Demon Property

By: Amaris Maverick

Chapter 28,

It took a bit of hard work and a lot of running but Chris managed to get inside the castle. Inside a closet he dematerialized his armor and sauntered out into the halls. "Master Chris." A few demons greeted. Sure enough a few minutes passed and he found himself in the throne room looking at his mistress. He couldnt stop the smirk of satisfaction that spread his face. She grinned and waved her attendants away.

"What brings you here my love?" Ambrosia asked. He walked the distance to her, past the place where he should kneel before her. At her feet he sank to his knees, his eyes watching her.

"I came for you my mistress." he breathed. Her hands sank into his hair and his body burned with want and desire. "I sensed your hunger, you've been holding back again."

"I dont mean to Chris, no one feeds me better than you or Zeke." She leaned forward on her throne and brushed her head against his. "I've missed you." 

"And I you." He looked up and they stared at one another. Her haunting green eyes bore into him and he looked down. "Take us away or I'll feed you here." 

She laughed and stood drawing him up, he circled her small frame with his arms, she looked up at him. "Anywhere is okay Chris."

He kissed her then, his passion rising for her, it had been too long. All the stress with Hope, with his duties, with the years... in his mistress' grasp he forgot it all. He pulled her closer and gazed down into her eyes, pleading with her to give him orders. Orders he knew, orders from her glossy lips didnt make him want to die. Her orders sang through him with elation. "Make love to me Chris, let me feed."

That was all he needed, he pulled her and sat her in her throne, her gown was red today, silk on her legs. She watched him and he opened their link, letting it brun through them, her hunger hit him full force. He lifted her skirts and pulled her close to himthe silk spilled over her waist and he touched her very core. She was wet, her body needing this more than he needed her. Why had she let her hunger go this long? He'd sensed it when he woke this morning and couldnt stay away. Hope had been adamant to learn where he'd been going but Lebaux had distracted her. Looking at Ambrosia Chris hated the seperation more than ever. He breathed her like air, he fed from her like food. The same applied to Zeke but right now, his mind and soul was hers.

Chris dipped his head and licked her, her legs trembled as her breath fanned out. Her hands clutched the armrests and he smirked. Closing his eyes and opening his mind he let his thoughts merge with hers. Sinking one finger deep inside her he joined it with his finger. She was exactly as her name was, ambrosia for the mortals to become addicted to. Her cries filled his ears and he wrung her with fingers and tongue until she came, as she spasmed and writhed he unbuckled his pants and rose up sinking inside her in one deft move. Lifting her up he crawled into the throne, her legs wrapped him in and Chris was undone. Her soft walls clutched him deep and he groaned. It had been to long, "Order me Ambrosia." He growled.

"Fuck me." She hissed without hesitation. Her eyes were glowing red and he complied thrusting her into the back of her throne chair. She moved with him, their bodies intwined seductively. He moved with violence inside her and she was panting in his ear, this was what he'd needed. Her orders and soft welcome, she soothed the ache in him to be with her. She gasped and threw her head back as her demon form took over. Her claws dug deep as she urged him on, the look in her eyes as her sharp teeth bared at him; he came in a blinding rush that had him holding her, and the throne as he pumped his last few thrusts into his mistress. His energy sank into her and she visibly began to glow, her power returning her weakness gone. He smiled, that was worth the trouble it took to sneak in here. her pleasure made it all worthwhile. Where she was soft and inviting, Zeke was harsh and demanding. 

It called to both sides of him and burned him soul deep, they made his visits, his duties outside worth it. "One day, I'm going to make you sink into your darkside and show me just how evil you really are." She purred as she kissed him. He'd like nothing more than to do that but only Zeke had been able to wrangle him in and keep him contained like that. Perhaps she could as well, he stood and listened as he heard her gaurds demanding to know why her attendants were away. He smiled at Ambrosia evilly.

"Seem's I have to go now." He dipped down to kiss her as he hitched his pants. He shifted into full armor as Ambrosia settled her gown, the demons burst into the room as Ambrosia blasted him with magic.

"How dare you attack here?!" She hissed.

"Demon Queen alone in her castle, seemed easy to me." His wings flared as he looked at her gaurds. "Until next time."

He shot into the air and towards her huge skylight, right before he would have crashed through the glass slid open. Ambrosia's enfluence, he smiled and vaulted into the sky, he escaped but not before looking back with regret. Just a few more years and he'd be back where he wanted to be. he just hoped when he did his daughter wasnt his enemy.

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