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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Zeke was roused from sleep and blinked as Ambrosia stood up from the bed, he glared at her back for waking him until he sensed her unease. She jerked the bedroom door open on Lilith who was annoyed. "The twins and Jin snuck out." She growled.

"What?" Zeke growled.

"Yeah, Jin was seen in the town and one of the demoness' informed me upon arrival home." Lilith looked peeved and she wasnt inclined to share why. "Iram is angry, he cant understand why Jin would go out, she was just told she was going to attend the trip to the crater."

"I'll handle it." Zeke slid from the bed and walked to the window to look out it was daytime, he cursed and stepped back, it was their night time and the twins were pulling this crap now? He frowned and turned back to Lilith. "I know why Jin went out, only one thing gets her to forget her duties."

"Lucas." Lilith hissed.

"And Asher is usually the cause." Ambrosia rolled her eyes. "Chris said to expect this kind of thing."

"I'll follow them." Zeke morphed into the form of a teenage human he retained most of his looks only he hid them with a bright smile that was so unlike him it transformed his whole face. He frowned in the mirror and headed towards the portal room. He had kids to hunt.


Chris was annoyed as he walked through the lower streets to the main gates. First off he was pissed because Hope had decided to sneak out, again. This had been the third time in a month. He knew exactly where she was going, to the party side of the upper kingdom. He was mostly angry because it was dangerous for her to be seen up there, anyone could read her and know she was a being of divine nature. Hell he wanted to party as a teen so he wasnt too preoccupied by that, as long as she was safe. Top side she wasnt safe, any creature could harm her.

Lebaux was already ahead in the club itself to watch over her, Chris was on his way, he let the darkness in his control spiral out to alter his appearance. He looked the same but no one would know it was him in the Demon Kingdom. Once he was up top he looked around, it was daytime, prime party time for the demons who loved the party district. He made his way towards the usual club and entered, sure enough it was packed with humans and demons alike. He made his way through with ease. He slipped to the table where Lebaux was seated, it was darkened in this corner. He looked at Lebaux and he nodded to the dance floor. There she was dancing, her leather pants gleamed with the lights roving the floor. Her hair was scrunched as Julia had taught her to do, and she wore a filmy blouse that made her look ethreal. His daughter... she danced like a Lust Demon. Chris cursed in anger.

"Look there she is again!" A voice that made Chris' heart stop made him jerk his gaze behind him. At a table likewise hidden in shadow was the twins, and Jin. Lebaux cursed a string of obscenities. Sure enough there sat Asher, his caretaker Kale; Lucas, his caretaker Sen; and Jin. All dressed to party, Chris felt his senses wake and he looked to his other side, seeing a teen there that was watching the twins. As he circled Chris yanked him to the table, "There you are, where have you been dude?" Chris laughed then glared at the figure. "What the hell do you think youre doing Zeke?" he snapped.

"Obviously watching the twins who saw fit to sneak out today." Zeke's deep voice snaked out from the teen and Chris shivered at how creepy that was. "They took Jin with them."

"I'm going to dance!" Asher laughed and hopped up, "Kale help me out."

"Absolutely." The two demons walked to the dance floor exactly to where Hope was, Chris gripped the table as rage flowed through him. Hope was dancing with both of them, they moved in sync better than anyone he knee beside himself and Lebaux with their masters.

"Shit, I cant watch this." Chris looked down and suddenly his lips were captured by Zeke's he had mophed partially back, he looked young but he looked the same as usual.

"Dont watch." Zeke murmered. "Wait until they leave then we'll capture them."

Chris nodded and they waited it out, Lebaux however was focused on the table where his daughters table was. Chris looked back and his heart stopped, Lucas and Sen were both rapt with Jin, her hands ghosted over Lucas' jaw then across Sen's chest. Chris looked away and saw Lebaux's fists on the table, daughters were the cause of this it would seem. He sighed in annoyance and sat back, knowing he needed a drink, and sleep. He needed Hope at home.


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