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Demon Property

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

The time has come, the first set of demon twins are ready to be born. The time means great prosperity for the Demon World, and supreme rule for the Human World. The Angels have called to their side the only being able to battle the Demon King and Queen, the one and only Holy Paladin. He himself has an angelic child to raise to battle the demon spawn. But are his ties to the demons too strong to battle honestly? View table of contents...


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Zeke had found he was surprised three days after the kidnapping. He was surprised that the caretakers had a newfound respect for his wife, and obeyed her implicitly when it came to the childrens safety. They saw what happened to any one who hurt the twins and Jin, there hadnt been much left of the kniht but he was regretting his decisions now. He was also surprised by how well the twins and Jin were working together now, they were being partners and teaming up alot better now. And lastly Zeke was surprised when he came to his room to go to bed with Ambrosia to find Chris there, he stood by the bed looking at it with desire in his eyes. It ignghted Zeke's desire to a raging level. Ambrosia stepped around him and feasted on the sight of Chris there, next to the bed. Hellfire Zeke couldnt shake the sight of him naked in his mind, of his grunt of release as Ambrosia dug her claws into his back, her eyes staring at Zeke as Chris brought her release.

"Chris?" Ambrosia asked, Zeke shut the door and forced his energy out to encompass the room, blanketing the energy and sealing the room.

"You know, Hope removed the darkness inside me." Chris said looking at them, his blue eyes bright and glowing with energy. "Not like you would think, she bonded it to me, it doesnt control me now, I control it."

"Thats good." Ambrosia crossed to him and laid her hand on his cheek, he jerked as if the touch electrified him, Zeke's pants became unbearably tight. He cursed himself for leather, for his robes, for his jewlery. His horns sank into his skull and he pulled the robes off.

"I cant run from the darkness inside me, it was there before you two, and it's grown." Chris huffed. "I wanted to kill that knight, I might have for all I know."

"All parents want to kill for their children." Zeke said, Chris' eyes turned to him.

"I'm not strong enough to stop myself anymore." Chris said. "With you two I'm not strong enough to fight this, I'm not strong enough to stay gone, and I'm not strong enough to keep myself from slaughtering for my daughter, the twins, or Jin."

"Let me be the strength." Zeke stepped to Chris and Ambrosia ran her hand over his bare shoulders. He tugged her to his side and Chris looked up at him, "Ambrosia will be the force that brings us back."

"I'm good at it Chris." She spoke.

"You and I Chris, were warriors, we werent meant to be good, we werent meant to shelter. We were meant to defend and decimate, Ambrosia she's stronger than both of us because she makes us good, she makes us strong enough to pull back." Zeke raked his fingers into Chris hair and yanked him into their embrace. He felt good, too good, Ambrosia looked almost on the brink herself. "You are our slave, let us take care of you."

"Okay." Chris whispered, his eyes closed and Zeke took his lips first. Ambrosia started peeling his clothes off before shedding her dress. Chris stepped back and looked at them, he motioned for Ambrosia to get on the bed, she smiled and moved up. Zeke had to wonder if they were communicating without him. As he tried to connect with them he was shut out. He growled in warning to them but they ignored him. Ambrosia held out two vials to him and Chris as she knocked back one of her own. This vial was black he quirked a brow at them.

"Lilith has bottled her aphrodesiac, I figured a little mindless sex might cure us all of some stress." Ambrosia smiled. Chris shurgged and drank his, he hissed and looked at her sharply.

"Tastes like fire and shit." he huffed, Zeke chuckled, it wasnt often Lilith offered something for them so he drank the vial as well. Hoping he didnt have a raging hard on for her again. It did indeed taste like fire and shit, he stuck his tongue out as the fire traveled through him. He tiltedhis head back as he felt pleasure surge through him, it was different. He suddenly found his arms being pulled. Aware of the stong hand and the soft one on him he groaned. Wishing they'd touch him more he reached out. Only to find he couldnt, he opened his eyes seeing Ambrosia and Chris knealing by his hips, his arms manacled to the bed, he glared at them.

"What are you two doing?" He asked.

"Torture." Chris spoke. "I told my soldiers I was going to fight you today, so here I am, ready to abuse you sufficiently. And since I cant abuse my mistress' husband without her consent we teamed up."

"Traitor." Zeke snapped at Ambrosia, she smiled that dark smile that guranteed him the darkest of pleasures. His eyes practically came out of hsi head as Chris took him into his mouth. Chris had never pleased him like this before. Zeke was powerless but to consent, his hips bucked up and Ambrosia dipped her ehad down to join him. he cursed they were too good together. Chris took him deep and Zeke spared a moment to wonder how the hell he could do this so well. Ambrosia's tongue swirled around the places Chris left and Zeke was done. he wouldnt fight, he wanted to see where his wife and slave would take him. They assaulted him in the most delicious manner and he was powerless under the onslaught of searing pleasue each tongue and throat gave him. Ambrosia took over as Chris licked his balls, Zeke growled as he saw white in front of his eyes. Chris vanished and Ambrosia continued to please him, he looked back to see Chris kissingher back, fingerng her as Zeke's hands ached to do.

He wanted to feel them, he jerked suddenly as wet fingers found his ass, he jerked coming awake from his pleasure induced stupor. To stop him from moving anymore Ambrosia pulled back and sank onto him. Zeke arched into her as she did so, his mind gone to mush once again. Chris chuckled, and Zeke felt one finger blaze deep inside him, he was suddenly glad for the aphrodesiac, they had planned this. They knew unless he was inebraited they couldnt get anything up hjis ass willingly. "SO are you two drugged to or just me?" Zeke asked as Chris continued to prepare him. Chris' long fingers brushed that bundle of nerves Zeke knew existed btu never experienced before.

"Just you." Ambrosia smiled. "This is your reward for not forcing Chris with the darkness, and not flying off the deep end."

"Maybe I should be good more often." Zeke growled and jerked as he felt somethign much bigger than a finger at his ass. Chris looked over Ambrosia's shoulders and Zeke looked at him.

"Tell me you want me to... Master." Chris spoke. Shit that slave of his was too damn smart for his own good. Zeke would one day become immune to that word.

"Go ahead Chris." Zeke spoke. Chris sank into him and fire not so pleasureable ripped Zeke asunder he growled and his claws sank into the headboard.

"Jeeze, you havent done this before have you?" Chris hissed.

"Dont start with me slave, you're next." Zeke gritted out, his eyes narrowed at his slaves antagonizing face. Ambrosia laughed, and Zeke jerked when he saw Ambrosia's body start its alluring dance above him. Her hips moving and striking jolts of pleasure that went straight to his balls. Shit it was better than he imagined it might be. Chris moved with her, his arms sliding around her, one hand braced on his abs, the other around Ambrosia. They were linked again. Zeke loved it.

They thrust on him, Ambrosia sucking him deed inside her her soft walls a sharp contrast to Chris' hard length pressing on his prostate with every thrust. Shit it was liquid ecstasy, Zeke had new respect for his slave. Ambrosia shifted and Zeke was undone, he came in a hot rush that had him roaring and shifting between demona nd human forms. Ambrosia followed and her demon form glowed to life. Chris was last, his release hot in Zeke's body. Zeke laid back and ripped his cuffs from the bed, he rolled Ambrosia below him and looked at her. "I'm going to make you pay for that." He looked at her and she smiled that delightful evil smile that made him hard all over again. He looked at the stunned and out of breath form of his slave.

"You're next human, I will pay you back tenfold." Zeke smirked as Chris waved a dismissive hand and rolled over to shower. Zeke would catch him and make his scream, but for now, his wife needed sufficient punishment for conspiring against him. He sank into her and they groaned, claws locked as their demon forms spiralled around them. He kissed her and showed her exactly what it was to be in charge.


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