chris got off the bike and looked ahead seeing the black mass or demons moving in the direction that Chris was in. It was Zeke, their link opened like a familiar caress. Zeke's strong mind swirled in Chris' and breathed ragged voices into Chris' mind.

"Perhaps it's time we just fuck in the center of battle, that would stop all the bullshit wouldnt it?" Zeke laughed and Chris smirked.

"My daughter is here jerk, I dont think I want her seeing that."

"Ah, a playdate then, I brought the boys and Iram brought Jin. Perhaps this time we wont watch them dance liek Ambrosia does." Zeke sounded as disgusted as Chris felt at that thought. Chris signalled the soldiers and they marched into the battle field. Hope stayed by his side until he waved her back, she joined the rest of the soldiers and he hoped she coudl hold her own if she did indeed do battle with the twins or Jin. He shook his head, she would be fine, he couldnt think of that right now. This battle was like a dance, one pre rehearsed. He pointed at Zeke as the armies met.

"The time is now Demon King!" He shouted. "Fight me!"

"So be it Paladin." Zeke snarled his demon form ripping into existance. They rose into the sky as Iram and Lebaux shouted for the battle to wage.


Zeke looked down to see Asher and Lucas in the middle of the army with Sen and Kale. He trusted those fools to keep his sons safe, he looked at Chris in his newwest armor. No doubt designed to not only make him envision the flesh beneath. But to protect his from harm as well. Zeke slung himself in and they clashed blade on blade. Twisting mid air they clashed again, Zeke slung Chris to the earth as his blood pumped dangerously. He sank down and crashed into the ground, his demons scattered as he lifted his sword. He looked over to see a woman in a red cloak be held back by Lebaux, the fighting ceased as he and Chris faced off. Chris blasted light into the air and it burned Zeke's flesh.

All he wanted was more, he lunged and they clashed again, battling for all they were worth this time. He dipped under a strike to slug Chris' helment hard, they exchanged punches before Chris lifted his sword to strike out, Zeke parried it and they danced around eachother, feet tiptoeing in eachothers way as they moved with practiced ease. Zeke laughed as they battled, dark energy snaked up to bind Chris, he yelled out hymn and Zeke recoiled. Zeke barely had time to dodge the blast of light that blazed past his cheek. He got a deep cut in his arm from that as the battle started anew, only a large birth gave him and Chris room to fight. He ducked another attack and delivered a staggering one to Chris' leg. Chris blasted him back and he looked up as the sky parted with the moon blazing into the night.

Zeke growled, his fire leapt hight between him and Chris. They clashed again, but no one but they could feel the way their minds entwined. The way they relished the feel of strength between their blades. It was ecstacy to Zeke. Hours passed as progress was made but no end in sight, he had a mirriad of gashes and wounds he held up his hand the exact second Chris did. "We're too evely matched this time demon King." Chris snarled.

"Indeed Paladin." Zeke hissed. "Another time then?"

"Another time." Chris agreed. "Retreat!"

"Retreat!" Zeke hissed. The armies parted and Zeke used power to gust wind between them and the soldiers. tehy clashed for one more time, lips greedily claiming, Zeke growled. "I expect you in my bed when I get back to the kingdom, slave."

"Maybe I'll make you hunt for me." Chris stepped back as his helment replaced itself and he stalked through the dust to Lebaux who was limping, and Hope who clutched her armored arm. Zeke looked back for his sons, they looked scuffed and rather shocked but fine all the same. It was a taste of what battle was like in their world, casualties littered the ground of both sides. Zeke looked down without pity, if they were too weak to fight, then they were weak enough to die. Chris' forces vanished in another cloud of dust and Zeke ordered his forces back on the route home.


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